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‘Kindest and most humane’ M’sians indirectly encourage human trafficking

Former Human Resources Minister Kula Segaran yesterday highlighted – see below – that Malaysia is in the worst tier (Tier 3) on the U.S. human trafficking watchlist. Continue reading “‘Kindest and most humane’ M’sians indirectly encourage human trafficking”

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M’sians already raising white flag or suiciding but still accused of “hate, xenophobia and racism”

Home Minister Hamzah Zainudin said: “In ten years, there will be millions of them [Rohingya] here, is that fair?”

Speaking to Channel News Asia (CNA), Hamzah added: “I don’t think it’s fair to our own country”. Continue reading “M’sians already raising white flag or suiciding but still accused of “hate, xenophobia and racism””

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They want Rohingya to be absorbed and allowed work here

The Agora Society wants Malaysia to be appreciated as “a land of diversity” and therefore to integrate Rohingya into our local communities.

Agora Society is “a loose network of (mostly CHINESE) individuals who (claim they) believe in the principles of democracy and good governance”. Continue reading “They want Rohingya to be absorbed and allowed work here”

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Oh dear, what’s Hamzah Zainudin gonna do?

You know what they say about being caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.

On the left of the Home Minister is the DAP preaching “kindness” to the Rohingya.

On his right is the legacy media convinced that it’s impossible for Rohingya to be repatriated.

BELOW: Locals are incessantly accused (by opposition politicians) of xenophobia against Rohingya Continue reading “Oh dear, what’s Hamzah Zainudin gonna do?”

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Chinese posturing as kindest and most Rohingya-caring

Home Minister Hamzah Zainudin said yesterday it is arrogant of refugees (Rohingya) to go around declaring “I have a UNHCR card”.

“Take for example someone who is given the UNHCR card for a three-year period. What happens when the three-year period is up?” Hamzah was quoted as saying by the NST.

BELOW: It’s raining UNHCR cards on Rohingya


Continue reading “Chinese posturing as kindest and most Rohingya-caring”

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Bangladesh’s biggest ever drug bust just happened in Cox’s Bazar

The four suspects (below) were detained by Thai authorities last month for investigation into drug smuggling.

I blogged about this on Feb 22 saying they don’t look Malaysian to me although they’d claimed to be.

A latest news story about a two-kilogram ‘ice’ haul in Cox’s Bazar should set you thinking because yet another Rohingya boat is trying to reach Malaysia (story later in my next blog post). Continue reading “Bangladesh’s biggest ever drug bust just happened in Cox’s Bazar”

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Muhyiddin slammed by NGO over Rohingya policy

There will be an increase in the number of Rohingya boat people coming to Malaysia, warned Zafar Ahmad Abdul Ghani.

Zafar, who is president of the Myanmar Ethnic Rohingya Human Rights Organization Malaysia, said in a press statement yesterday that this bigger impact on Malaysia is only to be expected following the Feb 1 military coup.

And indeed the news about the latest Malaysia-bound Rohingya boat is its rescue yesterday by India’s coast guard. Continue reading “Muhyiddin slammed by NGO over Rohingya policy”

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Sinchew digging ‘pendatang’ hole ever deeper

I mentioned that the Sin Chew editorial published yesterday was worth reading, mainly because it had Rohingya and Vietnamese boat people on its radar.

Regular readers of my blog would, of course, be aware that I’ve been covering Rohingya extensively and I’ve also brought up the topic that Vietnamese boat people were actually ethnic Chinese. Continue reading “Sinchew digging ‘pendatang’ hole ever deeper”

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Bad idea to bring in so much foreign cheap labour

In the first part of last year, a quarter of our coronavirus cases were non Malaysians — see pie chart below (segment in red). 

The figures are sourced from a 17 Nov 2020 research paper in The Lancet titled ‘Clinical characteristics and risk factors for severe Covid-19 infections in Malaysia: A nationwide observational study’.

Continue reading “Bad idea to bring in so much foreign cheap labour”

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Malays now finding out about tauke Rohingya

‘Hidup bertuankan tauke Bangla, Rohingya’ was the news headline yesterday in Sinar Harian. 

The op-ed article said Bangladeshi and Rohingya market wholesalers are “warga asing [yang] begitu berani mengambil kesempatan”.

Actually Bangla and Rohingya are puak serumpun, as will be explained shortly. Continue reading “Malays now finding out about tauke Rohingya”

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Rohingya coming here are ‘economic migrants’, not refugees (UPDATED w Part 2)

Continuing Part Two, uploaded on Oct 23 

Has the passage of time cleared up confusion in the United Nations as to whether the world body supports or still objects to repatriating the Rohingya?

ON THE ONE HAND — Bangladesh is thrilled to hear fresh assurances from Myanmar that the latter country is prepared to take back the Rohingya refugees. This is the latest news reported today (see below) on the sidelines of an international donation campaign that raised US$600 million to help the Rohingya in the Cox’s Bazar camps.

BELOW: Beijing is the facilitator of a trilateral initiative involving China, Bangladesh and Myanmar to be commenced after Myanmar concludes its general election on Nov 8

ON THE OTHER HAND — the UN was previously pissed at India for deporting seven illegal Rohingya back to Myanmar. Continue reading “Rohingya coming here are ‘economic migrants’, not refugees (UPDATED w Part 2)”

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Why we need a strong government

A strong prime minister, strong defence minister, strong foreign minister and strong home minister will firmly put their foot down. They will tell the interfering activists (who are lying to the world that Malaysians are “cruel” and “inhumane”) to sod off. 

