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Hahaha, married for life without option of divorce

The Chinese chose DAP and will remain coupled with the evangelical party forever more in the public imagination.

The pairing phrase ‘Cina DAP’ – see poster below – cannot be shaken off now, all thanks to the community’s high watermark 95 percent political support. Continue reading “Hahaha, married for life without option of divorce”

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PAS (not Chinese) are the kingmaker in Malacca

“Chinese could be the kingmaker in mixed seats where the Malay vote is split between Perikatan Nasional, Umno and Pakatan,” political analyst Khaw Veon Szu was quoted by The Star as saying.

See article ‘Chinese poised to be kingmaker in Melaka election’ in the paper yesterday.

I disagree. I think Chinese voters are delusional if they see themselves in the role of kingmaker. Continue reading “PAS (not Chinese) are the kingmaker in Malacca”

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The Cina DAP way of thinking

Kit Siang suggests that Harapan chief Anwar should be appointed to a new ‘war cabinet’ as its DPM — see his tweet below.

Other Chinese voices have also been eagerly floating the idea for a unity government. Continue reading “The Cina DAP way of thinking”

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When will Chinese realise that DAP is dysfunctional?

The PAS president gave two latest sermons.

In the one yesterday Hadi Awang said, “PAS, Umno dan Bersatu yang merupakan tiga parti teras Melayu-Islam dan bumiputera perlu disatukan”.

Supaya acuan Islam boleh diperkenalkan dengan lebih berkesan.

Juga untuk menyingkirkan langkah negatif yang diambil oleh kalangan “kumpulan bukan Islam yang ekstrem”, kata Hadi. Continue reading “When will Chinese realise that DAP is dysfunctional?”

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Bangsa Malaysians attack and judge Dr Kamarul’s akidah

There are 330 reader comments on yesterday’s Malaysiakini article titled ‘Sim saddened his welfare work turned into racial and religious issue’.

Steven Sim is the DAP Bukit Mertajam MP.

Dr Kamarul Zaman Yusoff views Sim as an evangelist and cautioned against evangelist politicians bearing gifts. He was swiftly mob attacked by the portal subscribers for his opinion. Continue reading “Bangsa Malaysians attack and judge Dr Kamarul’s akidah”

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Chinese voters disliked for their double standard

Annuar Musa’s press sec Tun Faisal said recently (see below) that Umno cannot work with socialists and evangelists.

Socialists adhere to socialism. Socialism is an ideology that is one step away from communism.

Evangelists spread the gospel. Evangelism is not permitted to be done among Malays as our country does not allow preaching Christianity to them. Continue reading “Chinese voters disliked for their double standard”

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PKR non Malays open to joining BN

PKR vice president Chang Lih Kang broached the possibility of cooperation with Umno in a Wacana Sinar panel discussion last night.

Chang said that politics is, after all, the art of the possible.

He said our country was in need of a new political alignment and this could take the form of PKR joining BN, as one example.

Relevant comments start from minute 42:40 onwards in the video below.

Continue reading “PKR non Malays open to joining BN”

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Ka-ka-ka-kah, reason Malays tak boleh tahan DAP

This morning’s short post is a continuation from yesterday’s about Bersatu deciding to exit Harapan after only less than a year of exposure to the DAP.

DAP is 55 years old today and will soon be celebrating its retirement anniversary.

Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng have together controlled DAP for a combined total of 47 years out of the party’s 55-year lifetime. Continue reading “Ka-ka-ka-kah, reason Malays tak boleh tahan DAP”

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Pointless for MCA to out-Chinese the DAP

MCA has a better chance of political survival if it left the Cina-Cina-Cina race politicking to DAP.

I support MCA becoming equal rights multiracial.

Meaning: Open up the party to non Chinese for full (not merely ‘associate’) membership together with having a full say in party affairs as well as full eligibility to run for party office.

To take a plunge straight into the deep end, I’d even suggest that MCA twin with MIC. Continue reading “Pointless for MCA to out-Chinese the DAP”

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‘Pendatang’ polemics: Sinchew’s sleight of hand

In its Feb 23 editorial headlined ‘We’re not pendatang!’ the Sin Chew Daily said:

“The Chinese people are always citizens of this country.”

“Chinese migrants had been traveling between China and the Malay Peninsula and Borneo for business or engaging in agriculture, mining and road-building works, for almost six centuries from Ming dynasty to the 1950s. Few of these early migrants eventually returned to China, but a lot more settled and died here.”

Err, “always citizens”? Really?

Continue reading “‘Pendatang’ polemics: Sinchew’s sleight of hand”