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Makan deDAP and Bersih’s Malay false confidence

DAP has learned one lesson at least from Bersih 4.0.

After a yellow tide of evangelical party supporters overflooded the last rally in August 2015, this time they’re careful that Malays must be conspicuously seen in their Bersih 5.0 photo ops. Continue reading “Makan deDAP and Bersih’s Malay false confidence”

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Allegation of Trojan horses in Umno

Raja Petra Kamarudin had an interesting story yesterday ‘Mahathir shoots his own horses’ on serial police report lodger Armand Azha Abu Hanifah whom RPK says is wearing two hats, i.e. Perkasa and Umno.

The Chinese community dislike Perkasa. Through his actions when he is wearing his Umno Youth exco  hat, the Perkasa-linked Armand is giving Umno a bad name and making the Chinese hate the ruling party. Continue reading “Allegation of Trojan horses in Umno”

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Kit Siang’s Merdeka message points way to GE14 hate campaign

Lim Kit Siang’s Merdeka Day message yesterday in Keningau, Sabah could not get away from his career-long trademark of badmouthing Malaysia.

The DAP Mursyidul Am called his country a “global kleptocracy” a total of eight times in his speech to the Sabahans (nine, if you count the title) — see screenshot of the text below. Continue reading “Kit Siang’s Merdeka message points way to GE14 hate campaign”