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Rohingya are Bengali and Bengali are Bangla

Myanmar junta leader Min Aung Hlaing told Phoenix TV – in his first ever foreign media appearance since the coup d’etat – that his country does not accept the term ‘Rohingya’.

Speaking on May 20 to China’s Hong Kong-based broadcaster, the senior general (see his conference call below) remarked in Burmese that the ‘Rohingya’ word only emerged post independence.


General Min pointed out that even the British colonizers did not categorize the immigrant group as ‘Rohingya’.

Thereafter in subsequent population censuses, Burma had similarly registered them as ‘Bengali’, ‘Pakistani’ or ‘Chittagong’ (Chittagonian), he added.

“But never the word ‘Rohingya’,” the general was quoted as saying in Reuters’ wire report, translating from the Chinese-language transcript of his television interview.

BELOW: Rohingya and the DAP’s bangsa Anak Malaysia use the same ‘Saya bukan Cina / Bengali’ strategy

So Guan Eng is not ‘Chinese’ either, huh?

Rohingya also refuse to acknowledge they’re Bengali, identically to DAP leaders declaring they’re not Chinese.

The reason Burmese authorities had in the past sometimes described the Rohingya as belonging to the ‘Pakistani’ ethnic – remarked by General Min above – can be explained thus.

Bangladesh the modern republic was founded in 1971. Before that, the country was called East Pakistan.

Bangladeshi is the nationality of the citizens of Bangladesh. The people there are called Bengali.

(People from Bengal are Bengali, people from Punjab are Punjabi, people from Gujarat are Gujarati, etc, etc).

The region of Bengal covers Bangladesh as well as West Bengal on its border. West Bengal is a state in India.

The word ‘desh’ – like the suffix ‘stan’ – denotes ‘country’.

For example, India has states which are variously named Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Arunachal Pradesh.

Pradesh means ‘province’ or ‘territory’.

Bangladesh is ‘the Land of Bangla’ / Bengal.

NOTE: Readers who can speak the Indian language(s), please correct me if I’m wrong.

The people of Rakhine reject Rohingya

Rohingya live in Myanmar’s Rakhine state which is next door to Bangladesh’s Chittagong district.

Rakhine was previously known as Arakan.

A few days ago on June 8, Arakan Liberation Party spokesman Lt-Col Khaing Kyaw Hlaing said, “Everyone knows the Bengali issue is sensitive in the country.

Rohingya are viewed almost unanimously as Bengali because they are descendants of workers from Chittagong who migrated en masse to neighbouring Arakan during British times.

The All Arakanese Solidarity Committee said in a statement that although any community certainly has the right to self identify by whatever name it chooses, nonetheless the choice of ’Rohingya’ is “intended to distort the history and identity of indigenous ethnic groups”.

AASC, which is a network of Rakhine civil society organizations, community leaders and politicians, rejects the (false) claim made by Rohingya of indigeneity.

Bengali are not native to Burma, and AASC considers their act of misleadingly calling themselves ‘Rohingya’ (or misappropriating an identity that does not belong to them) to be “a politically motivated move to seek international recognition and assistance”.

Both AASC and ALP are opposed to the Rohingya ever being given Burmese citizenship by Aung San Suu Kyi’s government-in-exile.

Like Senior General Min Aung Hlaing earlier made clear to Phoenix TV: “There are no Rohingya. It is just an imaginary name. It is not an officially recognized ethnicity. We don’t recognize it”.


They’re Economic Migrants, not Refugees

“Migran etnik Rohingya, kedatangan anda tidak diundangi” — see above.

Sokong seratus peratus the poster by our immigration department!

Sad that Jabatan Imigresen and its National Task Force have succumbed to pressure by preachy NGOs and preening virtue signalers into taking down their spot-on message. 

Malaysia must stop caving to foreign bullies like Amnesty International who disingenuously invoke our consistent support for Palestinians.

The difference between Rohingya and Palestinians is the latter are not paying human traffickers to bring them here in the dead of night. 

As usual, Malaysia is being accused of “xenophobia”. Hullo! It is not xenophobic to protect our territorial integrity. 

Do the busybodies at Amnesty keep their front door locked or do they allow anybody to simply walk inside their house tanpa diundangi?

Amnesty also said it was “despicable” to tell the Rohingya that “they are not only unwanted in our country, but that we will use brute force against them”.

The last time some Boat People, i.e. ethnic Chinese fleeing Vietnam in the late 1970s, tried to land on our shores, Deputy Prime Minister Mahathir threatened that there would be a ‘shoot-on-sight’ order (see news headline below).   


