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MH17’s bangsa bad luck

On his recent visit to Sarawak, PM Muhyiddin called our biggest state a “region“.

It could be Putrajaya’s tacit concession that the Federation of Malaysia comprises three regions: Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak. Continue reading “MH17’s bangsa bad luck”

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Racially profiling intended victims of attack

“Last night, snipers killed five police officers and wounded seven others at an otherwise peaceful rally protesting recent police shootings.” [In Dallas on July 7.]

Duh. Does anyone else think that the above is the most bizarre introduction ever to a story? It’s presented by The Washington Post, no less. Continue reading “Racially profiling intended victims of attack”

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RPK akhirnya mengaku

“I have read many comments posted in Malaysia Today by readers who say that the Chinese do not need the Malays. In fact, I have deleted scores* of such comments because they only serve to rub the Malays the wrong way and does not help Pakatan Rakyat’s cause one bit.” — kata Raja Petra Kamarudin dalam rencananya bertajuk ‘Like a trapped animal (part 4)’

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Not everything is an attack on Malays

Shahrizat Abdul Jalil has so far gotten off very lightly.

“And even this event [departure of Shahrizat from the cabinet] is not an act on the part of anybody; Shahrizat was not sacked, nor did she resign, her status as minister merely becomes legally void when her term as a senator comes to an end on April 8, as under our constitution only a member of parliament or a senator can become a minister.” — Kim Quek, political commentator & author

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KFC dust-up and alleged ‘babi’ name-calling

UPDATE 4: This piece of news is being talked about in chat forum(s) in Indonesia, and has hit Singapore – World News item next? — 7.45pm, Feb 9

UPDATE 3: Sample of Malaysiakini readers’ call for boycott of Kentucky Fight Club and this is surely replicated in Facebook, chat forums and elsewhere. So who says a discussion here of the episode is making a mountain out of a molehill?

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