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Utusan: ’Jawi sah tidak akan dakwa Siti Nuramira’

With the charges being dropped by Jawi today, it appears that Siti Nuramira is able to avoid ‘double jeopardy’. Continue reading “Utusan: ’Jawi sah tidak akan dakwa Siti Nuramira’”

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Hannah Yeoh questions Siti Zailah’s Islamic view

Former Deputy Women’s Minister the evangelist Hannah Yeoh is not satisfied with how her successor the Islamist Siti Zailah Mohd Yusoff is performing at work— see Focus Malaysia news report today.

Hannah’s Twitter timeline the last 24 hours has been spilling over with her own personal criticisms of Siti Zailah as well as many (indirect) denouncements which @hannahyeoh eagerly retweeted. Continue reading “Hannah Yeoh questions Siti Zailah’s Islamic view”

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How many Rohingya in M’sia who cannot be traced?

Utusan Online carried an article a few days ago (June 12) headlined ‘Malaysia tidak hipokrit isu PATI Rohingya’.

“Palestin memperjuangkan kebebasan negaranya daripada cengkaman Zionis dan mereka tidak pernah menjadi ancaman kepada negara ini,” said Utusan.

So who or what does pose a threat? Continue reading “How many Rohingya in M’sia who cannot be traced?”

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“Masih mahu bersangka baik dengan gerakan evangelisme Kristian?” — MAIS

“Masih menganggap ini hanya propaganda dan cerita semangat yang dibawa orang politik?” tanya Majlis Agama Islam Selangor dalam sebuah terbitan mereka yang berjudul ‘Pendedahan Agenda Kristian’.

Pesanan MAIS boleh dibaca dalam bentuk PDF di sini (muat turun dari laman rasmi jabatan tersebut).  Continue reading ““Masih mahu bersangka baik dengan gerakan evangelisme Kristian?” — MAIS”

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Why Khairuddin Aman Razali is striking fear in the DAP

No less than the DAP sec-gen himself took to publicly slamming Ustaz Khairuddin at-Takiri, who is secretary of PAS’s most important council — the Majlis Syura Ulamak. 

Lim Guan Eng three days ago (see FMT news report below) slammed a stated plan by the PAS ulama, allegedly, to redraw the 2026 electoral boundaries. Continue reading “Why Khairuddin Aman Razali is striking fear in the DAP”

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Does Umno’s “No Anwar, no DAP” mean PKR-minus-Anwar is okay?

According to Nik Nazmi in his widely quoted interview today, the Sheraton power brokers were willing to accept PKR but had shut the door firmly against DAP.

Meaning the Malay parties (Bersatu, Umno, PAS) can accommodate any multiracial party MP as long as the YBs are not from DAP.

Continue reading “Does Umno’s “No Anwar, no DAP” mean PKR-minus-Anwar is okay?”

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Peranan Melayu DAP dalam kes Jill Ireland

Adun DAP Perak YB Abdul Aziz Bari beserta setpol Kit Siang, iaitu Syahredzan Johan kedua-duanya  menyumbang afidavit berhubung kes kalimah ‘Allah‘ di Mahkamah Tinggi.

Afidavit mereka dilapor telah menyatakan bahawa penggunaan kalimah ‘Allah‘ oleh orang Kristian tidak akan membuat orang Melayu jadi konpius. Continue reading “Peranan Melayu DAP dalam kes Jill Ireland”

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The supposed 400-year-old BM gospel used ‘Tuhan’ translation

Translated by Albert Cornelius Ruyl, I believe.

This image sourced from the Bible Society of Malaysia reads something like “Yang dijanji baharu dari Tuhan-ku Jesu Christi”.

Why are the Christians today so insistent on using the ‘Allah’ word when the earliest BM gospels – such as the flyleaf seen below – apparently use ‘Tuhan’ to refer to the Lord. Continue reading “The supposed 400-year-old BM gospel used ‘Tuhan’ translation”

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Malays will never accept DAP

The Malay grassroots will always reject DAP. Their rejection is non negotiable and Umno leaders will not dare to go against the will of the Malay ground on this — see latest news reports tweeted below.

The Chinese polity, on the other hand, are lemmings prepared to dance to the DAP’s moronic Multi-Kulti (Multiculturalism and Diversity) tune … spinning round and round in pointless circles.

Continue reading “Malays will never accept DAP”

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Besides their beloved DAP, what else do Chinese voters want?

Their consistent 95 percent vote share for DAP shows the Chinese electorate do not want any other party. 

Chinese Sabahans gave 94 percent of their vote to DAP and its Warisan allies, also causing the MCA Sabah chairman to lose his deposit in the recent state election.

