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Christians should stop whining about UiTM’s “anti-Christianization” seminars

Blogger otai ‘A Voice’ wrote @ his blog Another Brick in the Wall yesterday:

“Some say he [Zakir Naik] is a good debator and converted non-Muslims into Islam. Unfortunately, oratory skill does not impress us. One aspiring Prime Minister had great oratorial skill.

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UPDATED: I love new PM / Konsultan didahulukan, rakyat disengsarakan

BR1M 2.0:  Beratur  Ramai-ramai  Isi  Minyak  20 sen

“Apakah kerajaan sudah kekeringan kantung kewangannya sehingga tidak sabar-sabar mahu mengurangkan subsidi rakyat?” is not a question asked by bloggers alone but by many angry Malaysians.

To add my 20 sen worth, do you know how spendthrift are the Prime Minister’s Department and Pemandu and TalentCorp? They are profligate, without a doubt.

prɒflɪgət, adjective … means “recklessly extravagant or wasteful in the use of resources” or in another buzzword – “immoderate” (i.e. not at all moderate).

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TalentCorp should persuade Alvin to come back

The Najib Transformation administration is very big on bringing back the lost sheep.

As far as I’m aware, TalentCorp – of which the prime minister is chief trustee (see below) – has been given a budget of RM80 million but probably more after added expenditure claims++ for this year alone to entice overseas Malaysians to return home. Continue reading “TalentCorp should persuade Alvin to come back”

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Alvin: M’sians deserve the Umno gomen they get

A must-read for everyone! – The Malaysian Insider‘s interview with Alvin Tan conducted by Jennifer Gomez. ‘Sex blogger Alvin Tan says not a coward, but smart to seek asylum‘ (TMI, 27 Sept 2014)

First off, I must say Alvin is indeed an astute young man. He is quick to suss out that the Pakatan leaders are really “heartless mercenaries” and correctly identified that Anwar and Guan Eng had been posturing when they called for him to be jailed “just so that they did not lose the Muslim vote“. Continue reading “Alvin: M’sians deserve the Umno gomen they get”

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“Alvin & Vivian sokong Ah Jib Gor 100%”

Constitutional lawyer Tommy Thomas said Malaya reached a consensus in power sharing between the Malays and non-Malays when the country achieved independence and this compact is described as the “social contract” – see ‘Founding fathers will roll over in their graves about Zahid‘ (Malaysiakini, 24 Sept 2014).

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Lagi orang Islam diajak makan Bak Kut Teh

Ridhuan Tee, free ah, this Sunday? We go good Klang ‘Bah Kut Teh.’ I belanja. Wasalaam.”
AkuMelayu-tetapi ABU jugak
righteous, sorry to inform you that this Celup is not too much into Bak Kut Teh… Char Siew (not the chicken type) is more of his forte.. Heard he eat lots of them together with the Siew Yuk…”

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How the porky got fried – Dapsters dikenakan dengan pelantikan Azmin

“Mana yang bodoh saja percaya Azmin dapat ‘sokongan penuh’ Pakatan dalam masa semalaman untuk jadi Menteri Besar Selangor seperti mana dalam kenyataan Azizah dan Guan Eng semalam. Logiknya, tak sampai sebulan lepas 30 ADUN Pakatan tandatangan akuan bersumpah sokong Azizah, tiba-tiba lupa semua tu dan sokong Azmin?”

“Suka tak suka, DAP kena main, terjebak dengan ‘game’ politik Melayu…” Continue reading “How the porky got fried – Dapsters dikenakan dengan pelantikan Azmin”

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Haris Ibrahim will be emigrating

The Father of ABU (Asal Bukan Umno) and SABM (Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia) announced that he will be leaving the country.

Did you know that the majority of the Vietnamese boat people were ethnic Chinese? They originated from Guangdong and were Cantonese speakers.

Yup, the illegal Vietnamese economic migrants who boated out to Australia were the Chinese birds of passage. Wonder if before that they had asserted as loudly and vehemently too that they were Anak Bangsa Vietnam. Continue reading “Haris Ibrahim will be emigrating”