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When is TMI going to be charged for sedition and shut down?

Again the Prime Minister’s Office complained this morning about TMI:

“Pejabat Perdana Menteri kesal dengan The Malaysian Insider yang cenderung memutarbelit kenyataan YAB Perdana Menteri dan kerajaan sehingga menimbulkan salah faham dan keresahan dalam masyarakat.” – see PMO Facebook

PMO asyik mengadu x3 jer tapi masih takde apa-apa tindakan

Tempoh hari pun PMO dok komplen – tengok laporan Sinar Harian bawah, “PMO kesal ucapan PM diputarbelitkan portal”.

You’d think that power and authority resides with the government but in Malaysia it is the dajjal media that bullies every single state institution, including the Islamic department and agencies, to the point that the even Council of Rulers had to lodge a police report against TMI.

‘Malaysian Insider fitnah Majlis Raja-Raja’ – Senator Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki, Yadim chairman

The Malaysian Insider tak serik lagi selepas fitnah Majlis Raja-Raja Melayu…’ – Dr Novandri Hasan Basri, Umno Youth Bukit Gelugor deputy division chief

Fitnah against our Raja-Raja Melayu is a sedition offence.


Didn’t the PM already declare that “tindakan undang-undang akan diambil”?

So where is the action against TMI? Until now, the authorities are sitting on their hands and twiddling their thumbs.

The Malaysian Insider sememangnya pemfitnah tegar

Umno Minister after Umno Minister complain about TMI‘s fitnah. Yet despite Umno being the party in power, TMI is still being allowed to run riot.

Communications Minister (the irony of his post) Ahmad Shabery Cheek complained via Twitter, #TheMalaysianInsider Spin kenyataan saya, xhabis2 buat fitnah TMI ni. 


Shabery Cheek TMI

AWO = Abdul Wahid Omar

Umno Ministers shot at like fish in a barrel

BNBBC News: Minister in the PM’s Dept, Abdul Wahid Omar “mangsa fitnah terbaru Malaysian Insider” (18 Dec 2014) – see above.

A week earlier before TMI kenakan Wahid, the dajjal portal kenakan Deputy Minister in the PM’s Dept, Razali Ibrahim – ‘Razali bidas laporan Malaysian Insider, jangan percaya fitnah pembangkang’ (see below).

“Portal berita Malaysian Insider secara terbuka memfitnah Menteri Pelajaran (II), Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh …”, see MyKMU report below.

Domestic Trade Minister Hasan Malek also complained that TMI putar belit his statement.

MyKMU: “Editor Malaysian Insider egen Pakatan Rakyat?”

TMI boss Jahabar Sadiq with Hannah Yeoh and Syahredzan Johan

TMI boss Jahabar Sadiq with Hannah Yeoh and Syahredzan Johan

Giving the middle finger to the authorities: TMI didakwa fitnah polis

Below is a report about TMI columnist Khoo Ying Hooi (also wife to one of the TMI editors) being investigated on the charge of “fitnah polis”.

Dewan Ulama PAS: “Fitnah TMI sangat jahat”

Dewan Ulama PAS info chief Dr Mohd Khairuddin Aman Razali complained, “rekaan dan fitnah TMI … sangat jahat” – see below.

Even the late PAS Ulama Council chief Harun Taib kena fitnah oleh TMI – see below.

The Malaysian Insider fitnah Hadi Awang through doctored photo

‘PAS desak The Malaysian Insider mohon maaf press statement by Mahfuz Omar, who was the party’s then info chief

TMI had to apologize – see below – because they had been guilty of publishing a doctored photo to deliberately put PAS president Hadi Awang in a bad light.

TMI does not practice journalism; it is the master of black ops propaganda.

Click to enlarge

kita lawan tmi mohon maaf Hadi Awang

And still more fitnah against the PAS prez by TMI – ‘Laporan TMI adalah fitnah – setiausaha politik presiden PAS


‘The Malaysian Insider sarang fitnah untuk serang PAS dan ulamak’ – Al-Bangi (PAS ulama supporters – see below)

TMI are nothing more than character assassins

Astro Awani reported, ‘The Malaysian Insider mohon maaf kepada Mukhriz Mahathir’.

Yup, TMI also apologized to Mukhriz for sticking their poisoned stiletto into his back on the eve of the Umno election where he was contesting for Vice President.

