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J-Star: “It’s a fight between moderates and extremists (Perkasa)”

Updated (5.33pm):

“I am not apologetic and if it is war that they [the moderates] want, we will go to war,” said Ibrahim Ali at the Perkasa convention in KL.

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Ah Jib Gor is snapping Perkasa’s patience

The patron of Perkasa is Tun.

Perkasa is holding its fifth annual convention today at Pusat Islam. Wira Perkasa chief Irwan Fahmi Ideris yesterday fired an opening salvo – he called a trio of Najib’s liberal pets “bangsat”.

The Umno leaders earning the ire of Perkasa are Saifuddin Abdullah, Nur Jazlan Mohamed and Khairy Jamaluddin. Continue reading “Ah Jib Gor is snapping Perkasa’s patience”

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Saifuddin Abdullah and the national zebra feedlot

Saifuddin Abdullah declares, “It becomes a problem when you are using a secular constitution but you are behaving as if it is an Islamic constitution.” – ‘Federal Constitution is secular, not Islamic’ in Malaysiakini today

In the photo below: Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC) pastor Dr Denison Jayasooria at the rostrum; seated from left: Kuthubul Zaman Bukhari, Saifuddin Abdullah, Michelle Gyles-McDonnough and Ambiga Sreenevasan Continue reading “Saifuddin Abdullah and the national zebra feedlot”

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Pelacuran, maksiat dan berbagai perniagaan haram di P. Pinang allegations and the Porky Principle

Lim Kit Siang has accused Permatang Pauh Umno division chairman Mohd Zaidi Mohd Said of making an “extremist and incendiary hate speech” and engaging in “Chinese-bashing” at the party’s recent general assembly.

The DAP Mursyidul Am claimed that the Penang delegate had “seriously undermined interracial and inter-religious peace and harmony in the country with his hate speech that the success of Penang was because of the illegal businesses and crimes ‘in broad daylight’ committed by the Chinese in the state”.

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Marina’s latest column on a “grotesque” leader

Marina Mahathir’s column in the J-Star yesterday was headlined ‘True leaders‘.

Marina begins by telling us that she is often asked if Malaysia will ever have a woman premier.

So, logically, we are to presume that the true leadership Marina elects to discuss in her article is the level presiding at the apex of power, i.e. prime ministerial. Continue reading “Marina’s latest column on a “grotesque” leader”

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Sedition Act was war! Perjuangan yang belum selesai

The Sedition Act was enacted on 19 July 1948. A day earlier on July 18, a state of Emergency had been declared in Malaya.

Hence the Sedition Act has a direct relationship with the war declared against the communist terrorists. Throughout 1947, the CTs were stepping up their propaganda and violence.

This morning the PM announced that the Act will be retained. In 1948, our forefathers were terrorized by the Bintang Tiga. Today we’re being terrorized by the Bintang Lima. Continue reading “Sedition Act was war! Perjuangan yang belum selesai”

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Syed Ali Alhabshee has the answer to Utusan Q. “Apa lagi Cina mahu?”

Glad tidings! The election strategy of the Parti Paling Tidak Apa president is so brilliant that I’m momentarily blinded and most definitely stunned.

Good news comes to you in the form of Najib Razak’s “message of inclusivity” delivered in a closed-door briefing to over 5,000 Umno delegates, according to the J-Star report headlined ‘Najib: Barisan needs Chinese support‘.

The MCA media quoted Ah Jib Gor as saying that BN will not survive the next GE should Umno not retain the support of the Chinese community. Continue reading “Syed Ali Alhabshee has the answer to Utusan Q. “Apa lagi Cina mahu?””

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“Slow mo suicide” (sms) is what Najib’s committing

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Put 1Malaysia out of its misery, please

Hannah Twitter No cross on Christmas Day

Commenter ‘wawe‘ remarked @ 2014/11/26 at 7:25 am,

“I personally have not being using the word ‘racial’ for decades. Now, I am having 2nd thoughts. Since others keep accusing us of something not even in our thoughts, might as well embrace it, just to prove the validity of their accusation.”

Added ‘wawe‘ @ 2014/11/26 at 7:27 am,

“Alang-alang menyeluk pekasam, alang2 kena tuduh, biar berbaloi2.” Continue reading “Put 1Malaysia out of its misery, please”

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Najib / Ah Jib Gor – two sides of a split personality

The Najib consultants are like Rasputin giving Tsar Nicholas bad advice, so much so that the PM appears to be listening to BN’s enemies while he ignores sober voices in his own party.

History tells us that the tsar was the last emperor of Russia and on 25 Oct 1917, communist revolutionary Lenin seized power. Continue reading “Najib / Ah Jib Gor – two sides of a split personality”

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Miss Malaysia 1969: I have no interests in this country

Puan Sri Pauline Chai was the beauty queen who won the Miss Malaysia title in 1969.

