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Anjing, babi and other salami slices of un-secularism

The future of this seven-year-old dog ‘Popeye’ (pix below) now hangs in the air. It used to belong to an 85-year-old Chinese man living in Bentong who had raised it from a puppy.

Following his sudden death a few days ago (May 24), the late octogenarian’s children who are living in the city have yet to decide on its fate. A couple of dog shelters have volunteered to take in the bereaved Popeye.

The split personality of DAP

DAP insists that Malaysia is a secular country.

If Malaysia were truly secular, religious sensitivities regarding dogs would not colour government policies and practices.

DAP insists that Malaysia is a secular country.

If Malaysia were truly secular, all meats – be it pork, beef, chicken, mutton or lamb – would be treated equally.

DAP insists that Malaysia is a secular country.

If Malaysia were truly secular, the Swatch outlets would not be raided by our authorities over its ‘Pride’ collection aka LGBT watches.

DAP insists that Malaysia is a secular country.

If Malaysia were truly secular, kalimah ‘Allah’ would not be prohibited to Christians living in Semenanjung.

BELOW: Commenting repeatedly on the issue in his Malaysiakini columns (22 Apr 2019 & 24 Apr 2023 & on other occasions), Thayaparan wrote that DAP‘s mendacious non-Muslim political operatives “highlight the hypocrisy, and moral and intellectual bankruptcy of their own religious agendas” by donning the hijab

DAP is being hypocritical when the party disingenuously tells its voter base that Malaysia is “secular”.

DAP shows its intellectual bankruptcy as the biggest party within the Madani gomen which confiscated rainbow-coloured watches — a decidedly unsecular piece of enforcement action.

And DAP’s moral bankruptcy is utterly schizophrenic. The party claims to be secular but its non-Muslim YBs display a fetish for haunting the mosques dressed in their tudung cosplay — as highlighted by Thayaparan.

DAP, the supposedly secular party, still tries its utmost to out-Islam the previous BN Pulau Pinang government in funding the state religious bureaucracy. DAP, the supposedly secular party, even tries to out-Islam PAS in funding Islamist activities like raising allowances for kafa and tahfiz teachers, mosque workers (increased by 80 percent) and setting up more new sekolah agama in Penang.

The most egregious aspect of this DAP dishonesty to its non-Muslim faithful followers, however, is the horde of zombies which the party has cultivated that viciously attacks anyone questioning the DAP secular vs religious schizophrenia.



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15 thoughts on “Anjing, babi and other salami slices of un-secularism

  1. For years I had a correspondence link with TDM who would reply without fail after 2 months. One letter from me was whether Malaysia was secular or not ? He did not reply. The seven headed serpent of the DAP should realise the revered Constitution favours the majority as safe-guarded by our wise, caring and compassionate Yang Di Pertuan Agong and his fellow Royal Sultans. DAP should know best that secularism is not recognised officially in Malaysia. It is time the 97% Chinese who supported them realize that the DAP is POWERLESS to implement any of their promises which are governed by the revered Constitution. What can 40 YBs do in the face of 220 YBs ? In other words, the born again christian DAP leaders have been talking cock all the time ! Not only that, the armada like 2/3 rds majority is no more. This only underlines the false promises of the DAP ! Even if the DAP kisses UMNO which has only 30 YBs, all they get are 70 YBs. Well short of the 2/3 rds majority. With conjectures by the pundits, the DAP could even be pared down to their hard core Chinese urban areas YBs in the next GE if they keep on changing their partners. In the present Malaysian Political scenario, 2 + 2 do not make a sum greater than the whole ! The recent tricks of the DAP have tied them into a Gordian Knot which reduced their effectiveness to project themselves as a cohesive force for UNITY. The DAP just could not make the non-Chinese to TRUST them ! The DAP record shows ! Pulau Batu Putih, CPTPP, TNB, HSR etc a la Singapura !

      1. HA. OMG. 26 MPs aligned to UMNO ? The DAP is wasting their time. They should kiss their ex partner PAS ! In our beloved Malaysia, we forgive and forget always ! In Malaysia, we must always expect the unexpected !

  2. DAP, secularism and LGBT

    The word “secularism” has largely been defined by the West and it is ever expanding to include more perversion du jour. In the beginning it was about equality, then same sex marriage, pronouns, and now, transgenderism. Does DAP’s “secularism” meant the same thing?