Demo: “Tutup The Malaysian Insider


No more getting away with ‘apologies’, throw them in jail!

Senang kan?

Defame, character assassinate, smear, throw mud and then get away with a light and insincere ‘apology’, – itupun kalu si mangsa has the wherewithal to threaten legal action.

As for the masses of ordinary people, everybody just has to put up with TMI‘s cyber terrorism ‘cos the authorities don’t seem to be doing any damn thing about it.

‘The Malaysian Insider apologises to Dr Mahathir’, The Mole reports

The Malaysian Insider issues fourth apology in over a week’, The Malay Mail reports

Isma: ‘Pembohongan The Malaysian Insider dikecam’

Isma reports, ‘Desak tindakan tegas pembohongan The Malaysian Insider’


Isma Facebook screengrab

TMI fitnah everybody, even religious figures

Nobody is spared TMI, not even the Muftis.

Harakah Daily reported, “Kita hendaklah berhati-hati portal-portal berita tertentu” – Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin. Dr Maza the Mufti Perlis was referring to TMI.

Majlis Fatwa pun boleh jadi mangsa fitnah TMI

  • ‘TMI continues lying by giving false justification’ – Hak Bersuara blog on 20 April 2014
  • ‘False hate allegation against fatwa council’ – Hak Bersuara blog on 18 April 2014

Malaysian Insider fitnah MAIS dan JAIS untuk reka isu politik’ – bloger otai The Unspinners

Malaysian Insider medan penghasut dan pelampau agama’A. Karim Omar, sec-gen of Muafakat (a Muslim NGO)

TMI fitnah fellow journalists too

Oh wait. TMI editors are not journos, they’re dajjal.

‘Malaysian Insider fitnah Datuk Zaini penolong ketua pengarang Utusan’ – MyMassa news portal

TMI bohong fitnah bohong fitnah bohong fitnah non-stop

Selangor MB sues The Malaysian Insider over Bank Islam deal allegation’, The Malay Mail reports

Malaysian Insider bohong lagi‘, Perak Today portal reports

TMI is one lying, spinning, fully automated machine.

TMI is so very, very jahat …

… that there are dedicated Facebooks pages complaining about the portal’s endless, never-ending fitnah

Anti-Fitnah TMI@

Banteras Fitnah dan Spin The Malaysian Insider‘ @

July 3, 2015 at 11:34 am 77 comments

Tinjauan pendapat: Harga makanan kedai mamak

July 2, 2015 at 9:48 pm 4 comments

Isma: Evangelis persenda sensitiviti umat Islam tapi tak disentuh Suaram

Presiden Isma Abdullah Zaik Abd Rahman menyangkal laporan Hak Asasi Manusia 2014 yang dikeluarkan Suaram sebagai “bersifat berat sebelah, prejudis dan tidak boleh diambilkira”.

Mengikut beliau, laporan Suaram “hanya fitnah dan pembohongan” walhal Isma tidak pernah pun mengeluarkan ucapan kebencian.


July 2, 2015 at 7:07 pm 4 comments

Untuk hanya RM1,000 itu sahaja, sanggup tanggung dosa

Hannah Yeoh mosque visit

ABOVE: Hannah’s girls occupy masjid


July 2, 2015 at 2:34 pm 30 comments

Big Cat: “It is a time where chaos will rule”

“… now they are moving towards creating greater public distrust and disgust at everything that was built by the BN government and the Bumiputra agenda.

“Politically speaking, the Peninsular Malays as a whole have completely lost their collective political power (more…)

July 2, 2015 at 12:42 pm 42 comments

My seven-year journey and Allah withholding His grace from Hannah Yeoh

This morning I blogged ‘Bitter and resentful M’sians should emigrate‘.

I’m not against emigration to Singapore, Western countries or elsewhere. If it makes the emigre happier and provides him a chance for a better life, then by all means bon voyage and may he have success.

When I was in primary school, every annual term would see one or two Chinese classmates not returning to class because they have migrated (more…)

July 1, 2015 at 11:58 pm 26 comments

Bitter and resentful M’sians should emigrate

Updated 11.20am – SHOW & TELL: how Bitter & Resentful sounds like, see Malaysiakini reader comments on Facebook, below (click ‘Comment’) (more…)

July 1, 2015 at 7:00 am 83 comments

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