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Strong reason for Rohingya to be air flown to London

The UN Security Council met yesterday to discuss Myanmar.

Britain, one of the five permanent council members, had requested specially for the meeting where it expressed “concern about refugees risking perilous boat journeys in the Bay of Bengal where a regional solution is essential”.

Rohingya boats floating in the Bay of Bengal have been rescued by Bangladesh. They had been making their way to Malaysia. Continue reading “Strong reason for Rohingya to be air flown to London”

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Hindu influences deeply embedded in our cultural roots

When my late mother was alive, no beef was allowed to be served in the house.

She was a Buddhist who observed the taboo.

Below is her picture taken when she prayed at the reclining Buddha temple in Tumpat, Kelantan – snapped by the Star‘s Kota Bharu bureau photographer Rohaizat Md Darus. (I was at that time a staff of the paper’s Saturday Weekender pullout.)

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Resolve our own problem of statelessness first

By N. Ganesan

(Hindraf national advisor)

The problem among the Indian poor, attempting to live normal productive lives without MyKad, without birth certificate and with red identity card continues in spite of the statistics issued from time to time by government agencies like Special Implementation Task Force (SITF) or by outsourced BN partner NGOs like Development of Human Resources in Rural Areas (DHRRA).  All of this points to the failure of current policy of the BN government in providing the basic right of citizenship to this most vulnerable segment of our society.

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