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Gerakan bashing Perkasa but says nothing about DAP

Gerakan’s outgoing acting president Chang Ko Youn in the keynote address to his party national delegates conference today slammed Perkasa for undermining the relationship between the various races in the country.

Chang should hold up a mirror to his own party. Did 90 percent of them vote for the opposition, like the MCA members?

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UPDATED: Open thread: US presidential election (discussion)

This thread will be updated periodically until the final result is announced.

Update #9 (4.06pm) — As of 1 a.m EST, Obama had 50,237,808 popular votes and Romney, 50,113,942 (a small difference of 123,866) but his margin on the electoral college votes is huge 303 to 206 with only Florida pending — see map below.

Put in terms of ratio, the electoral college votes for Obama to Romney is 3:2 whereas their popular votes 50.2 million to 50.1 million is a dead heat. Lesson of the day: It’s the SYSTEM!

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