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85-year-old man dies protecting pet from dogcatchers

The death happened in Bentong — a DAP area.

Is anyone surprised by this? It was a tragedy waiting to happen. We’ve seen its harbinger in the Patrick Khoo case … another Chinese elderly uncle manhandled in another Chinese-majority DAP area.

And we also heard the DAP’s thundering silence when their Madani gomen charged Uncle Patrick in court instead of reprimanding the MBPJ dogcatcher who had thrust his catch pole aggressively at the uncle.

BELOW: Council dogcatchers at work on 20 Nov 2020 in Kajang, a Chinese-plurality area in Selangor which has been under Pakatan/Harapan control for three consecutive terms

Of course it was expected that 85-year-old Huang Yunhong – who lived alone – would try to save his dog.

According to an eyewitness, the octogenarian suddenly collapsed and died a few minutes after his traumatic encounter with Majlis Perbandaran Bentong.

He had fallen into a drain during the struggle with the MPB dogcatcher.

There is nothing ‘madani’ that we’ve seen in the treatment of elderly folks and their dogs in Harapan districts.

BELOW: People develop a strong bond with dogs that they’ve raised from young; of course Uncle Huang too loved his four-footed companion of many years


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6 thoughts on “85-year-old man dies protecting pet from dogcatchers

  1. Question is, is there a systematic problem in our enforcement protocol or is it an individual issue where certain individuals do not possess the right disposition for the job?

    Either way, the city council and the Selangor mayor should clarify. Blaming the victims for obstruction of justice are taking easy way out.

    Btw, one look at Selangor application for dog license procedure online showed it is more troublesome than renewing a passport.

    Then there is the issue of only certain small breed are allowed licensing if you don’t own landed property. ( Most people don’t own landed property) All the breed listed for Condos/flats are “atas” breed, costing at least RM2k and above. One can imagine if condo cat owners are told only purebred are allowed.

    If it is just the matter of size, many mixed breed are of medium built. Without such elitist restriction, many strays stood a better chance to be adopted .

    Humanity and compassion should be the forefront concern for any government.

    Hello, DAP?

    1. (1) Police dogs, from what the public can see, are usually (always?) handled by non-Muslim PDRM officers.

      Better screening can be employed by the councils in hiring their dog-catchers.

      (2) Protocols & SOP must be reviewed. At present, the catchers behave like cowboys in the wild, wild west.

      (3) You’re right about the loops to jump (in S’gor) just in order to get a dog licence — the details you mention plus don’t forget about getting consent signatures from an applicant’s immediate neighbours.

      (4) Societal mindset about adopting strays. All my cats are rescues (two are grand kits of a rescue). I adopted a pregnant adult street cat a few months ago but she later had a miscarriage — the mother (Sasha) is fine, lives indoors now with me and has put on matronly weight after her spaying. I’m also in the process of adopting another hardened and sickly male street cat.

      (5) The dogcatchers are council employees who are not high up on the pecking order. As I’ve mentioned before, the S’gor exco for Local Govt is a Cina DAP. The madani cabinet minister for Local Govt is Nga Kor Ming.

      The problem of overreach by dogcatchers can be resolved by their political bosses.

        1. Their votes are secret but the two areas – Skudai in Johor & Lukut in N9 – where the dog torture took place both have DAP Aduns.

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