The Chinese community want to have their cake and eat it too. Although they thoroughly rejected Perikatan, yet they still expected the new state government to appoint unelected Chinese as Sabah cabinet ministers. Continue reading “Besides their beloved DAP, what else do Chinese voters want?”

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Umno, Bersatu, DAP triangulation and strangulation

Bersatu’s 11 Aduns in Sabah are able to check and balance Umno’s 14 Aduns.

Cina DAP, on the other hand, are unstoppable within the Chinese community. Nine Chinese candidates from DAP and its partner parties won seats in the Sabah DUN compared to only one Chinese Adun aligned to Perikatan. The 95:5 electoral support ratio does not permit any check and balance. Continue reading “Umno, Bersatu, DAP triangulation and strangulation”

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Why DAP is betting its future on Borneo: Answer — Christians

Native Christians are the DAP’s blue ocean vote bank, especially with the weakening and fragmentation of local non-Muslim parties.

Sabah and Sarawak both taken together have a total of 2,054,025 Muslims in their collective citizen populations. The two states have altogether 1,770,145 Christians. Continue reading “Why DAP is betting its future on Borneo: Answer — Christians”

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Tutup jer kelab malam, pub

Satu pandangan yang cukup bertepatan — betul tak, wahai DAP?

Yang Berhormat-Yang Berhormat wakil DAP beserta Cina DAP lain yang alim belaka pasti akan mahu sokong cadangan ini, bukan?

BAWAH: Si pemakai tudung litup hitam (duduk di tengah) ialah MP Segambut Hannah Yeoh manakala Adun Kuala Kubu Bharu DAP Lee Kee Hiong mengambil gambar diri beliau bertudung di DUN Selangor. Paling bawah ialah bekas Menteri Alam Sekitar DAP Yeo Bee Yin.

Continue reading “Tutup jer kelab malam, pub”

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Rohingya murtad, masuk Kristian

Sesetengah pelarian Rohingya yang menetap di India sudah tukar agama, kata laporan berita hari ini dalam The Economic Times.

Continue reading “Rohingya murtad, masuk Kristian”

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Malaysia’s “plan to viciously beat Rohingya refugees” — Amnesty International

NOTE: Amnesty International’s allegation is even more serious than Al Jazeera’s. Our Home Ministry should not let this pass.

“The plan to viciously beat Rohingya refugees is not only cruel and inhuman – it’s unlawful under international standards. To inflict such a violent punishment as judicial caning amounts to torture,” said Rachel Chhoa-Howard, Malaysia Researcher at Amnesty International.

Continue reading “Malaysia’s “plan to viciously beat Rohingya refugees” — Amnesty International”

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What Harapan supporters think about their fellow Malaysians

Dousing a kitten with gasoline,
and deliberately setting it on fire,
while gleefully recording on mobile its death throes,
as it runs around madly with tiny body ablaze
is #AnimalCruelty.

Slashing at hungry scavenging dogs with a parang is a most inhumane act.

Cruelty and inhumanity. Local pro-refugee activists also think Malaysians are cruel and inhumane. Continue reading “What Harapan supporters think about their fellow Malaysians”

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Err, where is the UEC special taskforce report?

Muhyiddin received Chinese visitors from Hua Zong yesterday who left with the impression that our PM will endorse the UEC.

Recognition of UEC was one of Harapan’s promises made in their manifesto. The 95-percent-voters want to collect from the current Malay government (which they did not vote for) an election promise made by DAP. Now that’s ‘C for Chutzpah’ ! Continue reading “Err, where is the UEC special taskforce report?”

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111-109 is not viable for a government, fresh polls please!

A snap election is our best option to return the mandate to the rakyat.

Some MPs have been playing musical chairs and their shifting allegiances distorted the real wishes of Malaysian voters. So rather than the party label that’s currently tagged to a frog MP, it is actually the voter trend in his area that gives an accurate reflection of the will of the people. Continue reading “111-109 is not viable for a government, fresh polls please!”

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Non Malays who side with Al Jazeera

Their own backyard is bedlam and these omputih still dare to preach? We really do not need an NGO based in New York to lecture us on human rights, freedom and morality.

New York state is the USA’s worst-affected area for Covid-19. Just New York City alone has 218,000 coronavirus cases in the city population of 8.3 million. Compare the total 8,700 cases in Malaysia amidst our population of 32.6 million. It is very clear that Malaysia‘s handling of the pandemic is miles ahead of New York City‘s. Continue reading “Non Malays who side with Al Jazeera”

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Al Jazeera, a catalyst that made M’sian minority slip their mask

Tergamak peminat dan pembela Al Jazeera kutuk kerajaan Malaysia sampai begini — and furthermore using words like “a rubbish country” and “scum nation”.

