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Baghdad-born ethnic Kurd is new UK finance minister

Boris Johnson has appointed Nadhim Zahawi as finance minister (Chancellor of the Exchequer) replacing Rishi Sunak who just resigned.

This catapults Nadhim to the UK’s second-most top executive seat after the PM’s. Continue reading “Baghdad-born ethnic Kurd is new UK finance minister”

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Aukus, language bias and how many Chinese in M’sian army

Aukus is the nuclear security pact between Australia, the UK and the US.

The countries in this new tripartite defence grouping are far apart in geographical distance and even located in three separate continents — Oz in Oceania, UK in Europe and US in North America.

What they have in common, however, is the English language — making them collectively the ‘Anglophone’ countries. Continue reading “Aukus, language bias and how many Chinese in M’sian army”

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Fifth generation immigrant yet still not integrated

Here we call them Bangla. You can’t tell them apart from Rohingya.

Most outsiders are unable to differentiate a Rohingya from a Bengali (Bangladeshi). The only people able to do so are those from Chittagong, i.e. the Bangladesh division where Cox’s Bazar is located.

“With only minor differences in language and appearance, the average Bangladeshi cannot readily distinguish a Rohingya from a Bangladeshi.” — HRW

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