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The followers are delusional, their leaders are two-faced

Suddenly the country is abuzz with “delusional”.

This is after a foreign policy advisor to the Singapore government (with the rank of ambassador) applied the word on the young Malaysian Chinese Bersih crowd who are the DAP hardcore and new cadres.

The delusionists insist that Bersih 4.0 was non-partisan (delusional, yes?), not dominated by Chinese rally goers (another delusion) and its purpose was to demand good governance (positively schizophrenic, this).

Face of Bersih

Adrian Lim Chee En

Adrian Lim (above) was the most popular twit during Bersih 4.0, according to tweet tracker Politweet. He also started a cyber campaign called #WeAreMalaysians.

The dictionary defines delusional‘ to mean “having false or unrealistic beliefs or opinions“.

MCA is not getting the apology it demanded from Deputy Agriculture Minister Tajuddin Abdul Rahman for uttering orang Cina “nak kena lempang”.

So what does MCA do? It turns around and says, oh well, Mr T is too junior anyway for us to bother. Who cares?

Is the above another example of Chinese delusional, you think?

Tajuddin MCA kiamat

Firsters (we’re not ‘Chinese’) personality disorder

If MCA suffers from a “failure to recognize what is real”, then the DAP’s deliberately duplicitous split personality is worse.

Consider the latter’s two-facedness in applying for Aussie permanent residence (PR) in Tasmania but at the same time proclaiming themselves Bangsa ‘Anak Malaysia’ and declaring BN supporters to be “racist”.


Check out an article today – see below – in The Ant Daily, a portal established by a media company belonging to former J-Star executive deputy chairman Clement Hii.

The article provides tips to Malaysians on how to manage their emigration to “greener pastures”.

How to plan the getaway

The Ant Daily interviews financial planner Catherine Khoo who advises the soon-to-be emigre to sell his/her car.

Financial consultant Chong Sui Wei discusses whether the wannabe emigrant should sell or maintain his/her house in Malaysia. Chong told The Ant Daily that some of her clients sold their big houses, rented out their smaller apartments and kept one apartment vacant for return on their holidays.

Meanwhile, a practical advice given by insurance broker Martin Yong is for the out migrant to cancel his/her medical plan.

Bersih 4 Chinese flag

“We’re all Malaysians …”

… until we get our green card, that is.

Notwithstanding their own preparations for Tasmania, these Firsters berate other folks for not putting ‘Malaysian First’ – like Lim Kit Siang.

If you’re like Muhyiddin Yassin who’s a Malay First, then you’re raciiiistt! in their eyes.

snake Malaysian First

Migrating to another country is an individual’s freedom of choice and freedom of movement. It’s his/her human right.

What’s not right, however, is the hypocrisy of browbeating others with their fake Firster ideology after they themselves (referring to DAP evangelical politicians) failed to acquire the desired PR in the Western countries.

And these kind of people have the heart to mock other Malaysians as being less Malaysian.

Two Faced Hannah Yeoh

October 9, 2015 at 11:01 pm 3 comments

(video) DAP man: “My tax money, and you are just our servant”

Five photos on the Penang Purple Shirts and other Dapster perpetual hysteria, below.

(1) Lim Guan Eng fighting with Ketua Polis Negara

Papa Dapster cabar: “Saya pantang lari … jangan main-main sama saya.” (more…)

October 9, 2015 at 3:59 pm 13 comments

Why Sekinchan picked the symbolic red colour

Jamal Sekinchan thinks that Anthony Loke is Siew Yoke.

round DAP yang berhormat

The Red Shirt boss believes that Loke (pix above) personifies the saying “You are what you eat”. (more…)

October 9, 2015 at 5:13 am 28 comments

Sekinchan strikes again

Red Shirt boss Jamal Sekinchan calls Anthony Loke a “human pig” – FMT reported. You can watch the video clip on Malaysiakini‘s KiniTV.

To find out why DAP organizing secretary Anthony (pix below: bottom row, far left) is being called a piggy, (more…)

October 7, 2015 at 6:49 pm 42 comments

Once MCA is dead, Chinese schools can be shut down

By the year 2020 and in line with Wawasan Bangsa Malaysia, it’s possible that Chinese primary schools will begin to be abolished.

There is nothing to stop a future BN federal government (one that has no Chinese representation) from deciding to close down the SRJK(C).


October 7, 2015 at 1:12 am 78 comments

The wicked, “wicked regime” – Hannah Yeoh

Hannah tweeted to Najib today that his regime is “wicked”. (more…)

October 6, 2015 at 6:03 pm 9 comments

TPPA, KLIA and the MCA

The United States describes the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPPA) as “an agreement that puts American workers first and will help middle-class families get ahead”.


October 6, 2015 at 11:46 am 31 comments

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