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This is what a diversity neighbourhood will look like

Profile of Germany’s Fourth Reich: Black man with white baby; black trans (man/woman) with pink hair embracing his/her white (girl? boy?) friend who is wearing an Antifa T-shirt.

Green Party’s diversity utopia

Black Lives Matter is American anarchy that outreached from the USA to woke European cities.

BLM has also infected virtue signallers in Malaysian social media as well as the poseurs of Bangsar’s political ecosphere.

Antifa is anarchy that spread from western Europe to the American left coast.

The pro-BLM, pro-Antifa poster above was commissioned by Germany’s Green Party which currently holds 67 seats in the country’s parliament.

Germany’s federal election to choose 700-odd members of the Bundestag will be held this Sunday (Sept 26).

The tweet above explains the ‘vision’ of the Green Party to remake German society.

To read story in English, go to news report in The Post Millennial headlined ‘German Green Party releases advertisement featuring Antifa propaganda’.

The Greens’ campaign ad poster has already been pasted along the walls of underground U-Bahn stations – see below – located in Berlin, Frankfurt and other places.

More poster details

The pink-haired individual is wearing blue lipstick, a nose ring and an LGBT bracelet. He/she has ‘BLM’ tattooed on his/her arm.

An LGBT rainbow flag is draped over one balcony and provocative slogans are graffitied elsewhere in the poster. 

The blond woman in the wheelchair – see enlarged segment below – has the communist sickle-and hammer symbol tattooed on her chest.

The pull-down aluminium building door bears the words “Antifa area”.

In the background are two girls ‘of colour’ kicking a ball (indicating a gender role reversal wrt the sport of soccer).

The androgynous couple kissing in public could be two men (it’s hard to tell).

In a slight variation of the illustration by the same artist (refer tweet below) – see the elderly couple and their black cat, and under the banner which says “There is no planet B” –are additionally scribbled some German words “Kein Gott”, “Kein Staat”, “Kein Patriarchat” meaning ‘No God’, ‘No state’, ‘No patriarchy’.

This scenario of inverting everything traditional is what’s desired by the woke activists. 

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Response to Ambiga: Harapan make us feel bullied

In her Malaysia Day greeting, former Bersih 2.0 chairman Ambiga Sreenevasan (pix below) made an early pitch for GE15.

She wrote: “When we vote next, we must remember how these [political] leaders made us feel. We must choose leaders who never make us feel that way again.” Continue reading “Response to Ambiga: Harapan make us feel bullied”

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Aukus, language bias and how many Chinese in M’sian army

Aukus is the nuclear security pact between Australia, the UK and the US.

The countries in this new tripartite defence grouping are far apart in geographical distance and even located in three separate continents — Oz in Oceania, UK in Europe and US in North America.

What they have in common, however, is the English language — making them collectively the ‘Anglophone’ countries. Continue reading “Aukus, language bias and how many Chinese in M’sian army”

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Where do Nons get their (mistaken) idea Harapan was most ’multiracial’ govt ever?

Rational people form their opinions based on facts. Irrational people hold misinformed opinions from swallowing too much propaganda.

The belief by many Harapan supporters that they successfully formed the most multiracial coalition which Malaysia has ever seen is just plain wrong. Continue reading “Where do Nons get their (mistaken) idea Harapan was most ’multiracial’ govt ever?”

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USA abandoned American in Kabul with her disabled puppy and 130 dogs

A Tennessee woman who owns an animal rescue center in Kabul was not allowed passage home by the Department of Defense because she carried a disabled puppy in her arms — one of 130 animals she was ordered to leave behind in the final days of airlifts.

Charlotte Maxwell-Jones refused to board the plane without her puppy on Monday, so the military ordered her to leave and turn loose 130 crated dogs …

Continue reading the story @ Washington Examiner

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Kabul attack — the other side of the story

Thirteen American soldiers (11 marines, 1 navy, 1 army) were killed when a bomb went off outside Kabul airport a few days ago.

Another 18 members of the USA military were injured.

That’s the view from western lens of the recent carnage. From the opposite perspective, close to 170 Afghans were also killed.

Vitally, an Isis bomber killed himself in the process. Continue reading “Kabul attack — the other side of the story”

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The Cina DAP way of thinking

Kit Siang suggests that Harapan chief Anwar should be appointed to a new ‘war cabinet’ as its DPM — see his tweet below.

Other Chinese voices have also been eagerly floating the idea for a unity government. Continue reading “The Cina DAP way of thinking”

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Malays really really don’t trust DAP

Is there anything that The Decepticons will not do?

They trigger the Chinese by exploiting community sentiments over pandemic-related tragic deaths and suicides.

They’ve been cynically manipulative of Chinese emotions through the ‘white flag’ hashtag. They prey on people’s misery for their political capital.

Now we get this expose from Sin Chew. Continue reading “Malays really really don’t trust DAP”

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When will Chinese realise that DAP is dysfunctional?

The PAS president gave two latest sermons.

In the one yesterday Hadi Awang said, “PAS, Umno dan Bersatu yang merupakan tiga parti teras Melayu-Islam dan bumiputera perlu disatukan”.

Supaya acuan Islam boleh diperkenalkan dengan lebih berkesan.

Juga untuk menyingkirkan langkah negatif yang diambil oleh kalangan “kumpulan bukan Islam yang ekstrem”, kata Hadi. Continue reading “When will Chinese realise that DAP is dysfunctional?”

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Dysfunctional USA

This is a short postscript to my earlier blog entry titled ’Biden’s America is a dysfunctional country’.

Three days ago, I knocked The Washington Post as dysfunctional for trumpeting a headline that claimed ‘Simone Biles won the Tokyo Olympics’.

Their American gymnast – whose net worth is estimated to be ten million USD – had secured an individual bronze medal.

The real winner of the Tokyo Olympics is Jamaica’s Elaine Thompson-Herah (pix, middle), in my humble opinion. Continue reading “Dysfunctional USA”