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What can be Najib’s playbook on China

In 1974, Tun Razak paid an historic visit to China at a time when the Bintang Tiga guerillas were still conducting their armed insurgency against the BN government.

Following the pow-wow with premier Zhou Enlai, our second Prime Minister and his Chinese counterpart (pix below) established friendly bilateral ties between Malaysia and communist China.

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Sekinchan’s silver bullet for the “dajjal”

The man in the undated photo below bears a strong resemblance to Jamal Sekinchan.

I’m however not sure whether this picture – which recently resurfaced again and making the social media rounds – has been tampered with in any way. Continue reading “Sekinchan’s silver bullet for the “dajjal””

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Muhyiddin accuses Najib of fanning anti-DAP sentiments

Muhyiddin Yassin claims that his ex-boss Najib Razak is scaremongering Malays through ‘demon’-izing the DAP. The way he describes it is that the DAP is being made a “hantu” that most frightens the majority community.

The ex-Umno deputy president labels this as the current Umno president’s “dirty tactic”.

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Black ops to goad Tun into a raging bull

The more blows are directed at him, the deeper the Grand Olde Man digs in his heels.

Tun has over the past year seen his son removed as Kedah MB, his ally sacked as Umno deputy president, the ‘no confidence’ motion (which he strongly backed) on the budget defeated in Parliament, his Deklarasi thwarted, his Proton chairmanship removed, his henchmen charged with economic sabotage, and his police escort taken away.

Even his innocuous Perdana Leadership Foundation, of which Tun is the honorary president, is not left untouched Continue reading “Black ops to goad Tun into a raging bull”