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Satu Sekolah a bright hope under Anwar’s education ministry

Reacting to the appointment of PKR’s Fadhlina Sidek as Education Minister in the Anwar cabinet, PAGE hoped that akan dijadikan “sekolah kebangsaan sebagai pilihan utama ibu bapa”. Story reported this morning in FMT. Continue reading “Satu Sekolah a bright hope under Anwar’s education ministry”

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Tanjung Piai: DAP letak calon Melayu pada 2008 dan 2013

… manakala BN letak calon Cina (PRU12-14).

Kerusi parlimen Tanjung Piai dibentuk ketika persempadanan semula dijalankan di Johor pada 2003.

Tanjung Piai menjadi rebutan antara DAP dan MCA satu lawan satu dalam pilihanraya-pilihanraya umum tahun 2004, 2008 dan 2013 — lihat jadual keputusan di bawah. Continue reading “Tanjung Piai: DAP letak calon Melayu pada 2008 dan 2013”

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Kit Siang not 100% Chinese but 100% Mahathir apologist

In his most recent yadda yadda media statement, Lim Kit Siang wrote:

”The Malaysia I want to see is one where the Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans and Ibans come out of their own universes to interact with other communities; to learn, appreciate and accept that Malaysia is not to be identified with any one community, but with all the different communities who have made this land their mother country.

‘It is a Malaysia where a Chinese has not betrayed race and culture for his exquisite Jawi skill, a Malay has not betrayed race and culture because of his Bharatanatyam repertoire, or an Indian betrayed race and culture because of his mastery of Chinese calligraphy.

“In other words, a Malaysian is a Chinese who is not 100 percent Chinese, but has an extra dimension which could be described as Malaysia-plus …” Continue reading “Kit Siang not 100% Chinese but 100% Mahathir apologist”

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UPDATED: Dong jiao zong rally against Jawi / DAP forgot Mahathir’s suqiu lesson

3.20pm, Aug 3

Like the two DAP Aduns who beat a hasty retreat, the Dong is also now downplaying their upcoming Monday gathering and accusing Sin Chew of misreporting.


Original post

Dong Jiao Zong will be holding a rally at its headquarters on Monday (Aug 5) to protest khat or Jawi calligraphy in Bahasa Malaysia textbooks, according to a Sin Chew news report yesterday.

DAP is similarly against khat being taught to pupils in Chinese schools – see article below. Continue reading “UPDATED: Dong jiao zong rally against Jawi / DAP forgot Mahathir’s suqiu lesson”

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The bestest gift a Chinese man can bestow his son

Mahathir is now saying he would step down in “maybe three years” time, that is, once the Malaysian economy is “on an even keel”.

While many of the media reported the PM’s most recent pledge – yet again – to honour his oft repeated promise of eventually standing aside, they did not however report Mahathir explicitly saying that he would ever make way for … ANWAR. Continue reading “The bestest gift a Chinese man can bestow his son”

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Mahathir going full term, Harapan one-term gomen only

“Will Zahid work with PAS to keep Dr M for a full term?” Kit Siang urgently wants to know (see tweet today, below).

The answer to his question is an empathic ‘Yes’.

Was there ever any real doubt that when push comes to shove, the alifbata people will unite around Allah, Bangsa and Tanahair? Continue reading “Mahathir going full term, Harapan one-term gomen only”

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One year of jostling to be Beloved Tun’s biggest fan

The following is a story told by Ian Chin, then a High Court judge (in 2008).

It happened in 1996 or thereabouts, as Chin recalled. A group of judges was having their picture taken with Mahathir. One particular judge – Chin recounted – “quickly planted himself behind the chair where Dr Mahathir was to sit”.

And when the PM was about to be seated, Chin overheard this fellow judge declare to Mahathir: “Sir, I am always behind you”. Continue reading “One year of jostling to be Beloved Tun’s biggest fan”

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Dapsters have just wasted a decade of their miserable life

1. Mahathir today announces Malaysia’s withdrawal from the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

2. Barely 48 hours ago, Suhakam suggested that it was the Special Branch who abducted Pastor Raymond Koh. The Harapan chairman, however, dismissed the commission’s conclusion as depending on mere “hearsay”.

BELOW: ‘Ubah’ means Bringing Back Beloved Tun 

Continue reading “Dapsters have just wasted a decade of their miserable life”

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Meaningless for dap to complain anymore about RACISM

BN sec-gen Nazri Aziz yesterday brought up the interesting religious conversion of former Argentina president Carlos Menem.

Menem (pix below) – whose parents emigrated from Syria – was raised a Muslim but converted to Catholicism “to achieve his political aspirations”, in the words of Encyclopaedia Britannica. Continue reading “Meaningless for dap to complain anymore about RACISM”

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Kit Siang, Guan Eng lost their bark … ROTFL

Will Mahathir be swallowing the ex-Umno Sabah MPs into his Pribumi, I had wondered yesterday. The answer is ‘Yes’, according to a reveal by Berita Harian. 

Mahathir is unstoppable; DAP is rolling over like a lap dog for its stomach to be tickled and awaiting “crumbs from the master’s table”. Continue reading “Kit Siang, Guan Eng lost their bark … ROTFL”

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Hahahaha, one good use for Mahathir’s 2/3 parliamentary majority

Some Dapster arselickers are cheering for Mahathir to get a two-thirds majority in parliament, believing their Beloved Tun will be able thereby to push the Harapan agenda.