See more tweets at the bottom of this page.

NOTE: Steven Mak‘s tweet was retweeted by Ambiga Sreenevasan Continue reading “Al Jazeera, a catalyst that made M’sian minority slip their mask”

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Jata Negara: Penulis-penulis puak ‘Born Again’

Melambak-lambak laporan polis yang dibuat terhadap hiasan kulit buku berjudul Rebirth yang baru diterbitkan oleh Gerakbudaya.

Rebirth bermaksud ‘lahir semula’. Istilah Born Again ini pada lazimnya merujuk kepada saudara yang tidak dilahirkan sebagai Kristian tetapi memilih untuk memeluk agama tersebut tatkala meningkat remaja ataupun dewasa. Continue reading “Jata Negara: Penulis-penulis puak ‘Born Again’”

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Siapa bacul? The biggest difference between Mahathir and Muafakat

Even a twenty-something like Saddiq (below) would be hard pressed to defend DAP with as much energy as 95-year-old Mahathir.

Continue reading “Siapa bacul? The biggest difference between Mahathir and Muafakat”

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M’sia being “watched” for violating Christian religious freedom

Yesterday Malaysia, together with Myanmar, was singled out to the American State Department for our respective countries’ unacceptable “treatment of religious minority communities”.

The State Department is headed by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who is a staunch evangelical Christian. The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom or USCIRF had slammed both Myanmar and Malaysia in its press release yesterday (June 23). Continue reading “M’sia being “watched” for violating Christian religious freedom”

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Evangelistas tell the world that Isma inciting hate towards Christians

American Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is a staunch evangelical Christian. Pompeo has said in interviews he always keeps a Bible open on his office desk and that the Holy Book “informs everything I do”.

The US Department of State headed by Pompeo submits an annual report to the American Congress on the status of religious freedom around the world. Every year, the department obtains its information from religious groups, NGOs, human rights monitors, academics, media contacts and others.

Their country report on Malaysia was released a fortnight ago (June 10) and Continue reading “Evangelistas tell the world that Isma inciting hate towards Christians”

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When have they ever had nice things to say about our country?

Apart from the usual suspects – Amnesty International, HRW-Human Rights Watch, Fortify Rights and other vocal NGOs – far left news outlets have also jumped on the ‘Bash Malaysia’ bandwagon.

Xenophobia is prevalent in Malaysia, said a report today in Vice Media headlined ‘Malaysia Is Planning to Send a Boat Full of Rohingya Refugees Back Out to Sea’.

There has been a “shocking” amount of online hate speech from Malaysians about the Rohingya refugees, as well as several anti-Rohingya groups and personal blogs, Vice quoted Liz Day as saying. In other words, Malaysians are haters. Continue reading “When have they ever had nice things to say about our country?”

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Heidy Quah asking for more money after NGOs already raised half million ringgit

Queen of Whinge Heidy Quah is in the news both domestically and internationally.

She was featured in a British newspaper The Telegraph yesterday complaining about “a new wave of hate comments and xenophobia towards the refugee community”. Continue reading “Heidy Quah asking for more money after NGOs already raised half million ringgit”

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Laporan polis terhadap aktivis Cina DAP jika memfitnah — KP Imigresen

Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia menafi tuduhan yang dibuat oleh aktivis Kristian bernama Heidy Quah bahawa seorang warga asing yang baru beranak kononnya telah digari di meja.

Ketua pengarah jabatan Khairul Dzaimee Daud (gambar) hairan bagaimana Heidy boleh mendakwa siap bercakap dengan tahanan di bilik melalui dinding plastik pada 5 Jun lalu sedangkan tiada pelawat dibenarkan memasuki kawasan depot imigresen sepanjang tempoh Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan. Continue reading “Laporan polis terhadap aktivis Cina DAP jika memfitnah — KP Imigresen”

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Hypocrisy of evangelistas is staggering, haw haw haw

Last night, the Lubok Antu MP quit Harapan and joined Perikatan. A ton of curses and insults were immediately heaped on him.

Only one day earlier, the Sri Gading MP had quit his job as Muhyiddin’s cabinet minister and Dapsters were hoping he would also be joining Harapan soon. A ton of applause and praises were speedily showered on him. Continue reading “Hypocrisy of evangelistas is staggering, haw haw haw”

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You’re poor b’cos you stupid unlike my billionaire sons

DAP loves Mahathir because he really gives it to those stooopid Melaiyoo.

Dapsters are cheering their Beloved Tun’s epic rant today in his Chedet blog.

Kesian. The Malays kena balun kaw-kaw by Mahathir who is on a rampage after his son Mukhriz just got ousted from his Kedah MB post. Continue reading “You’re poor b’cos you stupid unlike my billionaire sons”