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Picking the right side

Republican incumbent vice president Mike Pence and Democrat VP nominee Kamala Harris just concluded their debate a few hours ago.

The Republicans in the USA are conservative and the Democrats are liberal.

The GOP is the right-wing party while the Democratic Party is socialist far left. Continue reading “Picking the right side”

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Idea of one largest single party (DAP) calling the shots

Dapsters have been arguing that the DAP political side should rule Sabah because Shafie Apdal leads the state’s biggest single party.

In the Sabah 2020 election, Shafie’s party Warisan won 23 seats. With its partners’ – DAP (6), PKR (2), Upko (1) – contribution of nine seats, Warisan-Plus has a total of 32 seats. Continue reading “Idea of one largest single party (DAP) calling the shots”

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More Chinese cabinet ministers under BN than during Harapan interregnum

Compare the cabinet line-up under two rival administrations — the first one recently when Chinese voters gave their 95 percent support to Harapan, with the second one previously when the Chinese extended less than 50 percent electoral support to BN.

Under Mahathir as prime minister 2.0, there were five Chinese ministers and eight Chinese deputy ministers. Under Abdullah Badawi in 2004, there were six Chinese ministers and twelve Chinese deputy ministers — see full list below. Continue reading “More Chinese cabinet ministers under BN than during Harapan interregnum”

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Man sues donkey who mistook his orange sports car for carrot

The donkey is named Fitus, the German driver is Markus Zahn and his suit for damages in currently being heard in court in Gießen, a town about an hour’s drive from Frankfurt.

Fitus took a bite out of Zahn’s €300,000 (RM1.5 million) Mclaren 650S Spider.

For story details, click here @

Continue reading “Man sues donkey who mistook his orange sports car for carrot”

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A tale of two kitties

I really have to apologize to my cats for using them as an analogy for Pakatan and Barisan. The poor darlings are being politically maligned through the comparison.

The photo below is of my pair of cats from the same litter. They’re twins and I find it hard to tell them apart. So I had to colour code them, giving the male a flourescent green collar. His sister wears a flourescent pink collar.

Continue reading “A tale of two kitties”

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Prime Minister resigns after UK Brexits

Final tally: Close to 52 percent of Brits voting in the referendum said ‘Leave’.

David Cameron has immediately announced his resignation. He had been campaigning for the UK to remain in the European Union.

Lesson for Malaysia: A Prime Minister must be attuned to the wishes of the majority — hint, hint. (Read: Listen to your grassroots!) Continue reading “Prime Minister resigns after UK Brexits”

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Perkasa, are you for or against Bersih 4.0? ~ Come on, speak up

In my previous post, I asked the following question – Is Bersih 4.0 safe?

The Circle – a group 30 retired chiefs of armed forces – yesterday expressed their disquiet and grave concern about the security situation in our country.

Perkasa has also got retired high-ranking military men in the leadership of the organization. Thus, will these Perkasa leaders and members who had served in the army before please publicly state their stand on Bersih 4.0?

Some two-and-a-half weeks before Bersih 2.0 (9 July 2011), Hannah Yeoh in her June 20th tweet took a dig at Perkasa. Continue reading “Perkasa, are you for or against Bersih 4.0? ~ Come on, speak up”

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Zaid Ibrahim: “This Govt … espouses RACIAL HATRED as part of its philosophy”

Zaid Ibrahim has made two serious charges against the government. Writing in his website Zaidgeist, the former de facto Law Minister said, “This Government is not only corrupt but espouses racial hatred as part of its philosophy”.

He also expressed his concern that the Chinese community is increasingly becoming the target of racism.

Continue reading “Zaid Ibrahim: “This Govt … espouses RACIAL HATRED as part of its philosophy””

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Harbinger of Malay tsunami in GE14

You can assume the following trend – which I’m going demonstrate – as one lesson that the BN will be taught in GE14.

1. The silent majority are sorely deprived of a platform for our voice. More than 600 out of some one thousand people are saying, ‘No’, the Rohingya should not be allowed to stay in Malaysia.

