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Mahathir: Cina sebenarnya “talam dua muka”

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Why Umno votes will flow to PAS

PAS leaders have characterized the relationship between DAP and Umno as something “di luar tabii”.

Being a non Muslim, I’m not qualified to appraise the spiritual dimensions of PAS’s criticism in this particular instance. I will, however, apply a political science reference and say that the DAP-Umno developing bromance is simply Orwellian. Continue reading “Why Umno votes will flow to PAS”

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Umno lah yang “extremist”, sez Gerakan prez (mock quoting DAP)

Well, isn’t it?

“Malay supremacist” Umno has been hammered by DAP for its extremism over many decades.

So the Gerakan president is simply throwing back the DAP’s own words about the party’s sudden BFF — see X’mas day news report by NST below.

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