    In the pursuit of equality for Malaysians in general LGBT issues were mostly fought by DAP as a by-product of their equality quest rather than the advocacy of same sex marriage at the forefront on the matter itself. This is apparent in view of the fact no DAP candidates are members of LGBT.

    Malaysian Chinese do not care about LGBT causes. Chinese are notorious MYOB people who rather worry about their children’s grades and business profit than kaypoh what other people do in the privacy of their bedroom.

    So did DAP misled their non-Muslim voters when it comes to their secularism promise?

    The question is what do the Chinese and others perceive the word secularism meant. I can’t speak for all but majority Chinese would say being secular meant being able to practice our beliefs, maintain our culture, eat siu yook, fair governmental policies that provide a level playing field for all races etc. if all these sound familiar, then it is because that is what our Constitution promised.

    With 2/3 Parliamentary support, the constitution can be amended. And it has, 59 times so far.

    1. What is secularism?

      A secular state will have, among others, the following characteristics:

      • The state must be neutral towards religion

      • The state cannot give religion a privilege position in the public arena

      • The state’s coercive powers and resources cannot be utilised in the service of any religion

      • The state should not privilege a religion or its adherents over another

      • The state should not privilege religion over irreligion

      • The state should not permit religion to be a requirement of public office

      • The state should not interfere with the affairs of religion and vice-versa

      (The above recognised parameters are compiled by historian Dr Malik Munip)

      1. So the born again christians of the DAP Leadership have misled the 97% Chinese to support them ! I have always said it is better to focus on socio-economic issues working with all the other communities than mislead others like the 97% Chinese with pie in the sky promises based on unsubstantiated emotions.

      2. If that is the definition of secularism, then to be fair, neither do Malaysia fit into the conventional “Islamic state” framework.

        Quote: “An Islamic state is a state that has a form of government based on Islamic law (sharia).”

        There is no point talking about Islamic state or secularism. The ship has long sailed. People cast their vote for DAP are not under any illusion things can move forward without the support of the Malays. PH, PN or BN do not stray from the reality all political coalitions are Malay centric, led by Malays and ironically all recycled out of the UMNO bin. (with the exception of PAS:)

        If there is sentiment things are not all rosy for the non-Malays with the direction the country is heading then it is only fair to attribute ownership to the Malay leadership. Politics are downstream from culture, the direction of the government, right, center or left, are led by the whims and wants of the Malay society.

        Ragging DAP for not delivering may be some kind of cope for some people, it changes nothing.

        1. (1) We’re not an ‘Islamic state”. However DAP is fear-mongering that PAS = Taliban, and PAS is taking us to Afghanistan.

          (2) M’sia has had regular general elections since 1955. PAS plays by the rules and has contested all these elections democratically.

          (3) Chinese are now casting their votes in anti-PAS hysteria driven by DAP and its narrative of Taliban-Afghanistan.

          (4) Possible scenario: If PAS comes to federal power post-2023, they might implement their (presently) state-level policies – like no unisex hair salons, no concerts by progressive bands (Coldplay), no dim lighting in cinemas (lights must be on), gender separate queues, etc – to the wider public living outside the Malay heartland. But at the moment since PAS does not control Putrajaya, these possibilities remain an ‘if’.

          (5) What is the extent of DAP complicity for Islamic moral policing in the west coast currently — here and now?

          (a) When Siti Nuramira publicly stripped off her selendang in the Crackhouse Comedy Club, Hannah Yeoh was the first to condemn the young woman as well as applaud police’s arrest of her.

          (2) Tutup aurat dress code. DAP has browbeaten those (e.g. Dr Boo Cheng Hau, Ronnie Liu) who objected to the DAP’s lead in mandating that non Muslims must show ourselves always most respectful (‘menyantuni’) of the Muslim custom where women cover our hair. Before the DAP’s photo ops gimmick at the mosques, the phenomenon of non-Muslim women wearing tudung was not a thing.

          (3) DAP is whitewashing Zahid who is in d midst of his trial on 47 corruption charges. My contention is that DAP is schizophrenic. Malay voters rejected Najib (2018) and rejected Zahid (2022) but it is DAP now that is sprinkling holy water on Umno. The more DAP says ‘Must vote Umno’, the more Malays are driven to PAS.

