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Political divide in time of great flood

Opposition politicians are very busy finger-pointing the government, and faulting the shortcomings of the authorities in responding to the flood.

Hannah Yeoh’s Twitter retweets are particularly egregious in playing this blame game. Continue reading “Political divide in time of great flood”

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The more they preach ‘unity’ …

They’re now clamouring for a “national unity” government.

The UG cabinet composition they have in mind – see Malaysiakini below – is one that “must comprise representatives from all political parties from both sides of the divide”. Continue reading “The more they preach ‘unity’ …”

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Sneaky Dems trying to steal the election

Yes, Democrats Are Trying To Steal The Election In Michigan, Wisconsin, And Pennsylvania

In the three Midwest battleground states, vote counting irregularities persist in an election that will be decided on razor-thin margins.

By John Daniel Davidson

Published at The Federalist

As of this writing, it appears that Democratic Party machines in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania are trying to steal the election.

As reporters and commentators went to bed early Tuesday morning, all three states were too close to call, but President Trump led former Vice President Joe Biden by comfortable margins—far beyond what had been predicted in the polls. None of the networks called these states because enough mail-in ballots remained uncounted that it could swing either way, but Trump’s position looked good.

Then, something strange happened in the dead of the night. Continue reading “Sneaky Dems trying to steal the election”

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Mahathir-Kit Siang are Siamese twins, no room for Kuli

We’ve never heard before of conjoined Siamese triplets being able to survive. 

Mahathir and Kit Siang are like yin-and-yang twins. Three is a crowd. Tengku Razaleigh should steer away from both these gila kuasa connivers. 

BELOW: Front page of Sinar Harian on 7 Dec 2014 … Mahathir believes nobody is ‘layak’ to be PM but himself and certainly not Anwar  Continue reading “Mahathir-Kit Siang are Siamese twins, no room for Kuli”

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Hannah Yeoh’s attempt reflective of Chinese eagerness to emigrate

Below are some graphs representing the results of an attitude survey of Malaysians.

The study was released to the press by CIMB in conjunction with May 13 today. Commissioned by Nazir Razak’s bank, it was conducted by three researchers from Oxford University – Dr Ananthi Al Ramiah, Prof. Miles Hewstone and Dr Ralf Wölfer.

The Oxford survey found Malaysian Chinese to be the ethnic group with the strongest desire to emigrate to a better country — see bar graph below. Continue reading “Hannah Yeoh’s attempt reflective of Chinese eagerness to emigrate”

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Imposter’s Acc. terminated / Protun in cahoots with Chinese ultra

Update: The big-headed and fraudulent Protun blog should be better described as a hate site.

Its comment space is now dominated by Dapsters and haters who use it as a platform of spread their black propaganda and anti-Najib, anti-government lies.

Continue reading “Imposter’s Acc. terminated / Protun in cahoots with Chinese ultra”

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Penang tak nak, takut kat Rohingya phantom voters

Statement today by P. Ramasamy, Deputy Chief Minister II of Penang


[Not in our backyard]

“However, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng felt that, given the high population density in the state, the federal government should look elsewhere to place the migrants.

“Moreover, according to Lim, Penang is already having thousands of Rohingyas and other migrants, who are imposing a heavy economic toll on the state. Continue reading “Penang tak nak, takut kat Rohingya phantom voters”

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Ambiga: Why are we allowing Isma to attack the Chinese?

Ambiga arrested, to be detained overnight‘ (Malaysiakini, 1 May 2015)

Below is the photo of human rights advocate Ambiga Sreenevasan taken a little earlier outside the Dang Wang police station while waiting to be called by the Investigating Officer (IO). She is flanked by Liberty Lawyers Eric Paulsen and Latheefa Koya.

Ambiga is wearing a ‘Negara-ku’ T-shirt with the slogan “Kembalikan negaraku”. Continue reading “Ambiga: Why are we allowing Isma to attack the Chinese?”

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DAP berkuasa, sekarang sudah buat ikut suka hati di Selangor

Pada 29 Nov 2013, Speaker DUN Selangor Hannah Yeoh telah membentangkan usul bagi mewajibkan ketua pembangkang untuk mempengerusikan Jawatankuasa Kira-kira Wang Awam (PAC).

Sebelum itu, ketua pembangkang Selangor telah dua kali menolak jawatan tersebut atas alasan tawaran itu berunsur muslihat politik.