A strong government will protect the sovereignty of Malaysian territorial waters and in the South China Sea. A strong government will back up our security agencies — scroll down and see point No.5 below. Continue reading “Why we need a strong government”

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“Stop using lockdown as your primary control method” — World Health Organization

“We in the World Health Organization do not advocate lockdowns as the primary means of control of this virus,” said Dr David Nabarro, the WHO special envoy on Covid-19.

“The only time we believe a lockdown is justified is to buy you time to reorganize, regroup, rebalance your resources, protect your health workers who are exhausted, but by and large, we’d rather not do it,” said Dr Nabarro (pix below) who is also Special Adviser to the UN Secretary-General. Continue reading ““Stop using lockdown as your primary control method” — World Health Organization”

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Bukan masa untuk menghasut “dengan membangkang dari longkang” — Najib

Teguran mantan Perdana Menteri Najib Razak terhadap Ahli Parlimen DAP Batu Kawan yang seolah-olah menyanggah usaha kerajaan untuk mengawal sempadan negara, adalah tepat mengena.

Hanya dua orang PATI yang positif Covid sahaja sudah mampu menyebabkan ribuan orang dijangkit, kata Najib. Justeru itu, sekarang “bukan masa untuk Pakatan Harapan menghasut rakyat dengan membangkang dari longkang”, tambah beliau lagi. Continue reading “Bukan masa untuk menghasut “dengan membangkang dari longkang” — Najib”

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Why do the Christians want us to be stuck forever with more and more Rohingya?

I’ve been following closely the development of Rohingya issue and I find it is the Christians who are at the forefront of promoting their illegal stay here.

These critical Christians voices have their sympathetic megaphone in Malaysiakini through which to bash our government’s handling of the PATI issue, ref. the coverage provided to DAP born again Christian Heidy Quah by that anti-establishment news portal.

And it is Malaysiakini bullhorn which amplifies those virtue signalers (who believe themselves to be morally superior) that are constantly condemning Malaysians to the world as “inhumane”, “cruel”, “xenophobic” and “racist”. Continue reading “Why do the Christians want us to be stuck forever with more and more Rohingya?”

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Search & Rescue — Bazir sumber negara, susahkan orang M’sia

Malaysia terpaksa melancarkan Ops Mencari & Menyelamat susulan khabar bahawa Rohingya sengaja terjun ke laut. Rujuk ‘Rohingya boat people fake drowning’.

Namun dakwaan yang dibuat oleh si ‘decoy’ bergelar Nor Hossain (umur 27 tahun) – bahawa rakan-rakan sekapalnya dikhuatiri lemas – adalah berupa helah semata-mata, yakni satu taktik untuk mengaburi pegawai penguatkuasa maritim kita. Continue reading “Search & Rescue — Bazir sumber negara, susahkan orang M’sia”

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Rohingya: Tidak dirotan; akan dibenarkan tinggal di M’sia

NGO hak asasi yang bergelar Amnesty International itu kuat meroyan — tuduh negara kita bukan main kejam apatah telah merancang untuk membelasah (”viciously beat”) tahanan Rohingya.

Sebuah lagi badan penyibuk Barat iaitu Human Rights Watch (HRW) berkata Malaysia sebenarnya ‘mendera’ Rohingya andaikata melaksanakan hukuman ke atas mereka mengikut undang-undang kita, yakni “three strokes of the cane – a brutal punishment that constitutes torture under international human rights law”. Continue reading “Rohingya: Tidak dirotan; akan dibenarkan tinggal di M’sia”

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Dong Zong salurkan kasih sayang kepada PATI dan Rohingya

Dong Zong nekad untuk menangani masalah xenofobia dan rasisme di negara kita menerusi kempen mereka yang bertajuk ‘Menyalur Kasih Sayang Menjelang Wabak Covid-19’.

Pertubuhan aktivis Cina tersebut juga prihatin terhadap kejadian cyberbullying di mana “kenyataan kebencian dibuat” (# stop hate speech) kini berupa suatu gejala yang sedang berleluasa di media sosial.

Halaman khusus # Kita Semua Manusia Dong Zong di Fesbuk untuk ‘Memupuk masyarakat majmuk yang bertoleransi, TOLAK Xenofobia dan Rasisme!’ Continue reading “Dong Zong salurkan kasih sayang kepada PATI dan Rohingya”

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M’sia tops global survey on keeping refugees out

Malaysians voiced the most negative opinions on immigrants in a recent international survey conducted in conjunction with World Refugee Day 2020 — see bar charts below.

82 percent Malaysians agreed “We must close our borders to refugees entirely – we can’t accept any at this time”.

75 percent Malaysians agreed “Most foreigners who want to get into my country as a refugee really aren’t refugees. They just want to come here for economic reasons, or to take advantage of our welfare services“.

Click to enlarge Continue reading “M’sia tops global survey on keeping refugees out”

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It’s Raya and M’sians are being badmouthed round the globe


A Reuters story titled ‘Rohingya targeted as coronavirus stokes xenophobia in M’sia’ hit the wire today and was picked up by newspapers, digital media and Internet news aggregators around the world.

We’re being called “ugly Malaysians”, “xenophobic”, “racist”, “inhumane” and a host of other nasty names. Continue reading “It’s Raya and M’sians are being badmouthed round the globe”

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Rohingya teen and his Rohingya wife charged with murder/neglect of 6-year-old girl in Ampang

A 17-year-old Rohingya man was charged in the Ampang magistrate court yesterday over the murder of his six-year-old stepdaughter. His case is expected to be moved to the High Court.

His Rohingya wife, 23 – who is the girl’s mother – was charged in the Ampang sessions court for criminal neglect. Continue reading “Rohingya teen and his Rohingya wife charged with murder/neglect of 6-year-old girl in Ampang”