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Just live with coronavirus like we live with the common cold, says AirAsia CEO

AirAsia Group chief executive Tony Fernandes said borders must be kept open as most Asean countries depend on tourism (and not to forget he also runs a budget airline that’s run out of money). 

The Tan Sri CEO said: “At some point, countries have to take a little bit of risk to reopen as we cannot live in a cave for the rest of our lives,” according to a report today in the Bangkok Post. 

“We have to live with this virus as we have with others before like the common cold or dengue,” Fernandes was quoted by the paper as saying. Continue reading “Just live with coronavirus like we live with the common cold, says AirAsia CEO”

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Tun’s terror-cotta army to scorch the earth

Tun stole the thunder from Bersih 5.0 today.


Protuns and Dapsters embrace in Bersih 5.0

BELOW: Dr M did an Anwar — reminiscent of what ketum did in stealing the limelight during the first Bersih in 2007 Continue reading “Tun’s terror-cotta army to scorch the earth”

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One million rakyat signed Deklarasi Mahathir but half cannot join Tun’s party

Tun claims that more than one million Malaysians signed his declaration aimed at removing Najib Razak from office.

His old crony Ling Liong Sik was welcomed to endorse Deklarasi Mahathir (pix below). Nonetheless, Tun Dr Ling cannot join Dr Mahathir’s new party which is open only to bumiputera and Ling, alas, is no prince of the soil. Continue reading “One million rakyat signed Deklarasi Mahathir but half cannot join Tun’s party”

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Melayu DAP’s hatchet job on party member targeted for the kill

DAP’s Hew Kuan Yau is vulgar in his words and coarse in his actions.

He is a mulut laser who often lets the cat out of the bag wrt his party’s sneaky strategies and dirty tactics.

The political incorrectness of Hew vis-a-vis his ultra Chinese chest-thumping makes him widely disliked outside of DAP circles and an easy target for critics. After his latest gaffe, DAP decided that Hew must go. Continue reading “Melayu DAP’s hatchet job on party member targeted for the kill”

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Muhyiddin’s popularity has dipped from three months ago

The poll below asking “Patutkah TS Muhyiddin dipecat dari Umno?” was uploaded in this blog on 30 March 2016.

Original url @

Three months ago, some 55 percent of my 726 poll respondents believe the Umno deputy president ought to be sacked. Continue reading “Muhyiddin’s popularity has dipped from three months ago”

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With Jamal standing down, no excuse for MCA to fail to deliver Sg Besar Chinese

The Melayu DAP champion whacker has bashed Jamal Sekinchan as a “racist” who is loudest in spewing racist remarks. He is also gloating that Umno does not want Jamal to contest the Sg. Besar by-election.

If Jamal had stood, MCA would have used his candidacy as a convenient excuse as to why the Chinese refuse to vote BN.

But now that Umno is not going to put up a controversial figure, MCA must hold up its end of the BN consociational bargain and get the Chinese votes for the coalition’s Malay candidate. Continue reading “With Jamal standing down, no excuse for MCA to fail to deliver Sg Besar Chinese”

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No Chinese among Sarawak’s three new Deputy Chief Ministers

Adenan Satem has appointed Douglas Unggah Embas, James Masing and Abang Johari Tun Openg as his DCMs Harian Metro breaking news here.

I’m reminded of an optimistic blog post by that lying-fraudster Malay blogger about how BN will be able to win back the Chinese voters, just like in Sarawak.

Obviously the Protun blogger is mega delusional about BN winning back peninsula Chinese following the results of the recent Sarawak election. Continue reading “No Chinese among Sarawak’s three new Deputy Chief Ministers”

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Annie Anakin — a liar and a fraud

The Protun scam

Whenever I read about Internet scams where some lovelorn woman is tricked out of her life savings by a sweet-talking online suitor whom she has never met face-to-face, a Malay male blogger Annie Anakin comes to mind.

A liar and a fraud, the anonymous Annie is a scammer too.

