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Xi N N

Senator Ted Cruz says the alphabet soup networks CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC are too “terrified” to explore the most relevant question (which they really should if they were credible broadcasters), all for fear of losing their lucrative China revenue stream.

Two days ago, Fox News anchor Bret Baier reported that the origin of the novel coronavirus could be an accidental release from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The virus is however not suspected to be an engineered bioweapon but one having its initial transmission from bat to human. Continue reading “Xi N N”

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Muar laundry: J-Star and the concept of separation of powers

The J-Star and its fellow travellers are loudly applauding the Johor sultan for His Royal Highness’ prompt intervention and instruction to the state exco on matters of legislation (or council guidelines) pertaining to religious discrimination, and specifically with regard to the case of a ‘Muslims Only’ laundromat in Muar.

JStar readers heaped praise on the sultan who was reported this morning by the paper’s CEO Wong Chun Wai as saying:

“From now on, I am directing the state executive council and all the councils to insist that any business owners who carry out such blatant discriminatory practices should have their licences revoked. Don’t mess around with your narrow-minded religious prejudices.” Continue reading “Muar laundry: J-Star and the concept of separation of powers”

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Kabinet bayangan orang Pakatan panjat dinding

Mendengar bahawa PKR juga mahu mencalonkan 20 wakil mereka untuk menjadi Pak Menteri, blogger Syed Akbar Ali berseloroh:

“Anyway, if DAP and PAS are also to have equal numbers of Ministers, the Pakatan will have a 60-member Cabinet (20 PKR, 20 DAP and 20 PAS). […] They can have their Cabinet meetings at the Shah Alam Stadium.”

Continue reading “Kabinet bayangan orang Pakatan panjat dinding”

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Marina Mahathir on whether Facebook, Twitter threaten national security

Speech bubble content taken from The Edge article yesterday, ‘Ridiculous to say Facebook, Twitter pose national security threat‘.

Marina Mahathir was a panellist in the National Young Lawyers forum titled ‘Social Media: Guilty! For Updating Your Facebook and Tweeting’. Continue reading “Marina Mahathir on whether Facebook, Twitter threaten national security”

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M’sian Insider report sparked Malaysiakini tiff with M’sia Chronicle

A Battle of the Online Media erupted recently with a flurry of speculation, allegations and hurried denials by their respective editors.

The still unfolding saga started with the two English online media – both which Umno senator Ezam Mohd Noor once threatened to ‘burn’ (read here) – with one, The Malaysian Insider, reporting that the other, Malaysiakini, was in talks to give its news to The Malay Mail in exchange for shares in the newspaper. Continue reading “M’sian Insider report sparked Malaysiakini tiff with M’sia Chronicle”