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Response to Ambiga: Harapan make us feel bullied

In her Malaysia Day greeting, former Bersih 2.0 chairman Ambiga Sreenevasan (pix below) made an early pitch for GE15.

She wrote: “When we vote next, we must remember how these [political] leaders made us feel. We must choose leaders who never make us feel that way again.” Continue reading “Response to Ambiga: Harapan make us feel bullied”

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Why I feel MCA should stand by Umno’s side

In a post yesterday, I blogged that in this critical time when MCA is at the crossroads, the party should heed the five percent Chinese voters who supported BN.

I shall explain here why I’m urging MCA to show solidarity with Umno rather than cleaving to Bersatu. Continue reading “Why I feel MCA should stand by Umno’s side”

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GE15: Will Pribumi return to Harapan?

Umno deputy president Mat Hasan yesterday lobbed a hand grenade when he made it clear that his party intends to recover their Big Brother standing in Team A who are the incumbents and present ruling government.

Where does Umno’s now openly stated intention leave Pribumi? As it is, Pribumi chairman Mahathir has signaled that he will be sitting on the opposition bench when parliament resumes sitting on May 18 — see news report below. Continue reading “GE15: Will Pribumi return to Harapan?”

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Anwar’s hope of becoming PM dimmer after Rantau loss

Anwar staked his reputation on Rantau and campaigned the byelection as if he himself was the candidate. But his ceramahs were filled mostly by Chinese and Indians.

Mahathir did not pop his head in Rantau even once.

The PKR defeat yesterday is Anwar’s to own. He and PKR failed to deliver the Malay votes. Continue reading “Anwar’s hope of becoming PM dimmer after Rantau loss”

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Flare of nationalism — cool half minute video

“God, Honour, Fatherland”, the marchers for nationalism chant.


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Umno menghala lagi ke kanan

Kemaskini 4.35 ptg: Khaled Nordin naib presiden Umno

Sudah dijangka pun. Parti alifbata semalam memilih saf kepimpinan tertinggi puak kanan yakni sebagai presiden baru Zahid Hamidi, timbalan presiden baru Mat Hasan, dan naib presiden baru Ismail Sabri Yaakob, Mahdzir Khalid dan (belum rasmi) Khaled Nordin.

BAWAH: Khairy, seorang pendokong kegiatan mesra multi-faith, berada di Gereja Methodist Damansara Utama  Continue reading “Umno menghala lagi ke kanan”