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Isu pelayar Israel membongkar wajah hipokrit DAP

Episod pelayar Israel “menguatkan lagi pernyataan bahawa DAP hanya pandai bersandiwara sahaja dan bersifat hipokrit,” kata pengerusi I-Peguam Muhammad Luttfi Abdul Khalid.

Tindakan pemimpin DAP kononnya menyesali and menarik balik kenyataan adalah “untuk menjaga kepentingan dan maslahat politik mereka,” kata Luttfi Continue reading “Isu pelayar Israel membongkar wajah hipokrit DAP”

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93% M’sian Muslims say religion “very important”, 86% want sharia as official law

Malaysia is among the top countries in the world where its Muslims say religion is very important in their lives, a survey by the Pew Research Center has found.

We are right up there in the highest tier at 93 percent for saying Islam matters most in life, sandwiched between Afghanistan (92%) and Pakistan (94%) – see bar chart below. Continue reading “93% M’sian Muslims say religion “very important”, 86% want sharia as official law”

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“The fringe, paranoid and crazy-eyed crowd”

Malay Mail liberal columnist Azrul Mohd Khalib – pictured below juxtaposed with his doppelganger Azira Aziz (Hannah Yeoh’s aide) – accuses UiTM of “promoting religious bigotry and hate” in his Dec 18 article titled ‘Bigotry wrapped in prayer is still bigotry‘.

BELOW: The Azrulazira ‘twins’

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - 2015/08/01: A protester was detained by Malaysian police during the "Tangkap Najib" (Arrest  Najib) protest in  Kuala Lumpur.They demand that Najib resigns as prime minister immediately. (Photo by Rasid Mohd/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images) Continue reading ““The fringe, paranoid and crazy-eyed crowd””

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Christians not turning the other cheek nor loving their enemy

How did a seminar warning about Christian missionaries come to be construed as “anti Christian” or “Christian bashing”?

These evangelistas are just so good at playing the poor li’l me victim card. They’re really milking the Christian persecution complex – as illustrated below – and coupled with the usual posturing of self-righteous moral outrage. Continue reading “Christians not turning the other cheek nor loving their enemy”

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RM3m Swarovski crystal X’mas tree for the poor, persecuted people

Public celebration of Christmas is banned in Brunei.

But in Malaysia, “Christmas is all about feeling glitzy and glam” — see the Pavilion KL Facebook entry yesterday about its activities at the high-end mall, including features like the artificial falling snow.

Also Friday is “Feasting time!” for Pavilion’s Christmas shoppers. Continue reading “RM3m Swarovski crystal X’mas tree for the poor, persecuted people”

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Just like Muslims have condemned ISIS, M’sian Christians must repudiate evangelistas

Mutakhir: DAP menangguk di air keruh

Original posting

Western governments say they’re not against Islam. It is Muslim terrorists that they’re against. Continue reading “Just like Muslims have condemned ISIS, M’sian Christians must repudiate evangelistas”

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Tiada salinan pdf buku ‘Kebangkitan Baju Merah’ di laman Jasa

Lim Kit Siang mahu Puad Zarkashi dipecat dari jawatannya sebagai ketua pengarah Jabatan Hal Ehwal Khas (Jasa) di bawah Kementerian Komunikasi.

Grandpapa Dapster mendakwa buku terbitan Jasa yang berjudul Kebangkitan Baju Merah adalah satu percubaan untuk “mengarang semula” (rewrite) sejarah supaya berpihak kepada pentadbiran Najib yang kian hari kian kehilangan sokongan popular. Continue reading “Tiada salinan pdf buku ‘Kebangkitan Baju Merah’ di laman Jasa”

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Kevin Morais’ murder: A case of he says, she says

The Dapster family mafia is now insinuating the foollowing —

“Malaysia seemed to have become the ‘land of shocking statutory declarations’ and Malaysians are reminded eerily of the previous statutory declarations by private investigator PI Bala in connection with the murder of Mongolian Altantunya Shaariibuu,” said Lim Kit Siang.

