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Tujuh dulang hati nyamuk and the broken bridge

When Hadi Awang yesterday talked about “burung kasuari padang pasir yang menyembunyikan diri dengan menyorok kepalanya yang kecil ke dalam tanah, dan mendedahkan badannya yang besar nampak dari jauh mata memandang”, he could well be describing also the 95 percent Chinese polity.

Like ostriches burying their head in the sand, they’re still cursing and swearing hideously at the MCA while blind to the deep hole which DAP has dug for them. Continue reading “Tujuh dulang hati nyamuk and the broken bridge”

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How many years does it take Chinese to learn BM?

If we had to pick a year to indicate the start of Chinese mass migration to Malaya, when would it be?

The question piqued me after reading the tweet below a few days ago by Derek Tonkin who stated “1872 was at the start of the serious Chittagonian migration into Arakan”.

i.e. start of the serious migration of Bengali workers from Chittagong (Bangladesh) into Rakhine, Myanmar. Continue reading “How many years does it take Chinese to learn BM?”

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Chinese have rejected BM for 100 years

It is predictable of the MCA to create its Tan Cheng Lock memorial website only in Chinese and English, sidelining bahasa Melayu.

Wee Ka Siong and his party apparatchiks conducted their Feb 27 launch event in Mandarin as well. The website honouring MCA founder Tan was unveiled in conjuction with the party’s 72nd anniversary.

After seven decades in Malaysia, Cina MCA still neglect bahasa kebangsaan. Continue reading “Chinese have rejected BM for 100 years”