Annie Avatar

scammer who in real life is “a fat male with a hidung sudu sendok“.

Continue reading “Annie Anakin — a liar and a fraud”

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Annuar Musa: “Orang yang menentang itu tak dapat dedak”

There’s a Malay political operative close to DAP that has been going around belittling PAS.

This Malay prepaid blogger (who’s egotistical enough to think he’s worth RM20,000) has been saying repeatedly that the Islamist party possesses no electoral clout outside its rural heartland.

Continue reading “Annuar Musa: “Orang yang menentang itu tak dapat dedak””

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What kind of Melayu would want to join the DAP?

Yesterday, DAP Youth Subang chief Edry Faisal Eddy Yusof came under the spotlight when he was directed to receive the memo from Ali Tinju. (See my previous posting).

None of the Chinese leaders in the DAP’s Pudu headquarters had wanted to come out and face the Baju Merah. So they sent their errand boy to do the needful. Continue reading “What kind of Melayu would want to join the DAP?”

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DAP buat onar, lepas tu hantar wakil Melayu untuk setel

Ali Tinju dan gengnya menghantar memo ke ibu pejabat DAP di Jalan Pudu hari ini untuk mendesak supaya Lim Guan Eng ambil cuti kerja sementara kesnya disiasat SPRM.

DAP Selangor menghantar ahlinya Edry Faisal Yusof untuk menerima memo tersebut. Edry adalah exco parti yang dilantik (bukan yang dipilih perwakilan).

“Kami mahu orang Cina keluar terima memorandum,” namun kata Ali Tinju yang enggan menyerahkan memonya kepada Edry. “Kami tak nak orang Melayu terima memo kami.” Continue reading “DAP buat onar, lepas tu hantar wakil Melayu untuk setel”

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Sah, tun dan protun berSEKONGKOL dengan dap

Dalam paparan Tun bertajuk ‘Kit Siang dan Dr Mahathir‘ di blognya Che Det hari ini, beliau menulis:


Tun bersekongkol dengan musuh ketat Umno


“Saya diberitahu bahawa ramai ahli dan pemimpin bawahan UMNO marah kerana saya berada bersama Kit Siang dalam usaha menjatuhkan Dato Seri Najib.

“Ya, ini memang pelik dan aneh. Kami adalah musuh ketat. Tetapi kami berdua mempunyai pendirian yang sama berkenaan penyingkiran Najib sebagai Perdana Menteri.”

BELOW: The Three Celestials — Good Fortune, Prosperity & Longevity


Continue reading “Sah, tun dan protun berSEKONGKOL dengan dap”

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Putting their money where their mouth is

Only 2,800 ordinary citizens have committed their money to “Save Malaysia”.

Gerakan Selamatkan Malaysia has so far collected RM28,000 through crowdfunding — see collection counter below. Each contributor had been asked to bank in RM10 to Nazir Razak’s bank CIMB for the “Great Country Venture”. Continue reading “Putting their money where their mouth is”

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Ridhuan Tee: Waspada terhadap alat musuh Islam

Dalam ruangan pojoknya hari ini di akhbar Sinar Harian, Ridhuan Tee menulis:

“Saya tidak nampak Majlis Perjanjian Pakatan Harapan 2015 dan Deklarasi Rakyat menguntungkan Islam, melainkan ultra kiasu. Sampai bila kita harus diperbodohkan oleh ultra kiasu demi kuasa? Ultra kiasu akan terus memperalatkan orang Islam untuk menguburkan PAS.”

Tambah beliau lagi, “Maka alasan kebobrokan Umno BN dan PAS digunakan bagi tujuan mendapat kuasa. Apabila kuasa diperoleh nanti, lihatlah apa yang akan berlaku Continue reading “Ridhuan Tee: Waspada terhadap alat musuh Islam”

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Kejayaan skim rumah mampu milik di Pulau Pinang

Syabas Lim Guan Eng kerana mengorak langkah dalam usaha merakyatkan kos pemilikan rumah.