Rohingya travelling on people smuggler boats that sail from Cox’s Bazar are economic migrants. They have already found safety in the international refugee camps operated by Bangladesh.

They’re moreover not at risk of “ethnic cleansing” nor any physical harm by their kind Bangla kinfolk in Chittagong, where the camps are located.

As such, the Rohingya demand for asylum in Malaysia does not hold water and it is “grotesque” of the NGOs to accuse ordinary Malaysians of inhumanity and hatred. 

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Violent hate crime against elderly Asians by black men (and black girls)

Cities on the Left Coast of Amerika are controlled by liberal Democrats. In these progressive blue cities, cops are being defunded even while the crime rate is escalating.

Attacks on American-Asians have recently shown a marked increase and attributed to Covid-related xenophobia, according to the woke media narrative. Continue reading “Violent hate crime against elderly Asians by black men (and black girls)”

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DAP’s Indian progress since GE13 — இல்லை

If you have to ask, there were no Malays elected into the DAP Johor CEC today. No Indians too. And zero Chinese. All 15 Malaysian Firsters.

BELOW:If you have to ask about any Indian progress in DAP since 2013 (the year GE13 was held)… 

Honest Injun. There were really “no Indians”.

Elek! Continue reading “DAP’s Indian progress since GE13 — இல்லை”


Are they trying to make Ganapathy’s death BLM?

Anwar Ibrahim spoke yesterday about Ganapathy’s death in racial terms amidst allegations of police brutality. The Indian man had been under police custody.

Anwar said:

“Kita tak boleh umpamanya dalam satu negara satu kaum, persepsinya, dibelasah terus-menerus di lokap” — see kiniTV news clip below.

Continue reading “Are they trying to make Ganapathy’s death BLM?”

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Is the DAP’s aggressive Christian charity making Muslims feel uncomfortable?

Steven Sim is a creepy evangelist — see pictures below.

The DAP Penang MP had publicized, under the hashtag #Bangsa, his motorbike donation a fortnight ago to one Food Panda rider.

By the way, it doesn’t look like Steven is following Covid social distancing protocol, does it? Continue reading “Is the DAP’s aggressive Christian charity making Muslims feel uncomfortable?”

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Paragraph spacing problem fixed

Sorry, my previous post seems to have lost all its paragraphing.

I’ve recopied and pasted the content here minus some of the url embed links which you can access from the no-paragraphing earlier version.

Instead of reproducing the screengrab of Steven Sim, I’ve inserted a cat picture plus one poster of Simba as bonus photo.

Remember when Guan Eng declared that forming Muafakat was tantamount to declaring war on non Malays? Continue reading “Paragraph spacing problem fixed”

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Remember when Guan Eng declared that forming Muafakat was tantamount to declaring war on non Malays?


This page can’t be fixed.

WordPress introduced a block writing ‘innovation’ to its template which caused the paragraphing problem below. 

To read the following write-up with corrected paragraphing, go HERE.

Now the DAP sec-gen is saying that PAS’s election strategy is tantamount to “apartheid” on non Muslims!

Lim Guan Eng made that earlier incendiary remark in March 2019. Because of it, he had close to 60 police reports lodged against him. Continue reading “Remember when Guan Eng declared that forming Muafakat was tantamount to declaring war on non Malays?”

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“Masih mahu bersangka baik dengan gerakan evangelisme Kristian?” — MAIS

“Masih menganggap ini hanya propaganda dan cerita semangat yang dibawa orang politik?” tanya Majlis Agama Islam Selangor dalam sebuah terbitan mereka yang berjudul ‘Pendedahan Agenda Kristian’.

Pesanan MAIS boleh dibaca dalam bentuk PDF di sini (muat turun dari laman rasmi jabatan tersebut).  Continue reading ““Masih mahu bersangka baik dengan gerakan evangelisme Kristian?” — MAIS”

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Is DAP preparing to purge its “Chinese chauvinist” dissidents?

Hannah Yeoh is an evangelist. Her party is the multikulti Bangsa Malaysia Christian side of DAP.

Ronnie Liu’s side is labeled “toksik” dan “Cina cauvinis” by their internal party rivals.

“Saya bukan Cina” party sec-gen Guan Eng has just fired a salvo against the “chauvinists” in his party — see below. Continue reading “Is DAP preparing to purge its “Chinese chauvinist” dissidents?”

