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What is The Heat trying to do?!

This publication, The Heat, has been suspended once before by the Home Ministry.

See the first paragraph (below) of its main article today —

Eddie Hoo writes in The Heat:


“The tone has been set for the Umno General Assembly 2015 as the president of the most dominant party in the country opens it by screening slides of the bloody May 13 race riots and the communist attacks in Malaya. Every year it resurrects the same bogeyman at its assembly.”


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Wong Chun Wai: “we are not a banana republic”

Scissorati-in-Chief Wong Chun Wai is predictably using his EvangeliSTAR column to attack the Red Shirts.

The J-Star CEO alleges in his article today titled ‘Time to get real‘ that certain politicians are “seeing shadows when there are none”.

Chun Wai claims that these has-beens “waving the racist card” / “waving the keris” against their “so-called imaginary enemies” are creating havoc. Continue reading “Wong Chun Wai: “we are not a banana republic””

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The WWMD question

Haha, good one, Mamasan.

The government must be firm in its decision. No more half measures. Hold steady! Don’t cave in to pressure.


When is the gomen gonna shut down The Malaysian Inciter which is a subsidiary of The Edge? – Read HERE

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Is Chun Wai being batu api over the Myanmar religious conflict?

Myanmar’s intolerant Buddhist monks are berated in Wong Chun Wai’s J-Star column today.

Against the backdrop of “ultra nationalist” and “religious extremist” groups that “always fight in the name of country, race and religion”, certain religious figures in conservative societies are able to “get away with the most demonic crimes”, writes the J-Star CEO.

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Oh look who Najib has taken on board

Lim Kok Wing is in the PMO as “special programme coordinator” to the Prime Minister – see the Tan Sri’s purported (if we credit this Insider news report) call card.


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Dr M repeats his Gelang Patah warning

A Merdeka Center survey recently found Dr Mahathir Mohamad to be the most popular personality in Umno.

The opinion poll had asked 600 Umno members to rate their party leaders, and Dr M came up tops ahead of Najib Razak in second place, with Zahid Hamidi taking the third spot and Muhyiddin Yassin, fourth. Continue reading “Dr M repeats his Gelang Patah warning”

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Tanda Putera, Melayu dungu dan calon/parti “sampah” pilihan golongan yang kurang arif

Bersambung daripada ‘Info Minister: Penang ban on Tanda Putera is stupid‘.

Kenyataan akhbar oleh Ketua Pemuda MCA Wee Ka Siong berkata pengarah Tanda Putera Shuhaimi Baba harus dipertanggungjawabkan sekiranya tayangan filem tersebut menimbulkan hura-hara dan masalah perkauman nanti.

Pendirian MCA tidak beza dengan DAP. Continue reading “Tanda Putera, Melayu dungu dan calon/parti “sampah” pilihan golongan yang kurang arif”