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66-year-old Muslim UberEats driver murdered

Two young teenagers who tried stealing Mohammad Anwar’s UberEats car parked in Washington, DC last Tuesday have been charged with felony murder.

The girls, aged 13 and 15, carried a stun gun and tasered the 66-year-old food delivery driver (pix below). The teens have also been charged with armed carjacking. Continue reading “66-year-old Muslim UberEats driver murdered”

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Allegedly M’sian criminals — this should worry you!

The four men in the mugshots below are said to be Malaysians, according to the Malaysiakini report a few days ago.

They don’t look very ‘Malaysian’ to me but more like a certain ‘xyz’ people from a certain ‘abc’ place.

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Election update

The two screenshots below are taken within a minute of each other.

At the _Epoch Times_ live chat, Biden is reported at 210 electoral college votes vs 204 for Trump.

Meanwhile, Google tells its users that Biden has 213 vs a mere 118 for Trump.

I’ve long contended that Big Tech (Google, FB, Twitter) is biased against conservatives as well as anti Trump.

We’ll see the result shortly as either of the candidates approach the winning threshold of 270.


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Mahathir’s “hypocrisy is legendary” especially on the Uighur — India news channel

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Aiyoh Chow Kon Yeow, lu punya kawasan pun lu tak tahu jaga

The statue below of Francis Light is 80 years-and-nine months old. This sculpture on display in the sole DAP-ruled northern state is just a little younger than Lim Kit Siang whose age is 79 years five months. In the kurang ajar attack on a defenceless elderly, some virtue signaler(s) had splashed red paint on the bronze octogenarian

Such an act of vandalism (see below Malay Mail news story yesterday) should leave the DAP red faced as the Capt. Light statue stands in a Penang heritage square within the state assembly seat of Padang Kota — where the chief minister himself is Adun. Continue reading “Aiyoh Chow Kon Yeow, lu punya kawasan pun lu tak tahu jaga”