Menurut seorang pembaca blog ini – grandmarquis @ 2016/03/19 at 1:27 am – andaikata diukur ikut harga setiap satu kaki persegi, maka banglo yang dibeli Ketua Menteri tersebut adalah bukti jelas betapa berjayanya negeri Pulau Pinang dalam meletakkan batas harga berpatutan pada perumahan. Continue reading “Kejayaan skim rumah mampu milik di Pulau Pinang”

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The Wedding of the Century

By Calvin Sankaran

The only similar historical parallel of an alliance of previously sworn enemies that I can think of is the 1939 Molotov Ribbentrop pack between Nazi Germany and communist Soviet Union.

This treaty has been called as the Devil’s Alliance [which is] in many ways similar to the Protun and Dapster shotgun marriage of convenience. Continue reading “The Wedding of the Century”

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Tun: “the BN govt may have to resign”

“Well, the first thing is that the BN government may have to resign if Najib is no longer the leader. They need to find another leader,” said Tun Dr Mahathir during his rainbow coalition press conference on Friday (March 4).

If Najib Razak is successfully ousted as Umno president or as Prime Minister, then his administration will have to resign in tandem is what Tun is saying. Continue reading “Tun: “the BN govt may have to resign””

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Tun to head Easter Sunday parade

Easter Sunday symbolizes the resurrection of Christ. The holy day marking the rebirth of Lord Jesus.

It’s hardly accidental that the ‘Save Malaysia’ rally, i.e. gathering to force the ouster of Najib Razak so that a new government can be established, is planned for the fourth Sunday of the month (March 27).

This year’s Easter Sunday falls on March 27, and the date chosen for the rally is obviously significant to Born Again Christians who form the backbone of the DAP-led opposition. Continue reading “Tun to head Easter Sunday parade”

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Siding with Tun means you support the opposition

“Did anyone ever believe that they would live to see Dr Mahathir share the same platform as his political nemesis … Lim Kit Siang?” — this question is re-posted in Grandpapa Dapster’s blog.

Well, yes. That’s what I’ve been saying in effect for quite some time already, i.e. Tun has been indirectly empowering the DAP.

Protuns are already in cahoots with the Chinese ultras and ugly Dapsters. So there. Continue reading “Siding with Tun means you support the opposition”

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Umno Baru (lagi baru) 3.0 being nurtured by DAP

Identical words are now coming out of the mouth of Lim Kit Siang and Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Last night, Kit Siang said Tun Mahathir seemed to have come around to the view “that everybody should act as patriotic citizens, irrespective of party affiliation or loyalties, to save the nation from heading for perdition” Continue reading “Umno Baru (lagi baru) 3.0 being nurtured by DAP”

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There can be only be one man standing — either Tun or Najib

‘No retreat, no surrender’ obviously applies to Dr Mahathir who stared down Bukit Aman today with regard to his alleged criminal defamation of the AG.

Represented by five lawyers during his questioning by police, Tun defied the authorities to charge him — if they dare. He also warned Najib that it ain’t over till the fat lady sings. Continue reading “There can be only be one man standing — either Tun or Najib”

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Protuns behind closed door with Dapsters on Easter Sunday

Updating on ‘Zaid Ibrahim’s Easter Sunday rally with the Protuns‘. It’s now been changed from public rally to “closed door meeting” on March 27 for 1,000 invited guests.

Nonetheless, the select one thousand politicians and political players still look to be a Protun-in-cahoots-with-Dapsters affair. Continue reading “Protuns behind closed door with Dapsters on Easter Sunday”

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Zaid Ibrahim’s Easter Sunday rally with the Protuns

Zaid Ibrahim is organizing an anti-Najib rally on March 27 — which is Easter Sunday, i.e. the day celebrated by Christians to honour Jesus rising from the dead.

The resurrection of Christ symbolizes being Born Again or birthed anew. The opposition want to kill off the old regime and usher in a new country (system) made over in their own “progressive” image. Continue reading “Zaid Ibrahim’s Easter Sunday rally with the Protuns”