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Bangsa Malaysians attack and judge Dr Kamarul’s akidah

There are 330 reader comments on yesterday’s Malaysiakini article titled ‘Sim saddened his welfare work turned into racial and religious issue’.

Steven Sim is the DAP Bukit Mertajam MP.

Dr Kamarul Zaman Yusoff views Sim as an evangelist and cautioned against evangelist politicians bearing gifts. He was swiftly mob attacked by the portal subscribers for his opinion. Continue reading “Bangsa Malaysians attack and judge Dr Kamarul’s akidah”

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DAP evangelists on the warpath

Evangelists are the most domineering group in the DAP. These Ubah crusaders are always shoving their Bangsa Malaysia groupthink down other people’s throat.

Dissidents who refuse to swallow the DAP’s toxic Bangsa Malaysia misdirection are attacked without mercy. Even their own party colleagues are not spared, such as Ronnie Liu recently who was tarred and feathered as an outdated “Chinese chauvinist” by them.

These DAP evangelists are most active during bulan puasa. Like typical missionaries, they’re everywhere but their activity is at its peak during this vulnerable fasting month.

Although the evangelists themselves distribute buah kurma (despite the DAP apparatchiks not being Muslim), yet they question Umno leaders who do the same — see Hannah Yeoh’s retweet above.

If the other day the Bangsa mob went after Ronnie, today they’re piling on UUM’s Dr Kamarul Zaman Yusoff.

And again here is the arch evangelist Hannah egging — see her latest Facebook entry (below).

There are now close to 300 reader comments on the Malaysiakini news article about Dr Kamarul. How dare he to call out the DAP’s increasingly penetrating social justice warriors? 

The fruit does not fall far from the tree.

Looking at the extremely nasty nature of the pro-DAP comments spewed at the critics of the party, all the non-Chinese in Malaysia can already see what kind of politicians inspire this type of fanatical followers.

They’re a mob attacking one Malay-Muslim academic. 

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Hannah is perfect example of ‘self degrading’ DAP complained by Ronnie

The FMT article yesterday which I’ve copypasted (below) reports on Hannah Yeoh’s toxic virtue signaling about how the DAP is a Bangsa Malaysia and not a Chinese party.

Hannah and her evangelist ilk have ‘ubah-ed’ the party — both for the better (its best performance to date in winning seats) and for the worse (DAP’s schizo repudiation of bangsa Cina). Continue reading “Hannah is perfect example of ‘self degrading’ DAP complained by Ronnie”

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Chinese voters disliked for their double standard

Annuar Musa’s press sec Tun Faisal said recently (see below) that Umno cannot work with socialists and evangelists.

Socialists adhere to socialism. Socialism is an ideology that is one step away from communism.

Evangelists spread the gospel. Evangelism is not permitted to be done among Malays as our country does not allow preaching Christianity to them. Continue reading “Chinese voters disliked for their double standard”

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66-year-old Muslim UberEats driver murdered

Two young teenagers who tried stealing Mohammad Anwar’s UberEats car parked in Washington, DC last Tuesday have been charged with felony murder.

The girls, aged 13 and 15, carried a stun gun and tasered the 66-year-old food delivery driver (pix below). The teens have also been charged with armed carjacking. Continue reading “66-year-old Muslim UberEats driver murdered”

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Top Glove and China fan boys aplenty in M’sia

Malaysian company Top Glove is practising “modern slavery”, said the USA yesterday albeit indirectly.

American Customs and Border Protection government agency said that after months of  investigation “aimed at preventing goods made by modern slavery from entering U.S. commerce”, CBP had come to a finding that Top Glove practised “forced labour”. Continue reading “Top Glove and China fan boys aplenty in M’sia”

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Why Khairuddin Aman Razali is striking fear in the DAP

No less than the DAP sec-gen himself took to publicly slamming Ustaz Khairuddin at-Takiri, who is secretary of PAS’s most important council — the Majlis Syura Ulamak. 

Lim Guan Eng three days ago (see FMT news report below) slammed a stated plan by the PAS ulama, allegedly, to redraw the 2026 electoral boundaries. Continue reading “Why Khairuddin Aman Razali is striking fear in the DAP”

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PKR non Malays open to joining BN

PKR vice president Chang Lih Kang broached the possibility of cooperation with Umno in a Wacana Sinar panel discussion last night.

Chang said that politics is, after all, the art of the possible.

He said our country was in need of a new political alignment and this could take the form of PKR joining BN, as one example.

Relevant comments start from minute 42:40 onwards in the video below.

Continue reading “PKR non Malays open to joining BN”