After absorbing a half dozen ex-Umno MPs yesterday, Harapan is now nearer the two thirds objective. Continue reading “Hahahaha, one good use for Mahathir’s 2/3 parliamentary majority”

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Waiting for Pribumi to honour its gentleman’s agreement

“So Umno never set foot in Sarawak and that has worked fine for some decades, until post-GE14 that is,” says Sarawakian Francis Paul Siah in his Malaysiakini column today.

Francis believes too that Pribumi should honour its electoral pact with Warisan and not set foot in Sabah either. But like Francis himself admits, everything has changed post-GE14 because hey, we’re now living in New Malaysia. Continue reading “Waiting for Pribumi to honour its gentleman’s agreement”

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Marzuki & enough capati to stock a kedai mamak chain

The buck stops with T-Rex.

It was Mahathir who appointed Marzuki. And Maszlee. And Osman Sapian. And the Son of Azumu. And that Little Twat. 

And on and on and on … the plethora of men, women and wonder boy from Pribumi all catapulted into the very top government posts by Harapan chairman cum prime minister – the Beloved Tun. Continue reading “Marzuki & enough capati to stock a kedai mamak chain”

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In the holy name of God, Harapan swore to fulfil manifesto promises

What is the worth of the Harapan manifesto?

Empty promises: “Buku ini mengandungi janji-janji kami PAKATAN HARAPAN kepada rakyat Malaysia apabila menubuh Kerajaan”.

False hope: “Inilah dasar dan tindakan-tindakan yang akan kami laksana untuk memulih semula dan MEMBINA NEGARA serta MEMENUHI HARAPAN rakyat,” the manifesto said (capital letters originally in Harapan GE14 document).

BELOW: Mahathir however now claims the manifesto is not a Bible and thus not sacrosanct Continue reading “In the holy name of God, Harapan swore to fulfil manifesto promises”

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2019: DAP‘s Year of the Running Dog

UPDATE: 6 March 2019

How ‘soft’ does Pribumi’s Rais Yatim want DAP to be? asks Malaysiakini columnist S. Thayaparan today.

The answer: As soft as a neutered lapdog. Like a castrated chihuahua is good.

(It’s really too cute to see Chihuahua DAP eagerly roll over – belly up, tail wagging – begging for crumbs from the master’s table. Woof.

Continue reading “2019: DAP‘s Year of the Running Dog”

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Mahathir bloops simple 4-word CNY greeting

All the PM had to say was “xin nian kuai le”. But he couldn’t even manage to correctly utter these four short words wishing the Chinese ‘A Happy New Year’ — listen to his bloopers yourself in the video below.

You’d think that Mahathir would have had enough exposure to this standard festive greeting from his several decades in BN rubbing shoulders with MCA as well as the past couple of years in Harapan cavorting with DAP. But no.

BELOW: Dr Mangler botching a popular Mandarin phrase Continue reading “Mahathir bloops simple 4-word CNY greeting”

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The most happy, happiest ever CNY for Dapsters

This is the very first Chinese New Year that the (konon) corruption-free Dapsters will be celebrating where Umno is not in federal power. Such a fact is a cause for great celebration.

According to the Chinese zodiac, 2019 is the Year of Earth Pig. Taking a cyclic spin back a full dozen years, 2007 was the Year of Fire Pig.

When BN was ruling the country in 2007, pig decorations were able to seen adorning public and commercial buildings. But as I’ve alluded to in my previous post, the CNY pig is however largely missing from the malls today in DAP’s New Malaysia. Continue reading “The most happy, happiest ever CNY for Dapsters”

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Tun forgot to mention Kuwait’s expulsion of 400,000 Palestinians after Gulf War

Not only Kuwait but Jordan, Lebanon and Libya have expelled hundreds of thousands of troublesome Palestinians. But the rabid anti semite picks only on Israel.

“When is it a sin to disagree with Mahathir?” asked Malaysiakini columnist Francis Paul Siah today. My answer: When the Dearest Leader is now “our beloved Tun” being arselicked to death by the fawning Dapsters. Continue reading “Tun forgot to mention Kuwait’s expulsion of 400,000 Palestinians after Gulf War”

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The clash of civilizations is here

“Has anybody heard of any push back from any Malay or Muslim ministers on the recent ‘cross-lighted’ building in Penang?” asked Siti Kasim.

“None. Crickets,” she said, answering her own question. (Source: Siti Thots, The J-Star, 20 Jan 2019)

Siti also mentioned that previously the Taman Medan ‘church’ – operating unlicensed in a Petaling Jaya shoplot – had faced protests too in 2015 for putting up a cross on its exterior.

Unlike the liberal Siti, some conservative Malays see DAP as being complicit in the ‘Christianization’ agenda. Continue reading “The clash of civilizations is here”

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M’sia is a “fundamentalist Islamic state” — Mahathir wills it

It’s confirmed! If a country walks like an Islamic state and talks like an Islamic state, then it must be an Islamic state.

The Islamic states regard Israel as their enemy. So does Malaysia, particularly the 7th PM.

Sections of the international media have always labelled Mahathir Mohamad as “virulently anti-Semitic” (see tweet below) or “an avowed anti-Semite“. Continue reading “M’sia is a “fundamentalist Islamic state” — Mahathir wills it”

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Ghost in the Shell

The Umno DNA lives on and on and on, a former MP of the party told a public forum yesterday.

Tawfik, who is the son of the late Tun Dr Ismail (DPM, 1970-73), talked about the continuation of Umno genes in the present pedigreed Malay parties, FMT reported.

“By absorbing Umno members, you get the ghosts of Umno haunting you,” he gravely told Parti Pribumi. Continue reading “Ghost in the Shell”