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Silence of the lambs and church mice

Indians would like to hear from the UG Minister of Youth and Sports on this case involving a young Hindu athlete.

This incident will cost Harapan its minority vote bank. As it is, some Indians are already disenchanted with Anwar’s failure to show up for the Thaipusam festival.

Don’t be surprised at PH’s massive reversal in the coming Selangor election.

BELOW: Youth and Sports Minister Hannah Yeoh showing how ‘Malaysia Madani’ unity really works in her tudung, sandwiched between Encik Songkok and Pak Kopiah

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DAP’s “world class” unsecular M’sian M’sia Terbaru

Continue reading “DAP’s “world class” unsecular M’sian M’sia Terbaru”

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No way secularism can take root under my watch, vows Anwar (video)

His administration will never allow for secularism. Anwar Ibrahim gave this guarantee when speaking in RTM‘s special television programme ‘Naratif Khas bersama Perdana Menteri’ on Friday (Jan 6).


PMX Anwar: “Kadang orang politik ini, kedangkalan itu nyata. Umpamanya [ada yang kata] ‘kalau Anwar jadi perdana menteri, maka habis Islam dan sekular akan bertapak. LGBT disahkan. Orang komunis bertapak.’ Ini igauan siang hari. Tentunya tidak berlaku dan insya-Allah di bawah kuasa pentadbiran saya, perkara ini tidak mungkin berlaku.” Continue reading “No way secularism can take root under my watch, vows Anwar (video)”

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Why Umno votes will flow to PAS

PAS leaders have characterized the relationship between DAP and Umno as something “di luar tabii”.

Being a non Muslim, I’m not qualified to appraise the spiritual dimensions of PAS’s criticism in this particular instance. I will, however, apply a political science reference and say that the DAP-Umno developing bromance is simply Orwellian. Continue reading “Why Umno votes will flow to PAS”

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Umno lah yang “extremist”, sez Gerakan prez (mock quoting DAP)

Well, isn’t it?

“Malay supremacist” Umno has been hammered by DAP for its extremism over many decades.

So the Gerakan president is simply throwing back the DAP’s own words about the party’s sudden BFF — see X’mas day news report by NST below.

Hah, jilat ludah! Continue reading “Umno lah yang “extremist”, sez Gerakan prez (mock quoting DAP)”

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Zahid’s statement on same level as ‘manifesto bukan kitab suci’

Zahid said ‘No Anwar, No DAP’ hanya untuk PRU15, as quoted in many media reports today.

Ia adalah untuk berdepan PRU15 dan bukannya selepas PRU15. Continue reading “Zahid’s statement on same level as ‘manifesto bukan kitab suci’”

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Thanks Najib

On a dark day when the ‘No Anwar, no DAP’ camp is crying inside, Najib cracks a joke to make us laugh.

Despite not being in the best of situations himself, Najib retains his sense of humour. His tweet below is funny.

And despite the catastrophe now befallen us, there is a silver lining on the horizon.