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Steamrolling the pendatang agenda

(Pix 1 & 3) Haitians crossing the Rio Grande river to reach the town of Del Rio

(Pix 2 & 4): Rohingya crossing the Naf river to reach the town of Cox’s Bazar

(1) Haitians in late Sept 2021

(2) Rohingya in early Oct 2017

(3) Haitians now; (4) Rohingya a couple of years ago

BELOW: Biden’s astoundingly head-scratching press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters in a White House briefing “they [the Haitians] are not intending to stay here for a lengthy period of time”

A few months ago, our usual ‘most compassionate’ whingers attacked Malaysian law enforcement for the following poster.

The government message, which appeared around June saying ‘Migran etnik Rohingya kedatangan anda tidak diundang’, was predictably condemned by the pro-immigration activists as “inhumane”.

This week, American law enforcement in the border state of Texas was also criticised as cruel and inhumane for trying to block the illegal entry of thousands (possibly up to 15,000) of Haitians.

The Border Patrol agents simply trying to do their job were furthermore falsely accused of “whipping” the Haitians and being cowboy “white supremacists”.

There are some similarities between Malaysia and the USA in this immigration issue.

The Rohingya went to Bangladesh first, and then from there attempted to come to Malaysia.

Haiti’s economic migrants went to South America (Chile, Brazil, etc) first, and are now pretending to be “refugees” deserving of asylum in the USA.

Another similarity is how the silent majority who want their country’s borders protected are being demonised as racists, bigots, xenophobes, cruel and inhumane by the other group proclaiming themselves our planet’s most compassionate people.

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USA abandoned American in Kabul with her disabled puppy and 130 dogs

A Tennessee woman who owns an animal rescue center in Kabul was not allowed passage home by the Department of Defense because she carried a disabled puppy in her arms — one of 130 animals she was ordered to leave behind in the final days of airlifts.

Charlotte Maxwell-Jones refused to board the plane without her puppy on Monday, so the military ordered her to leave and turn loose 130 crated dogs …

Continue reading the story @ Washington Examiner

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Dysfunctional USA

This is a short postscript to my earlier blog entry titled ’Biden’s America is a dysfunctional country’.

Three days ago, I knocked The Washington Post as dysfunctional for trumpeting a headline that claimed ‘Simone Biles won the Tokyo Olympics’.

Their American gymnast – whose net worth is estimated to be ten million USD – had secured an individual bronze medal.

The real winner of the Tokyo Olympics is Jamaica’s Elaine Thompson-Herah (pix, middle), in my humble opinion. Continue reading “Dysfunctional USA”

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Violent hate crime against elderly Asians by black men (and black girls)

Cities on the Left Coast of Amerika are controlled by liberal Democrats. In these progressive blue cities, cops are being defunded even while the crime rate is escalating.

Attacks on American-Asians have recently shown a marked increase and attributed to Covid-related xenophobia, according to the woke media narrative. Continue reading “Violent hate crime against elderly Asians by black men (and black girls)”

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Documentary to connect the dots

Washington DC becoming a militarized zone did not happen in a vacuum.

There is underlying cause and effect.

Did Joe Biden win the 2020 presidential election fairly?” — a Rasmussen survey released on the day of the Capitol storming had asked respondents.

Some seventy percent (69%) of the Republican voters polled answered ‘No’. 

To them: Joe Biden did not win the 2020 presidential election fairly. 

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Storming of the Bastille

The French Revolution of 1789 deposed the ancien regime.

In France today, the storming of the Bastille is commemorated as a national holiday. Bastille Day marks its 14 July 1789 anniversary.

The fall of this citadel to feudal power, located in the heart of Paris, is emblematic of the revolution.

BELOW: The Capitol building in Washington DC shrouded by smoke (tear gas) on 6 Jan 2021

Continue reading “Storming of the Bastille”

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Fighting when it is necessary to fight

Copypasted below in full is an article by a retired editor in Montana published yesterday in his conservative blog ‘Heartland Diary USA’.

I’ve added emphasis to the bad guys by underlining the relevant passages as well as adding bold highlight to the paragraphs.

Donald the Dragon Slayer

By Frank Miele

The legacy of President Donald Trump will be measured against the diminishment of his enemies.

First — even before he was nominated — he broke the corrupt, elitist Republican Party. If you don’t think that is true, just ask yourself when was the last time you took Jeb Bush seriously.

Next, he maimed the corrupt, elitist Democratic Party, Continue reading “Fighting when it is necessary to fight”

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Prayers, wisdom, and kindness will prevail

Retired general Mike Flynn – a Trump former national security advisor who was victimized by Team Obama and their most malicious persecution – says a prayer after receiving his presidential pardon.

And they shall fight against thee; but they shall not prevail against thee; for I am with thee, saith the Lord, to deliver thee.

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How dirty Dems stole the votes

Donald Trump explains in his four tweets below:

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The article that most impacted my view of the American election

It was a 23 Oct 2016 article written by DEREK HUNTER in Townhall and headlined ‘Why I Now Feel Compelled To Vote For Trump’.

I first read it in 2016 as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were racing to the finish line. Before Trump entered the political arena, I’d not followed the (earlier/previous) American presidential campaigns. 

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