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Elon Musk slaying the ‘Nazi’-breathing dragons

Elon Musk, Twitter’s would/could-be-boss (he’s however putting his acquisition of the company on hold in latest development), again vented how those writers and complicit media who are inaccurate and slanderous tend to accuse their targets of being Nazi — see his tweet below. Continue reading “Elon Musk slaying the ‘Nazi’-breathing dragons”

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Train riders held up phones as woman was raped 

The incident happened in the dysfunctional USA, where else — the world capital of woke.

Philadelphia police have charged a suspect for the rape which took place openly on public transport.

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Princess Diana SJW statue with its Diversity brood

Princess Diana was a stunning clothes horse. The new statue in Kensington Palace does not do her any justice.

It was unveiled on July 1 by Princes William and Harry — the latter, surprisingly, even balder from accelerated male pattern hair loss (blame Meghan!) than his older brother.

BELOW: Balding brothers William on the left, Harry on the right Continue reading “Princess Diana SJW statue with its Diversity brood”