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Bosnia getting Ukraine war contagion

The ”spectre of war” is hanging over Bosnia, said Al Jazeera in a documentary titled ‘Testing the Peace’.

“Now with Ukraine on fire and Europe on high alert for Russian meddling elsewhere, Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik is threatening to secede, raising the prospect of conflict once more,” said Al Jazeera in its documentary — see YouTube below. Continue reading “Bosnia getting Ukraine war contagion”

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Where is Timah importing its whisky ingredients from?

Yesterday, I blogged that because the Malay votes are being split among 6 – 7 parties, their community is not politically monolithic like the Chinese.

In the current controversy over the Malaysian-made new whisky labeled ‘Timah’, we see how the Malays check and balance each other (something impossible to happen among the politically homogenous Chinese). Continue reading “Where is Timah importing its whisky ingredients from?”

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Where do Nons get their (mistaken) idea Harapan was most ’multiracial’ govt ever?

Rational people form their opinions based on facts. Irrational people hold misinformed opinions from swallowing too much propaganda.

The belief by many Harapan supporters that they successfully formed the most multiracial coalition which Malaysia has ever seen is just plain wrong. Continue reading “Where do Nons get their (mistaken) idea Harapan was most ’multiracial’ govt ever?”

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Indian vigilantes charged with killing black looters (S. Africa)

Three Indians face murder charges for the Phoenix killings during the South Africa riots last month (9 – 17 July).

Phoenix is a mainly Indian town 25km northwest of Durban city in KwaZulu-Natal province.

Black looters had targeted Indian-owned businesses during the riots. Continue reading “Indian vigilantes charged with killing black looters (S. Africa)”