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Expect the 3 Malay parties to gang up on DAP

Below is a scan of the 25 Nov 1999 front page story in Utusan.

You can also read the article ’Hapuskan hak Melayu – Janji DAP sekiranya pembangkang memenangi pilihan raya’ online in the newspaper’s digital archive.

This was during Mahathir’s first tenure as prime minister. DAP was viewed as enemy of the Malays in Mahathirism 1.0 dogma.

Malays were then being told that their rights would be abolished should DAP win the 1999 election. GE10 was held the year when Anwar was in jail and his Reformasi movement caused Mahathir to become highly unpopular among Malays.

Interesting side note: Lim Kit Siang however denies that he had ever personally labelled Mahathir as ‘Mahafiraun’ or ‘Mahazalim’ back in the 1990s.

Fast forward 20 years to 2019.

PAS‘s Nik Abduh is open to the idea of his party acting in concert with Umno and Pribumi to foil DAP. (MEANING) Three Malay parties are now ganging up against DAP.

This is the latest political twist in the wake of the long-floating hypothesis below:

(RUMOUR) DAP + PKR-Anwar faction plan to oust Mahathir

(ALLEGATION) “It was alleged Mahathir [himself] had alluded to the PAS leaders that two Harapan component parties were plotting against him.” — ref. Malaysiakini story linked in tweet above

If Anwar once planned a ‘Sept 16’ coup against Abdullah Badawi in 2008 to install himself as PM, why is it hard to believe he’s planning one today against Mahathir?

BASELINE (a): 76 percent Malays support Umno and PAS

Analysis by DAP’s No.2 political brain Ong Kian Ming: “My own estimates are that BN won approximately 44 percent of the Malay vote in Peninsular Malaysia in GE14, with PAS winning approximately 32 percent (helped by their dominant showing in Kelantan and Terengganu) and Harapan winning 24 percent.”

BASELINE (b): 95 percent Chinese voted in opposition to BN and PAS

Now imagine how the 76% and the 95% each feel about the other side.

What the Dapsters need to know

You’re lemmings and your evangelical leaders are leading you over the cliff.

BELOW: Mahathir is Bintang Pribumi Perkasa Negara, and patron of the Malay far right

(1) You’re viewed as hypocrites

“That many (including some who opposed it before) now condone this under some vague circumstances such as gaining a two-thirds majority for Mahathir or getting Malay support or both is a reflection of the lack of idealism among many sensible Malaysians, including professionals and the educated,” wrote P. Gunasegaram in his Malaysiakini column today titled ‘Party-hopping is wrong!’

(2) You’re seen as unethical

“Only a person who is morally and ethically bankrupt and corrupt will advocate party-hopping,” wrote Gunasegaram in the same column.

Roughly 10 years ago in 2008, Anwar too had attempted to procure Umno frogs in his bid to topple Badawi’s BN federal government through MP defections.

Hannah Yeoh was foremost in championing Anwar’s ‘Sept 16’ move.

What goes around comes around. Remember that, Mama Dapster fans.

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh once mocked MCA ministers appointed via the backdoor, i.e. through the senate; today she is as silent as a church mouse about her Pribumi colleague Marzuki Yahya (the ‘Cambridge’ grad) who’s similarly been brought into cabinet via a senatorship

(3) Your double standard is clear to everybody but yourself

DAP is quick to bite MCA.

DAP growled at Najib’s Sabah-Sarawak native cabinet ministers (Richard Riot, Ewon Ebin) but when it comes to Pribumi deputy minister Marzuki Yahya’s own dubious ‘Cambridge’ degree as well as Johor Pribumi MB Osman Sapian’s ‘missing’ UPM degree, the DAP running dog suddenly loses its bark.

(4) Your self-righteousness is nauseating

Dapsters accuse PAS today of telling lies — see story in tweet above.

However, they dutifully repeated DAP’s assurance during GE13 that PAS was only advocating “negara kebajikan” (not Islamic state) and that hudud will not affect non Muslims despite PAS’s proposed syariah law enhancement.

DAP operatives even assured Chinese that non Muslims had no need to worry anything about PAS’s theocratic bent.

BELOW: Mahathir shoulder-to-shoulder with the keris-brandishing Ibrahim Ali and other Perkasa leaders

(5) You really need a mirror for self reflection

Hannah Yeoh once tweeted, “I say Dr M cannot be loyal to Msians if he’s loyal to Perkasa!”

She also tweeted “And our Vision 2020 former PM is such a disappointment for his endorsement of those narrow Perkasa views”.

Dapsters derided MIC leaders who “mastered the art of sucking up to Umno and Perkasa”. Look who is the master/mistress in the art of sucking up to Beloved Tun and Pribumi today.

What DAP has done to the Chinese

Where has DAP led the Chinese community, 95 percent of whom support the party?

Malaysian Chinese have been brainwashed to hate Umno and despise PAS. Umno+PAS: That’s three-quarters of Malay voters.

I’m betting that Perkasa Pribumi people also believe that DAP is plotting against Tun. As if the Chinese do not have enough enemies, their next conflict will be with Pribumi.

Are the rumours true that Tun will line up opposition Malay MPs, including Azmin’s PKR men, to repel the coup attempt? If the power challenge scenario plays out, then the next government will be all Malay should Mahathir win the tussle.

Because of DAP politics, the Chinese will be enemies of Umno Malays, PAS Malays and Pribumi Malays. Be they Umno, PAS or Pribumi, they will all rally around perpaduan ummah.

DAP sowed the wind, the Chinese reap the whirlwind.


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Mahathir baham habis


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Kit Siang, Guan Eng lost their bark … ROTFL

Will Mahathir be swallowing the ex-Umno Sabah MPs into his Pribumi, I had wondered yesterday. The answer is ‘Yes’, according to a reveal by Berita Harian. 

Mahathir is unstoppable; DAP is rolling over like a lap dog for its stomach to be tickled and awaiting “crumbs from the master’s table”. (more…)

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Malay-Muslim hegemonic rule — Game, Set & Match


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Dear Dapsters



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Hahahaha, one good use for Mahathir’s 2/3 parliamentary majority

Some Dapster arselickers are cheering for Mahathir to get a two-thirds majority in parliament, believing their Beloved Tun will be able thereby to push the Harapan agenda.

After absorbing a half dozen ex-Umno MPs yesterday, Harapan is now nearer the two thirds objective. (more…)

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Seven more of Beloved Tun’s frogs for DAP to jilat

Seven MPs who won their GE14 seats on the Umno ticket are now being welcomed into Pribumi by Mahathir.


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