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Cina DAP now acting like spokesman for the Indian Hindus

DAP sec-gen Anthony Loke said it’s disrespectful to Indians should our parliament be dissolved this month as Deepavali is just round the corner.

DAP is now the biggest party in the Dewan. Were it to get more MPs the next election, DAP may well presume to position itself as spokesman for the Malay Muslims too.

Will Anthony follow in the footsteps of his Born Again predecessor Lim Guan Eng?

BELOW: Guan Eng – when he was Penang CM – stood out more prominently than Harapan Indian leaders in the billboard during Thaipusam, and he also outshone his then deputy DCM (II) Ramasamy in Hindu rituals

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PAS more genuine than DAP

“… the Bangsa Malaysia Kool-Aid is perhaps the biggest con the opposition has ever come up with,” wrote Malaysiakini columnist Thayaparan in his Sept 15 article a fortnight ago on the eve of Malaysia Day.

I shall fine-tune Uncle Thaya’s hypothesis and observe that the DAP’s ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ snake oil is most certainly a big con. Continue reading “PAS more genuine than DAP”

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More mysterious than corpses of children in the basement

Continue reading “More mysterious than corpses of children in the basement”