          (4) Have you noticed the DAP’s studied silence on culture issues like Swatch, dogcatchers, kalimah Allah and anything that might conceivably spook the Malays?

          (5) About ‘Politics being downstream from culture’. The biggest Malay polity today is PAS.

          QUOTE, Murray Hunter: “The problem here is that many look down upon PAS Malays for what they believe in. This contempt for other Malaysian brothers and sisters is a massive line of divide in Malaysia today. This is what enables PAS to become much stronger.” UNQUOTE (20 May 2023)

          DAP and its Cina are dripping acidic contempt and hostility against PAS. Remember Newton’s Third Law of Motion …

          Murray Hunter’s prognosis that PAS will become much stronger is correct. If PAS is one end of the horseshoe, at the other end is DAP.

          They are the two forces playing against each other, and DAP has bern continually upping the ante until it reached the peak of 97% Chinese support.

          Go on and take a guess how many percent Malay support PAS will garner in the coming state elections.

          1. The born again christians DAP Leaders became a force because WE MADE IT SO. It is pure psychology. IF PAS PROPOSES AN IRON CAST GUARANTEE OF NON-INTERFERENCE OF THE RELIGIONS, RIGHTS, MANNERS AND CUSTOMS OF THE NON-MALAYS REGISTERED WITH THE UNITED NATIONS LIKE IN PRE-MERDEKA TIMES, the DAP can kiss us good-bye forever and return where they came from. We do not need them. We serve the King and Country in the best country in they World ! No need for the fakes exploiting a moment of weakness in our beloved Malaysia. We call their BLUFF !

          2. With PAS coming out strong and determined for the NON-MALAYS by way of an iron cast guarantee not to interfere with the NON-MALAYS as regards their religions, rights, customs and manners as registered with the United Nations, ALL THE SQUEAKS, SNEAKY COMMENTS, THE EES AND AAHS OF THESE AMATEURS DAP STOPPED DEAD IN THEIR TRACKS AND DISAPPEAR FOREVER FROM OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA. We carry on with the momentum of development and progress for all Malaysians. At the moment, the DAP has been boosted unjustifiably by the attention given to it by PAS which should NOW PUNCTURE THE FAKE DAP BALLOON ONCE AND FOR ALL. Like this, he 97% Chinese will vote PAS ! THIS IS THE LAST PHASE IN OUR POLITICAL DEVELOPMENT SINCE MERDEKA within the precepts of our revered Constitution as safeguarded by our wise, caring and compassionate Yang Di Pertuan Agong and his fellow Royal Sultans. Malaysia Boleh !

            1. The PAS with an iron cast guarantee that there will be no interference of religions, rights, customs and manners for all Non-Malays registered with the United Nations, it would have achieved the following :-
              1. Strengthen their Malay base. 2. Huge support from the Non-Malays. 3. The important Malay elite rebuilt which was neglected since 1981. 4. PAS has become wise, caring and compassionate for all Malaysians with the important benefit of political stability. Has the PAS the courage to do what is wise, caring and compassionate for all of us to refocus from MONEY ?

              1. Not only that. IT IS TIME THE 97% CHINESE WHO THINK THE AMATEURISH BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIP IS THEIR SALVATION CANNOT BE MORE WRONG BECAUSE THESE NEOPHYTES HAVE NOTHING TO DELIVER EXCEPT BLUFFOLOGY MADE IN SINGAPORE ! PAS has the card to strip these fakes down to their loin cloths and more. It is time for the 97% Chinese to take a serious view of their plight and that PAS if it is up to its credentials and calling will deliver THE IRON CAST GUARANTEE FOR ALL TIME to set the tone of our beloved Malaysia’s progress and development for the next 100 years with political stability and harmony! Acheh !

  3. would we become more secular if dont support dap? the answer is pretty obvious. whatever dap do, or dont do, could hardly effect any meaningful changes by looking at the demographic.

    the only way that could make msia secular is when there is a pro secular malay party supported ny majority malay, something similar to umno in the past before mahathir, and this could only happened when its proven that islamic state under pas dont work, however this might take a few terms or dozens years assuming that pas dont change how democracy work.

    anwar as pm would temporarily halt msia to become more islamic, simply bec his support base is more secular in nature, but for how long? to most chinese, its anything but pas, irregardless what dap do, or dont do.

