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42 out of M’sia top 50 richest people are Chinese

Forbes has compiled its ranking of the 50 richest individuals/families in Malaysia for the current year (2022).

There are only three Malays among our Top 50 ringgit billionaires — see their names boxed in green (full list below). Continue reading “42 out of M’sia top 50 richest people are Chinese”

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How the Beijing big bullies browbeat everybody

“According to ProPublica, more than ten thousand Chinese government-linked accounts on Twitter were used to cast doubt on early reports related to the outbreak in Wuhan.”

“Citizen Lab documented thousands of keywords related to COVID that were suppressed by the Chinese government on platforms YY and WeChat. Many deleted posts criticized the government for their handling of the outbreak.” Continue reading “How the Beijing big bullies browbeat everybody”

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Top Glove and China fan boys aplenty in M’sia

Malaysian company Top Glove is practising “modern slavery”, said the USA yesterday albeit indirectly.

American Customs and Border Protection government agency said that after months of  investigation “aimed at preventing goods made by modern slavery from entering U.S. commerce”, CBP had come to a finding that Top Glove practised “forced labour”. Continue reading “Top Glove and China fan boys aplenty in M’sia”

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Malaysiakini’s Great Awokening

The Malaysiakini news headline yesterday read ‘Zahid trial: Businessperson felt special that DPM wanted RM10m donation’.

Our country’s most awokened media referred to Singapore’s Mr Wong Sang Woo as a “businessperson”.

The corresponding NST headline was ‘Zahid asked Singaporean businessman for RM10 million donation, court told’. Continue reading “Malaysiakini’s Great Awokening”

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Anwar got punk’d

From news reports the last 48 hours, our evolving political landscape appears to be along the scenario outlined below:

(1) Anwar is now under police scrutiny and will be kept busy fending off questioning by the authorities

(2) Umno politburo wants to renegotiate terms of party participation in the Perikatan government and Muhyiddin is listening

(3) Anwar’s Le Meridien Move provided the springboard for Umno to leverage Continue reading “Anwar got punk’d”

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Sokong Uighur, # boikot Mulan

Tiongkok kian menindas kaum minoriti Islam Uighur yang sedang ditahan beramai-ramai di kem ‘pemulihan’ di Xinjiang.


Continue reading “Sokong Uighur, # boikot Mulan”

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If only Najib had advisors like Kausikan to enlighten him on the danger of delusional people

They’re not only “delusional“, they’re at war with the state. Asyik langgar jer.

Delusion is dangerous. Take a look at the ‘Caution, Radioactive’ sign painted on the face of the young Chinese woman in the photo below.

They appear to have taken their cue from Lim Guan Eng who (GASP!) called Lynas a “nuclear reactor”, no kidding Continue reading “If only Najib had advisors like Kausikan to enlighten him on the danger of delusional people”

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Rahman Dahlan on Tony Pua’s “brute language and crude behavior”

Exactly! Brute and crude.

We know who the rude RBAs take their cue from. Yeah, that’s right, the DAP’s evangelical Leadership by Example.

Isn’t it just mind boggling how the love-love-love clan is able to harbour so much “brute language and crude behavior”? Continue reading “Rahman Dahlan on Tony Pua’s “brute language and crude behavior””

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Half a dozen Chinese restaurants closed after dog meat found in kitchen

Lo Yen City restaurant (pix below) made unsavoury news headlines on Wednesday after police raided its premises following a tip-off.

Upon arrival at the scene, police officers said they witnessed the cooks hurriedly throw a decapitated dog carcass in the kitchen waste bin,” said the Daily Mail ( Continue reading “Half a dozen Chinese restaurants closed after dog meat found in kitchen”