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Cross dressing

The VMAs (Video Music Awards) is an annual event hosted on the MTV cable channel.

This year’s VMA was held on Monday (Sept 13) and caused a stir when age-defying popstar Madonna opened the show.

The 63-year-old singer stepped out on stage in a trench coat, which she soon disrobed to reveal her black-colour thong. Continue reading “Cross dressing”

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One day in politics is a lifetime

The PAS president has been talking about golongan “bukan Islam yang tidak ekstrem” quite consistently in his political sermons of late.

One wonders whether Hadi Awang includes the DAP in this group or not. Continue reading “One day in politics is a lifetime”

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Born Again Christian Lim Guan Eng

… will not be spending Christmas eve today giving his statement to the police.

The party sec-gen’s many evangelical colleagues in DAP will be glad to hear that the police have backed off from what Guan Eng called an act of “persecution” and “vengeance” in fixing his date of questioning on Dec 24.

Continue reading “Born Again Christian Lim Guan Eng”