    1. HY,

      (1) From the get go, there was never anything that DAP could have done to make M’sia more secular.

      (2) For DAP to sell the promise that it could somehow restore M’sian secularism (a system that could never be preeminent in our Muslim country in the first place) is false advertising. DAP misled and tricked its gullible consumers, not to mention how DAP non-Muslim YBs marketed themselves in tudung (something never done by McA or Gerakan).

      (3) Umno was more open to secular parameters than PAS, that is if we Nons had to choose between the two parties. Umno has destroyed itself by losing the gomen twice under Najib and Zahid b’cos both Umno presidents corrupt and allegedly corrupt.

      Other than Umno’s own self-inflicted 1MDB injuries, the external factors most responsible for destroying Najib were Mahathir, DAP and Rafizi through their incessant attacks.

      Cina DAP 97% votes were one of the causes of Umno’s downfall in 2018 and 2022.

      (4) Now DAP is asking Cina to vote Umno in order to resuscitate the imploding party. DAP has forgotten how ferociously it labelled MCA as “running dog”.

      DAP has also consigned to the memory hole its labelling of Umno as “kleptocrat” and a “kakistocracy”.

      (5) Anwar is not slowing down the Islamization process. He is speeding it up in the race between PH and PN for Malay support.

      Look at Anwar’s ‘Brotherhood’ branding photo gallery – see link below – as PMX. Also previous PMs 1–9 did not give takzirah in masjid — Anwar is arguably the first (see pix in gallery).

      (6) If Chinese are afraid of PAS, they should realise that DAP’s hostile moves are making PAS stronger. One most recent example is Guan Eng calling on the public to lodge police reports against Hadi.

      Action (by DAP) provoked equal and opposite reaction in the Malays who are rallying in even greater numbers around the PAS president.

      Malaysia’s future is most definitely green

      No way secularism can take root under my watch, vows Anwar (video)

  4. 1. Quote: “DAP is fear-mongering that PAS = Taliban, and PAS is taking us to Afghanistan.”
    Nobody is saying PAS are bad people. Fact is, PAS is first and foremost a political party with practices rooted in Islamic fundamentalism. Hadi Awang had on record stated non-Muslim leaders should not be included in policy-making decisions.

    Democracy does not operate on elected representatives be discriminated on the basis of their faith. Non-Muslims have every reason to fear and reject PAS because its ideology does not reconcile with a multi cultural nation and the spirit of our Constitution. As I’ve stated before, the non-Muslims are not seeking any “more” than what is guaranteed in the Constitution. On the other hand, it is PAS that is after changes to our constitution that would affect the way of life for the nons.

    Quote Murray Hunter: “The problem here is that many look down upon PAS Malays for what they believe in. This contempt for other Malaysian brothers and sisters is a massive line of divide in Malaysia today. “

    Nope. Look down on PAS Malays/Muslims for their beliefs? Not possible. Discrimination/prejudice cannot happen against Muslims because non-Muslim do not posses the institutional advantage or means on this land to oppress Muslims. That is why you see children taken away from non -Muslim spouses after divorce or body snatched from non Muslim household during burial on suspicion of deceased’s secret conversion. Never the other way round.

    2. Quote: “What is the extent of DAP complicity for Islamic moral policing in the west coast currently — here and now?”
    Agree DAP who contested on the platform of ‘change’ should step up to the plate even if it went against Anwar and his PM throne, out of principle. Sadly, neither did MCA capitalize on this and speak out. MCA will not be set on the path of redemption as long as Wee is at the helm.

    Muslims driven to conservatism is a worldwide trend. To point the finger at DAP or Christians is just absolving UMNO for their part in the changing political landscape of this country. For decades, Malays had relied on UMNO to champion their rights with their trust and votes. It is UMNO who betrayed the Malays with kleptocracy and corruption. Progressives PH had a real shot of reforming this country in 2018. Unfortunately 22 months later, a coup rendered the opportunity for ‘change’ forever gone.

    It is UMNO’s Malay betrayal that drove the Malay votes en masse to PAS. UMNO’s downfall is of their own making with weak leaders and members not having the cahoonas to stand up against Zahid.

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