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Ridhuan Tee berbalas pantun dengan DAP, Umno

Steven Sim–DAP:

Sama-sama dayung bahtera,
Dayung arah kota permata,
Sama-sama bangun negara,
Junjung titah lupa sengketa.

Ridhuan Tee:

Sama-sama dayung bahtera,
Dayung arah kota permata,
Dulu sikit punya tak suka,
Kini boleh bercumbu mesra. Continue reading “Ridhuan Tee berbalas pantun dengan DAP, Umno”

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No red wave — Dems voted for abortion

President Joe Biden promised to codify abortion rights if his Democratic party were given continued control of Congress. Continue reading “No red wave — Dems voted for abortion”

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Third time a charm

Just in case Beijing missed it the first two times, President Biden repeats himself again in Japan.

Continue reading “Third time a charm”

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Cina DAP mucking about in other people’s religious spaces

Politicians, being politicians, will make a show of multikulti. Like for example our succession of PMs (including Mahathir — all of them Umno or ex-Umno leaders) tossing yee sang with chopsticks during CNY open house.

The ultra kiasu DAP, however, takes this festival custom a huge step further. Not content with only wishing Selamat Hari Raya, its party leaders are first off the starter block with their Selamat Berpuasa greetings the minute Ramadan is glimpsed turning around the corner. Continue reading “Cina DAP mucking about in other people’s religious spaces”

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The Chinese hive mind is best fitted with Muda Malays

‘Wan Fayhsal: Malays need protector to fulfil neo-feudal, tribal mentality’ was the baiting headline in Malaysiakini three days ago on April 5.

Fayhsal‘s original interview was conducted with The Vibes, here – ‘Liberal Pakatan can’t give Malays protection they want: Wan Fayhsal’ – and published on the same day (5 April 2022). Continue reading “The Chinese hive mind is best fitted with Muda Malays”

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Update: Elon Musk on Twitter board of directors

Elon Musk despises “holier-than-thou hypocrisy”

And as the richest man in the world, he can use his money to do something about the hypocrites. Continue reading “Update: Elon Musk on Twitter board of directors”