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Takeaways for PAS from foreign trends

Brief postmortem on midterms:

1. The Divided States of America

Everybody’s saying USA voting and the country itself is more polarized than ever. The red areas have gone redder and the blue areas bluer. Continue reading “Takeaways for PAS from foreign trends”

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Is Bosnia going to break up again?

Bosnia held its election earlier this week on Sunday (Oct 7). It was a fractious polls predicated on race and religion.

In its aftermath, foreign policy experts are now expecting Bosnia’s Christian half, Republika Srpska, to be all the closer to secession. See AlJazeera Oct 9 story ‘Will Milorad Dodik break up Bosnia?’

BELOW: Bosnia’s three main races don’t really want to live together Continue reading “Is Bosnia going to break up again?”

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“Christians must stand up to Islam” — France’s youngest MP

Young patriotic Christians should join the military and stand up to Islam, said a 26-year-old Member of Parliament in France.

Blonde bombshell Marion Maréchal-Le Pen (pix) is herself joining the French army reserves after the slaying of a Christian priest on Tuesday by two Muslim youths. Continue reading ““Christians must stand up to Islam” — France’s youngest MP”

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Pope Francis gets political with Donald Trump

Pope Francis yesterday slammed Donald Trump, saying “a person who thinks only about building walls… and not of building bridges, is not Christian”. The pontiff was referring to the wall that Trump wants to build to keep out illegal Mexican immigrants from the USA.

The 37-second video below is the presidential candidate’s response to the Pope whom Trump described as “a very political person”. It’s true that the Vatican has been increasingly political under the present pontiff. Continue reading “Pope Francis gets political with Donald Trump”

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Remember the Holy Virgin Mother Mary in the Subang Jaya window?

Below is the image that emerged on a glass window of the SJMC hospital in November 2012.

Christians started praying to it because they believed it was a miracle sighting of Mary, Mother of God.

Non-Muslims were asked to be respectful of those Christians who believed that the image on the window was divine. Continue reading “Remember the Holy Virgin Mother Mary in the Subang Jaya window?”

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Militant evangelistas and their ubah agenda

UPDATE: The blurbs (write-up) below are provided by the publisher/distributor of the books.

Two books by Iain Buchanan

Sang Nila Utama and the Lion of Judah

Malaysia has one of the most diverse populations on earth – a product largely of colonial policy, but also of a strategic location between a number of ethno-cultural and religious blocs.

There are few countries in the world where the pattern of ethnic and religious belonging is as complex as it is in Malaysia. Continue reading “Militant evangelistas and their ubah agenda”

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#paris – Conquistadors are terrorists too

I do not believe in presenting your right cheek also to be slapped if someone slapped you on your left cheek. This piece of self-defeating advice to ‘turn the other cheek’ was invented by sneaky Christians to fool suckers.

When the victim says “biarlah” although his left cheek is hurting after being smacked, then his gullible attempt at bersangka baik will only give the calculative bully an opportunity smack him again and again – dush, dush!

Pacifism is destructive to the victim and advantageous to the bully. Continue reading “#paris – Conquistadors are terrorists too”

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Fear the crescent, fear the cross

At the intergovernmental meeting in Bangkok yesterday on the boat people crisis, Htin Lynn, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Myanmar director-general told off the UNHCR for politicizing his country’s internal issues.

Htin Lynn was responding to a call for Myanmar to grant citizenship to its Muslim minority – the 1.3 million Rohingya of whom many are stateless – made by the UN’s Asst. High Commissioner for Refugees (Protection). Continue reading “Fear the crescent, fear the cross”

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Why exodus of one million Rohingya refugees is a real possibility

The native Burmese are very hostile to the Rohingya while the Myanmar government takes a hardline position to the extent of refusing to recognize the minority Muslim group as a legitimate ethnicity.

So basically, if Malaysia and any other host country is willing to take the Rohingya, then Myanmar really wouldn’t mind exporting the whole lot of them. Continue reading “Why exodus of one million Rohingya refugees is a real possibility”

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Council of Churches says govt “inhumane”, wants more “compassion” to be shown

The Council of Churches Malaysia is deeply concerned over the plight of the Rohingya boat people and wants the government to stop its push back of them. “It is inhumane to push their flimsy boats back into the open sea,” the Council chided.

“This only adds to the trauma of their already life-threatening situation,” Council of Churches sec-gen Rev Dr Hermen Shastri said in a statement today. Continue reading “Council of Churches says govt “inhumane”, wants more “compassion” to be shown”

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Niat murtadkan Melayu: Christians should stop pretending already

It was Anwar Ibrahim who empowered the evangelistas. However with ketum now in jail, the beleaguered Islamists can start to lift the seige.

With this Malay protector of the evangelical Christians out of the picture, besieged Muslims can also begin the process of reclaiming their kalimah Allah.

Malays need to beat back the evangelistas. Continue reading “Niat murtadkan Melayu: Christians should stop pretending already”

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Christian-led group rejects free Quran, calls gift-giving project “obnoxious”

The Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism appears to believe the faith of non-Muslims is so fragile (begitu rapuh iman kami) that just by being exposed to the Quran, we will convert to Islam.

The MCCBCHST also seems to think that non-Muslims are easily confused and merely by reading a Quran, our original religious beliefs will be compromised (kami dipesongkan akidah).

Continue reading “Christian-led group rejects free Quran, calls gift-giving project “obnoxious””

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Have we become a nation of potential murderers?

By Lousy.Engineer

I really don’t understand why is that video made by Chetz Yusof is considered insensitive. I admit that I can never comprehend why is that particular video would trigger such an outburst to the point she’s now being remanded in a lockup in Segamat.

But reading her blog a moment ago, unveiled some of her personal life about her love for her grandma Continue reading “Have we become a nation of potential murderers?”

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School canteen: Getting upset when see non-Muslims eating (?)

One commenter mdsabu2013/07/25 at 6:46 am had insisted that the Sekolah Kebangsaan Seri Pristana principal “would have made the decision to let the non-muslim eat in the renovated ‘dining room’ so that it would not be inconvenience for the strong based muslim that are studying in his school!”

Continue reading “School canteen: Getting upset when see non-Muslims eating (?)”

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Chan Lilian in ‘trouble’ over her Christianity, actually

By all accounts, the crux of Chan Lilian’s contentious tweet lies in this line: “i think all Christians shud march for all the persecution they had done to us and our Lord”.

The police had investigated Lilian for sedition but apparently No Further Action (NFL).

Chan Lilian, Special Officer to Lim Guan Eng and one of his chief propagandists

chan lilian lge

Continue reading “Chan Lilian in ‘trouble’ over her Christianity, actually”