Continue reading “DAP berkuasa, sekarang sudah buat ikut suka hati di Selangor”

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UPDATED: This person plagiarized my writing! and Jonathan Smith’s as well

This person calling himself ‘Iskandar Mohamad’ plagiarized from author Jonathan Smith as well who had written the I-files about Anwar, see

Jonathan Smith (JS) wrote: “He would gladly tell anyone who would listen how those 13 May riots in 1969 had radicalised him. He would speak of how far-left revolutionaries inspired him – of how his heroes Herbert Marcuse, Frantz Fanon, Ho Chi Minh, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara would teach him that the old social order must be overthrown. Even violently. He spoke of the ‘wretched of the earth,’ as Fanon put it. He left his audiences in no doubt that he was the man to overturn everything. He was The Rebel.”

Iskandar Mohamad wrote: “The May 13 riots in 1969 radicalized him and he spoke of how far-left revolutionaries inspired him including his heroes such as Herbert Marcuse, Frantz Fanon, Ho Chi Minh, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara from whom he learnt that the old social order must be overthrown, even if via violence. Undoubtedly, he made no apologies that he was the rebel with a cause.” Continue reading “UPDATED: This person plagiarized my writing! and Jonathan Smith’s as well”

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Hannah can call Dewan to meet earliest by next month

Like I’ve been saying, it ain’t over till the fat lady sings. Madame Speaker can call and set the date for the next meeting of the Selangor legislative assembly.

The current DUN session is adjourned sine die (without fixing a new date) but Standing Order 10 (2) permits Hannah Yeoh to summon the Aduns with a minimum of 28 days’ notice. Continue reading “Hannah can call Dewan to meet earliest by next month”

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The sudden pain in TMI’s heart

The ‘MH’ code of Malaysia Airlines also stands for Malaysian Hospitality — or so an unlikely “moralist” (more about him later) reminds us although some China citizens, i.e. the kinfolk of the MH370 victims, may not be inclined to agree.

But the heated public debates are not about the “exemplary work” done by the MAS cabin crew or how undeserved MAS is of the twin tragedies. Or even about apportioning blame as if MAS were a rape victim unfairly faulted for being skimpily clad — the misplaced “rape” analogy provided by Jahabar Sadiq, The Malaysian Insider editor.

My objection to the objectors (Jahabar the Moral Censor refers here) of open debate is based on respecting the spirit of inquiry.

Continue reading “The sudden pain in TMI’s heart”

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Dyana pins corsage on Dr M at yet another Perkasa event

See update

‘Dyana’s DNA is thoroughbred Perkasa lah’

***   ***   ***

Earlier that photo of Dyana Sofya registering new Perkasa members had surfaced. Below is Dyana at a separate and later Perkasa event.

She was part of the welcoming committee to greet the Perkasa VVIP, Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Continue reading “Dyana pins corsage on Dr M at yet another Perkasa event”

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Guan Eng attacks Tun for his comments on Dyana

“Don’t use politics to try to separate the bond between mother and daughter,” Lim Guan Eng said at a press conference this morning.

“I’m surprised that the mother is also attacked for being proud of her daughter and it is not right for Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to say that she had failed to raise her well,” Guan Eng declared. Continue reading “Guan Eng attacks Tun for his comments on Dyana”

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MCA tutup sebelah mata terhadap keganasan RBA

Bekas presiden MCA Chua Soi Lek mengulas isu MH 370 dalam kenyataan akhbarnya hari ini.

Antara lain, Dr Chua menyeru kepada anggota Red Bean Army supaya tidak mengeruhkan lagi suasana dengan mempolitikkan tragedi MH 370 secara melampau. “Ingatlah bahawa tindak tanduk mereka yang melampau ini boleh memberi kesempatan kepada golongan yang tidak bertanggungjawab bagi menimbulkan ketegangan dalam negara,” katanya. Continue reading “MCA tutup sebelah mata terhadap keganasan RBA”

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Balik kampung tanam kangkung

Yesterday I featured an opinion survey on five questions. Below are the results.

ONE: The question ‘Do you view the behaviour of the non-Muslims to be … (?)’ drew the most unanimous answer from readers, i.e. everyone, with only a couple of exceptions, replied that the behaviour of the non-Muslims was an “’extreme provocation’ like what Isma said”.

Continue reading “Balik kampung tanam kangkung”

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Dr M repeats his Gelang Patah warning

A Merdeka Center survey recently found Dr Mahathir Mohamad to be the most popular personality in Umno.

The opinion poll had asked 600 Umno members to rate their party leaders, and Dr M came up tops ahead of Najib Razak in second place, with Zahid Hamidi taking the third spot and Muhyiddin Yassin, fourth. Continue reading “Dr M repeats his Gelang Patah warning”