That’s what the majority (60 percent) of my poll respondents feel. Continue reading “Harbinger of Malay tsunami in GE14”

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Tun-PM battle royale will hand Putrajaya over to DAP

With a mere two percent Malay vote swing coupled with five percent Chinese vote swing, Pakatan will snatch 22 Parliament seats from the BN. This will put Pakatan and BN at a dead heat with each side holding 111 seats. See results,|-2|2|-5|5|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0

Add another two percent Christian vote swing and BN will be kicked out of Putrajaya.

Continue reading “Tun-PM battle royale will hand Putrajaya over to DAP”

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Jemuan-jemuan: If not Jho, then who?

Jho says it ain’t so: Malaysian tycoon denies role in 1MDB ‘heist of the century’ article on Low Taek Jho features in Euromoney‘s April edition of the magazine.

The Euromoney interview was held in Jho’s stylish office in Hong Kong and where reporter Eric Ellis was served his coffee “in exquisite porcelain”. The sophisticated HQ for Jho’s business empire offers “a panorama of the city’s harbour and the promise of China beyond”. Continue reading “Jemuan-jemuan: If not Jho, then who?”

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Part 2: Najib’s Q & A only giving more ammo to Tun

In The J-Star front page caption box today, Si Gunting Dalam Lipatan quoted Najib Razak as saying:

“1MDB’s assets are larger than its liabilities. So in very simplistic terms, if 1MDB were to be wound down tomorrow, the company would still have some assets and and money left even after paying off its debts.”

Such a clueless and callous statement from the PM! Continue reading “Part 2: Najib’s Q & A only giving more ammo to Tun”

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Tun vs Najib – the gloves are off

Last year, there was his outburst against blogger “bangang”. Today, Najib hit out at “jemuan” in the Umno body politic.

He blames “jemuan-jemuan” for causing disharmony in Umno, according to a Bernama report.

Accusing them of pitting Umno people against each other, the party president said it is due to the incitement by these jemuan-jemuan that “so much of our shortcomings are amplified”. Continue reading “Tun vs Najib – the gloves are off”

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The Economist: Ex-premier “itching for Mr Najib to step down”

The Economist, an influential international business magazine in its latest report ‘Gathering steam‘ said, “Problems at a state investment fund are bad news for Malaysia’s prime minister” referring to 1MDB.

The London-based magazine also said:

“Mr Najib is probably more worried about criticism from within his own party, the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO). The fund has long attracted sniping from factions loyal to Mahathir Mohamad, a meddling former prime minister who is itching for Mr Najib to step down.” Continue reading “The Economist: Ex-premier “itching for Mr Najib to step down””

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Important agenda for Umno divisions meeting this Sunday @mpkotabelud

Isn’t it wonderful when the passage of time – a mere two years down the road – proves you to have been absolutely correct?

~ ~ I told you so ~~

On 17 May 2013, I had blogged that Najib Razak’s exclamation of “Chinese tsunami” was factually correct and it was indeed true that Chinese voters had ditched the BN wholesale in the election which was held a week-plus earlier (May 5).

And I provided the data to support my finding.

Well, guess what?

In terms of Chinese sentiment – i.e. how the Chinese feel about the country and the government, the Merdeka Center public opinion survey results for the first quarter of 2015 are now a perfect match with the 2013 election mood. Continue reading “Important agenda for Umno divisions meeting this Sunday @mpkotabelud”

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Tick, tock, tick, tock … Najib’s days are numbered

There’s now the Jho Low controversy swirling feverishly around Najib Razak and triggered by no less than a lengthy report published in one of the world’s most famous newspapers – The New York Times.

Then there is also the Sarawak Report special investigation exposé which was reputedly put together with yet another newspaper of international renown – London’s Sunday Times.

All this makes you ponder just what kind of people – the Jho Low type, I reckon – it is that our PM is surrounded by. Continue reading “Tick, tock, tick, tock … Najib’s days are numbered”

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Anwar verdict splitting Malaysia in two

Irma, a reader of this blog, commented @ 2015/02/10 at 8:23 pm,

“If you read the trending tweets, about 80 per cent supporting Anwar and kutuk-ing govt seem to be non-Malays. Very seditious and racist comments, too. Also contempt of court. Let’s see if authorities act against them.”

This happens not only in Twitterverse but elsewhere too – in the social media (Facebook) and in blogosphere.

Continue reading “Anwar verdict splitting Malaysia in two”