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After its coming S’gor wipeout, Umno will have to depend on Cina DAP votes for survival

Actually it doesn’t take much to wipe out Umno from Selangor in the state election due next year.

After all, in GE15 held last month, Umno lost in all the Selangor parliament seats it contested. Continue reading “After its coming S’gor wipeout, Umno will have to depend on Cina DAP votes for survival”

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Anwar’s deputy ministers: Does a Singh count as an Indian?

Oh well, Anwar appointed 27 “Malaysians” as deputies in his unity cabinet.

DAP royalty and scion of the Karpal clan is now included as Deputy Law Minister after his older brother Gobind earlier declined to be a part of the Anwar-Zahid cabinet. Continue reading “Anwar’s deputy ministers: Does a Singh count as an Indian?”

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Zahid’s statement on same level as ‘manifesto bukan kitab suci’

Zahid said ‘No Anwar, No DAP’ hanya untuk PRU15, as quoted in many media reports today.

Ia adalah untuk berdepan PRU15 dan bukannya selepas PRU15. Continue reading “Zahid’s statement on same level as ‘manifesto bukan kitab suci’”

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Thanks Najib

On a dark day when the ‘No Anwar, no DAP’ camp is crying inside, Najib cracks a joke to make us laugh.

Despite not being in the best of situations himself, Najib retains his sense of humour. His tweet below is funny.

And despite the catastrophe now befallen us, there is a silver lining on the horizon.

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For national unity, satu sekolah untuk semua!

Malaysians are so divided. We’re polarized from young with Malay kids going to sekolah agama and Chinese kids going to SRJK(C).

To foster ‘keluarga Malaysia’ (Ismail Sabri’s slogan) 我们都是一家人 (Anwar Ibrahim’s motto), our children must all be put under one roof under one Malaysian First school system. Continue reading “For national unity, satu sekolah untuk semua!”

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Red got redder, green got greener

GE15 unofficial results so far: The biggest party is PAS, the second biggest party is DAP.

Supporters of Green and Red have only dug deeper into both their respective trenches this election.

The more centrist Blue (BN) has unprecedentedly faded into third place. Sarawak is kingmaker.

As I’ve said before, Red and Green are two opposite ends of a horseshoe magnet — a single most compelling image to encapsulate the morning after.

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Anwar and his crystal ball cat

Black cat, black cat roll your eyes

See Anwar and his many tries

To become our next prime minister

Black cat, black cat prick your ears

Listen to his spiel so many years

But never PM, only second finisher

Black cat, black cat twitch your whiskers

Point out his band of bootlickers

Selling false hope everywhere

Black cat, black cat swish your tail

At Anwar‘s PM bids that always fail

B’cos Harapan is no more than hot air

— an original parody composed by HELEN ANG

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GE15: Will Pribumi return to Harapan?

Umno deputy president Mat Hasan yesterday lobbed a hand grenade when he made it clear that his party intends to recover their Big Brother standing in Team A who are the incumbents and present ruling government.

Where does Umno’s now openly stated intention leave Pribumi? As it is, Pribumi chairman Mahathir has signaled that he will be sitting on the opposition bench when parliament resumes sitting on May 18 — see news report below. Continue reading “GE15: Will Pribumi return to Harapan?”

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Anwar’s hope of becoming PM dimmer after Rantau loss

Anwar staked his reputation on Rantau and campaigned the byelection as if he himself was the candidate. But his ceramahs were filled mostly by Chinese and Indians.

Mahathir did not pop his head in Rantau even once.

The PKR defeat yesterday is Anwar’s to own. He and PKR failed to deliver the Malay votes. Continue reading “Anwar’s hope of becoming PM dimmer after Rantau loss”

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Flare of nationalism — cool half minute video

“God, Honour, Fatherland”, the marchers for nationalism chant.


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Umno menghala lagi ke kanan

Kemaskini 4.35 ptg: Khaled Nordin naib presiden Umno

Sudah dijangka pun. Parti alifbata semalam memilih saf kepimpinan tertinggi puak kanan yakni sebagai presiden baru Zahid Hamidi, timbalan presiden baru Mat Hasan, dan naib presiden baru Ismail Sabri Yaakob, Mahdzir Khalid dan (belum rasmi) Khaled Nordin.

BAWAH: Khairy, seorang pendokong kegiatan mesra multi-faith, berada di Gereja Methodist Damansara Utama  Continue reading “Umno menghala lagi ke kanan”