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Balancing the books between PAS and the native Christian vote

The competing demands by PAS (whom Umno is courting) and by the Sarawak non-Muslim pribumi (fixed deposit that BN wants to retain) is something that the coalition chairman would have preferred to keep on the back burner at this juncture.

But then yesterday, Hadi Awang apparently dropped a bombshell which The Gunting gleefully picked up — reporting the news with maximum provocation as below:

Yeehah! snip ‘n’ stab

They’re such a small, helpless (and powerless) minority

Remember … Christians are  “O-N-L-Y  NINE PERCENT” of the population and Sarawak native Christians only a part of that ‘lil 9%.

puss in boots

In Sabah, Christians are not (or are no longer) the religious majority. Additionally, Umno Sabah is very strong in the state.

By comparison, the PAS crowd and the increasingly devout Muslim fence-sitters are a blue ocean.

Meanwhile, the Chinese born again Christians in the peninsula are dead set against Najib. The Indians are polarized: Indian Christians and their churches support the opposition while Indian Hindus predominate in the MIC.

BELOW: The DAP mascot in green camouflage


DAP’s order of a container of selendangs from Hannah Boutique

How will DAP fare among Dayak voters in the semi-rural areas in which the party is competing for the first time?

Sarawakians go to the polls tomorrow. So we have only to wait one day more to see how the Chinese and the Christians would cast their vote.

Adenan Satem is constantly claimed to be very popular among Sarawak Chinese and native Christians. Talk is cheap. The actual results will speak volumes.

Was Hadi Awang’s remark about the Muslim CM in Sarawak something off-the-cuff or was his comment calculated? Needless to say, PAS’s firm belief in compulsory Muslim leadership has a long-term and larger implication on federal politics beyond Sarawak.

The day of reckoning – whether we’re for political Islam or secular politics – cannot be avoided by deferring upon the excuse “agree to disagree” and sweeping under the carpet.

Hadi and PAS learned this from their experience with the DAP and its pushy political Christianity.

May 6, 2016 at 8:10 am 5 comments

Polarization … betul lah tu

The USA electoral map of 2012 below shows how Americans are divided.

Blue states were won by the Democrat’s Obama and red states were won by the Republican’s Romney.

obama romney map

Coastal states on either side of the continent are blue. California is on the Pacific coast and New York is on the Atlantic coast. Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City and Manhattan are big, cosmopolitan cities.

The coasts are cosmopolitan because they have international ports. These ports see a confluence of cultures because immigrants of various ethnicities had sailed and docked here.

In contrast, the Deep South and Midwest are red states. Their population are more homogenously white. Some of these Republican bastions in the hinterland are landlocked — no seaports, and so the exposure to diverse influences (“diversity”) is not as considerable as say, New York.

Aside from Colorado (marked ‘Co’ in the map) and New Mexico (‘NM’), the boundaries between the red and blue states are quite clear.

In some of the blue states, there were protests and even mini riots against Trump. In some of the red states, Trump was greeted like a rock star.

A number of the blues loathe Trump with a vengeance while a number of the reds love Trump to bits. Americans are divided.

BELOW: DAP is Cina pekat lah — group photo of the party leaders; cuba tengok muka-muka dema


Same like Amerika’s blue vs red

It is most disingenuous and deceitful of DAP Firsters to accuse BN supporters of being “divisive” when the urban Chinese are rabidly pro-opposition.

During the tsunami of 2008, the opposition won the west coast states – Kedah, Penang, Perak and Selangor.- in the general election.

Rural Malays remained pro-establishment and this kept the BN in power.

BELOW: The DAP leaders’ group photo from above is fragmented and enlarged … search each frame carefully to spot the Malay faces






‘Great Wall of China’ in Malaysia

If we were to colour the 2012 opposition seats in Parliament yellow and the ruling party seats red, we will get an electoral map of Pakatan controlling the cities and BN holding the fort in the Malay heartland

Just as we are divided in our political allegiance, so too are we polarized as a population.

All the sweet talk about “building bridges” by the DAP evangelistas is bullshit.

May 5, 2016 at 3:09 pm 16 comments

Malay silent majority elect to be disconcertingly quiet

FMT today yesterday (as it’s three minutes past midnight) carried an identical Bernama news item on an abused Terengganu girl in both English and bahasa Melayu.

The story appeared in English first and followed by its BM version. (more…)

May 5, 2016 at 12:03 am 33 comments

Trump, Mr President possible …

The pundits kept predicting that Donald Trump would crash and burn. He has thwarted their forecasts time and again.

His bizarre popularity is the white blowback against “community organizer” Barack Obama who lowered the presidential bar for the Oval Office down to basement level.


May 4, 2016 at 3:24 pm 16 comments

Who is MCA’s enemy? Ridhuan Tee or DAP?

Ridhuan Tee wrote in his Sinar Harian column two days ago, “Ultra kiasu tuduh saya macam-macam dapat habuan itu dan ini kerana menjadi lebih Melayu daripada Melayu. Wal hal saya tidak dapat apa-apa pun daripada orang Melayu atau Umno.”

The reverse is true. It is well known which community in Malaysia are the pushy bribe givers.


Ridhuan Tee: Kuasa dan kekayaan mereka diguna untuk beli cai Melayu

Melayu reject pemakan dedak sanggup lebih Cina daripada Cina

Over the recent long weekend …

After submitting a latest progress report to his ultra kiasu paymaster, the Melayu Protun pemakan dedak blogger now has wads of cash in his pocket — enough for that refreshing mid-year holiday soon in somewhere cool … favourite destination Japan, here he comes! (more…)

May 4, 2016 at 11:53 am 1 comment

America’s next First Lady could be a six-foot immigrant

Montage of Donald Trump and his glamorous wives below.

(from left) Ex-wife No.2 Marla Maples; first wife of 15 years, Ivana and current wife Melania (more…)

May 3, 2016 at 10:16 am 3 comments

S’wak the bellwether state — Make M’sia beautiful again

There has never been anything in Malaysia as ugly and vicious as the post-2008 evangelical DAP.

In fact, Sarawak considers DAP 2.0 so ugly and vicious that its peninsula leaders – most notably the party’s fervid evangelistas – have been banned from even setting foot on the state. (more…)

May 2, 2016 at 8:20 am 50 comments

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