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My contemplation as a BN voter on Najib’s jailing

I’m saddened.

Whatever one feels about Najib’s guilt, he is our former prime minister. That an ex-PM would be sitting in jail is saddening although this sentiment is not to disrespect the verdict of the court. Continue reading “My contemplation as a BN voter on Najib’s jailing”

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Is BN breaking up?

UPDATE: Now PBS has announced that it is leaving BN (7.35pm)

Buntong in Perak is an interesting a state seat where its GE14 result bears some scrutiny.

Its voters are (ethnic breakdown by percentage):

  • Indian — 48.5%
  • Chinese — 45.6%
  • Malay — 5.25%

Buntong has the most Indians comparatively in ratio to the other races. Here – in a monoethnic three-cornered fight between all Indian candidates – MIC lost badly while PSM’s Rani (wife of outgoing Sg. Siput MP Dr Jeyakumar) failed to even make a dent. Continue reading “Is BN breaking up?”

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So bizarre how Dapsters are embracing Mahathirism

Granted that a Malay-Bornean tsunami did indeed occur on May 9 but the joyous celebration by Chinese in greeting the return of Tun Mahathir as PM for his 23rd year in highest office is just plain freakish.

How much ‘ubah’ is there when someone who gave us the last era of 22 years (called Mahathirism) is back again to call the shots? Continue reading “So bizarre how Dapsters are embracing Mahathirism”

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Tracking the MCA results


Final reckoning (3.30am):

MCA was defending seven seats from its haul in the last parliament. They are:

  • Tanjung Malim
  • Bentong
  • Alor Gajah
  • Labis
  • Ayer Hitam
  • Tebrau
  • Tanjong Piai

Of the seven, MCA only managed to retain Ayer Hitam alone. Nor did MCA manage to wrest any other seats from Harapan Pakatan although it contested a big handful.

Here’s how I see the future for MCA: Continue reading “Tracking the MCA results”

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‘I love PM’ banners have resurfaced

Urm, perhaps it’s not so much that orang sayang Najib but rather ramai yang benci DAP.

The “I Love PM” paraphernalia is a sign that Umno has switched into election gear. BN’s campaign for GE14, needless to say, is buoyed by the increasing rift between PAS and Pakatan.

Kudos to Joceline Tan for her overview of our present political scenario — another sterling column from her today about how ‘Najib is in a bullish mood’. Since she seems to have covered the bases in her lengthy piece, permit me to tumpang on a smart analysis by the undeniable sifu. Continue reading “‘I love PM’ banners have resurfaced”