Responding to her husband’s suit that their case be heard in Kuala Lumpur, Pauline told the High Court today that she has no interests in Malaysia and thus her divorce proceedings must rightfully be heard in London. Continue reading “Miss Malaysia 1969: I have no interests in this country”

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Issues that Tun and Najib don’t see eye to eye

Plans are afoot to remove Najib Razak by the Umno conservatives, it is whispered. Influential international business magazine The Economist reported a few days ago that:

“With a general election still four years away, the prime minister faces a threat from within his own party, notably from conservative factions close to Dr Mahathir, who still pulls strings from the wings. Whispers abound that an effort to unseat Mr Najib is imminent. Continue reading “Issues that Tun and Najib don’t see eye to eye”

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Chinese cinemagoers don’t want raja kita selamat bertaktha, meh?

Under the National Anthem Act 1968, a person who shows disrespect towards Negaraku in a public place can be fined up to RM100 and/or jailed a maximum of one month.

There is also Section 268 on ‘Public Nuisance’ in the Penal Code which criminalises the causing of “annoyance to the public”. The person can be hauled to court and if found guilty, fined up to RM400. Continue reading “Chinese cinemagoers don’t want raja kita selamat bertaktha, meh?”

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Najib must stop pandering to the evangelistas!

Why does Najib Razak coddle a Firster like Saifuddin Abdullah who is rejected by Umno Temerloh and the Malay voters in his area? Orang Melayu buang, Najib pungut.

This Saifuddin chap is a Dapster darling. Umno supporters do not like him.

Namun Saifuddin masih diangkat oleh Sang Presiden parti Melayu tu untuk menerajui Najib’s pet NGO – the Moderates Movement. Continue reading “Najib must stop pandering to the evangelistas!”

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Mukhriz: Awasi sokongan yang membawa rebah

“Sokongan jenis ini disulami kata-kata manis yang mengasyikkan, membuai pemimpin dengan mimpi-mimpi indah walhal keadaan sebenar lebih mirip mimpi ngeri. Ini merbahaya bagi pemimpin …”, kata Mukhriz Mahathir ketika merasmikan mesyuarat Umno bahagian Jerlun yang turut dihadiri tetamu kehormat khas YAB Perdana Menteri.

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Future of our country: Isma will take over from Umno

Some months back, I wrote that Isma is smarter and savvier than Umno. Today I will amend my statement – I now say that Isma is MUCH smarter and MUCH savvier than Umno.

I had also written that Isma is more efficient and effective. Umno does not have half of Isma’s initiative or even a quarter of Isma’s commitment and dedication to the cause.

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Is postponement of next batch MH17 victims’ return due to Merdeka celebrations?

Najib Razak today claimed that certain groups had played up the special honour paid to MH17 victims because these anti-national unity groups wanted to “break up” the solidarity among the rakyat.

“There are always people who want to break us up,” he said. Continue reading “Is postponement of next batch MH17 victims’ return due to Merdeka celebrations?”

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What Perkasa thinks about Najib

One year ago this month, Perkasa Youth chief Irwan Fahmi Ideris called on Najib Razak to resign for our PM’s abysmal failure to govern – see screenshot below.

Irwan recalls in his blog on Tuesday that he and the Perkasa central leadership numbering 10 persons provided their feedback to the PM in a closed door session immediately following GE13.

They pointed out that not only had Najib failed to persuade the Chinese to vote BN but the fact is that the voter turnout among the Chinese community was the highest at 87 percent, out of which only a mere 5 percent of Chinese support went to the ruling party (according to Perkasa’s analysis).

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Tun: “I’m a doctor, if I find one leg becoming gangrenous I remove it”

Cara Dr Mahathir: Jikapun “tidak ada anesthetic untuk mengebaskan atau menidurkan si pesakit yang hendak dibedah, saya akan ikat dan tambat pesakit tadi dan saya akan bedah juga walaupun pesakit menjerit sekuat-kuat jeritan”.

Update: 7 April 2015


Pemegang kad keahlian Umno Baru bernombor 007 ialah Sanusi Junid. Nombor keahlian Tun ialah 001 dan Siti Hasmah 002.

Sekerat tulisan Tan Sri Sanusi dipetik di bawah tentang tindakan Dr M jika pembedahan perlu dilakukan:

“Sejak beberapa bulan yang lalu Tun Dr. Mahathir telah mengkririk secara terbuka dasar-dasar kerajaan. Kemudian beliau telah menarik balik sokongan beliau kepada Dato’ Seri Najib sebagai Perdana Menteri. Kemudian sekali dia mendesak Dato’ Seri Najib supaya berhenti dari jawatannya.

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“I see pitchforks”, what does Najib see?

Yesterday the Tun set off a mini earthquake. He blogged in Che Det (‘Menegur‘):

“Malangnya sehingga kini tidak ternampak apa-apa perubahan dari segi dasar atau pendekatan walaupun saya cuba menyampaikan pendapat saya, (yang juga pendapat ramai yang datang bertemu saya) secara langsung kepada Dato Seri Najib.”

Orang Kaya Indera Shahbandar Najib Razak is insulated from the masses by his con-sultants, his Pemandu and his TalentCorp swarms. Continue reading ““I see pitchforks”, what does Najib see?”