Continue reading “Kevin Morais’ murder: A case of he says, she says”

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Penjara 8 tahun – hukuman dijatuhkan mahkamah ke atas pastor gereja City Harvest

Mahkamah Singapura kelmarin menjatuhkan hukuman penjara lapan tahun ke atas pastor Kong Hee bersabit kesalahan menipu.

Pastor Kong adalah pengasas gereja City Harvest. Dia seorang penipu licik – “The prosecution’s position is that the six were sophisticated liars” (The Business Times, 21 Oct 2015). Continue reading “Penjara 8 tahun – hukuman dijatuhkan mahkamah ke atas pastor gereja City Harvest”

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Hua Zong: Malays once pendatang too

Tan Sri Pheng Yin Huah, president of Hua Zong which is the Federation of Chinese Associations, said apart from orang asli and Sabah and Sarawak natives, other races were once pendatang. See ‘Stop using “pendatang” to describe Chinese and Indians’ (The Sun Daily, 8 Nov 2015).

Pheng is trotting out the favourite trope among Malaysian Chinese that Malays are pendatang too.

Continue reading “Hua Zong: Malays once pendatang too”

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Political Christianity – the police is watching

Yee Siew Meng co-authored Reformasi — The Struggle Continues (1998-2015), a pictorial about Anwar Ibrahim. It is a political book by Yee – pix below – who is PKR vice division chief for Kelana Jaya.

At the same time, Yee is a pastor at City Discipleship Presbyterian Church, Subang Jaya. He is an example of the new breed Jerusubang evangelical preacher cum politician. Continue reading “Political Christianity – the police is watching”

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DAP evangelical Christian leadership of M’sian Chinese

Regular commenter Mulan @ 2015/11/03 at 7:28 pm points out a Facebook account ‘Hannah Ram‘ apparently belonging to Madame Speaker.

If correct that it is her FB, then the use of Biblical name of ‘Hannah’ conjoined with a truncated surname ‘Ram’ (borrowed from a fragment of hubby’s name) has effaced the overt or discernible Chinese identity of YB Jerusubang that is associated with her birth name ‘Yeoh Tseow Suan’. Continue reading “DAP evangelical Christian leadership of M’sian Chinese”

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Evangelical pastor a ‘well-practised LIAR’ – prosecutor told the court

Pastor Kong Hee is a “well-practised liar” with an “utter lack of credibility”, the Deputy Public Prosecutor told the Singapore court in closing oral submissions during the City Harvest church corruption trial.

See Straits Times report headlined ‘Both senior pastors ‘are liars and lack credibility’ on 15 Sept 2015.

During the course of the 3-and-1/2 year sensational trial, the mountain of lies and deception practised by the City Harvest church elders and pastors was revealed to the stunned public. Continue reading “Evangelical pastor a ‘well-practised LIAR’ – prosecutor told the court”

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Govt must investigate Subang Jaya City Harvest church over the RM6.4 million

Singapore authorities found at least RM6.4 million (S$2.1 million) of City Harvest church funds were used to finance the Crossover Project “under the guise of donations to its affiliated church in Kuala Lumpur”.

It sounds a lot like money laundering.

The Straits Times mentioned this detail – again – about the alleged complicity of the church’s Malaysian branch in a news report

Continue reading “Govt must investigate Subang Jaya City Harvest church over the RM6.4 million”

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Is DAP transferring out supporters to vote in marginal mixed seats?!

A Malaysian born in 1997 would be eligible to vote for the first time in 2018 (as at May 4).

During GE11 @ 2004, he would have been seven years old.

During GE12 @ 2008, he would have been eleven years old.

During GE13 @ 2013, he would have been sixteen years old.

Come GE14 @ 2018 (probable), he would be legally an adult. Continue reading “Is DAP transferring out supporters to vote in marginal mixed seats?!”