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Torturing our ear to hear them speak BM

A captive audience has filed a civil rights lawsuit against their Oklahoma jail for torturing them with the song Baby Shark played on an endless loop.

The plaintiffs (a group of former prison inmates) said in their lawsuit that the children’s song – blared on repeat mode for hours – was used as a “device to torment” them. Continue reading “Torturing our ear to hear them speak BM”

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Oooo Saddiq, ain’t karma a bitch?

The young pipsqueak used to kuat berlagak and arrogantly put down lots of people, especially Indians, and he even called one group of activists “bodoh sombong” not all that long ago (August 2019). Continue reading “Oooo Saddiq, ain’t karma a bitch?”

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Again they’re calling M’sians abusive, cruel and inhumane

An ugly screed titled ‘Malaysia’s inhumane crackdown on migrants, refugees’ is published in the Malay Mail today.

They are unhappy with what they call “human rights abuses” in Malaysia.

They‘re unhappy with Ops Benteng where Malaysian coastguard and military had pushed Rohingya boats away from our territorial waters. Continue reading “Again they’re calling M’sians abusive, cruel and inhumane”

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Diversity — dead or alive?

That Sin Chew is astute when it comes to clarifying the sentiments of our local Chinese community is unsurprising given this daily broadsheet is the largest circulation Chinese-language newspaper outside of Greater China.

As the go-to trusty signpost, Sin Chew is accurate in parleying the Chinese mindset but unfortunately when it relates to the Malay psyche, not so much. Continue reading “Diversity — dead or alive?”

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Mahathir cukup terdesak, cuba lagi pancing MP Umno

Melayu bersatu: Ulasan ke atas pelawaan Tun M


(Bekas Ketua Hakim Negara)

Sumber: Harakah Daily, 9 Julai 2019 

Hanya lebih kurang dua tahun dahulu, Tun Dr. Mahathir membuat pusingan-U dan pergi “melutut” kepada Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim (DS Anwar) dan bekerjasama dengan Lim Kit Siang (DAP) dan Mat Sabu (Amanah) untuk bersama-sama menjatuhkan DS Najib dan kerajaan BN. Sekarang beliau membuat pusingan-U lagi. Kali ini beliau mengajak parti-parti Melayu (dan orang Melayu) bersatu dengan menyertai partinya, Bersatu, untuk memperkuatkan kedudukan politik orang Melayu. Continue reading “Mahathir cukup terdesak, cuba lagi pancing MP Umno”

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Cameron Highlands: Post-Anwar power handover (or not) PM calculus

Taking the Malaysiakini report at face value as accurate, you can feel free to now consider the BN dead. Really dead; dead as a dodo. Bukan setakat hidup segan, mati tak mahu — Refer, ‘Confirmed: BN picks ex-Orang Asli top cop for Cameron Highlands’.

Umno, the BN taikor, has at last discarded Indian sentiment in its decision not to field an MIC man as the Cameron Highlands by-election opposition candidate. Continue reading “Cameron Highlands: Post-Anwar power handover (or not) PM calculus”