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Ismail Sabri’s DPM role could end up like Ramasamy’s DCM role

While it is true that Ismail Sabri Yaakob is now the No.2 in cabinet, nonetheless, he could be left marking time like Penang’s forever Deputy Chief Minister II.

Umno must not expect that their party would be allowed to move up naturally and fill the No.1 slot should anything happen to the prime minister. Continue reading “Ismail Sabri’s DPM role could end up like Ramasamy’s DCM role”

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Plan B

1. Zainuddin Maidin believes MCA is finished (“sudah hancur lebur berkarat”) and that DAP is currently the voice of the Chinese (“sebenarnya DAP telah menggantikan MCA sebagai wakil orang Cina “).

2. This means the old communal formula for power sharing between the races is effectively dead, at least insofar as the continued viability of the BN is concerned. Continue reading “Plan B”

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Right-wing trend — an analysis for Jamal Sekinchan’s party bosses

Najib Razak only gave Himpunan Merah a belated and light pat on the back AFTER the event had proven successful … defying expectations and confounding critics.

Earlier, few among the Umno top leadership would come anywhere near the Baju Merah because of the Chinese opposition’s effective demonization of the Malay neo-nationalist movement. The black agitprop was carried out by the (slick turn the other check pretend they love their enemy hypocrite phony) pro-opposition media.

Continue reading “Right-wing trend — an analysis for Jamal Sekinchan’s party bosses”

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Umno should cut its losses, write-off Protun and off-set with PAS support

Blogger Annie had written a post titled The end of moderation‘ on the morning after (6 May 2013) the Chinese tsunami.

Annie wrote: “The ‘Chinese revolt’, as so proudly predicted by the DAP cybertroopers did come true and it swept through the State [of Johor]”.

Annie said the Chinese community had “totally snubbed” outgoing Johor MB Ghani Othman, causing him to lose in his face-off with Kit Siang in Gelang Patah.

Continue reading “Umno should cut its losses, write-off Protun and off-set with PAS support”

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10 photos of The Dictator’s kaki ampu bodek

Ahmad Maslan and Khairy Jamaluddin are two sides of the same coin. Both are braggart poseurs.

The main difference between them is that the former constantly puts his foot in mouth (latest stint under the spotlight, here) while the latter strives to be politically correct by swaying like lalang to public sentiment.

Continue reading “10 photos of The Dictator’s kaki ampu bodek”

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Better for Najib to be feared than to be loved

I’m excerpting below some paragraphs from Joceline Tan’s Dec 1 article. She’s talking about Lim Guan Eng and the internal challenges he successfully fended off.

Nonetheless the lessons drawn by Joceline from Guan Eng’s iron grip on DAP should be made a teaching aid for the Umno president’s men. Continue reading “Better for Najib to be feared than to be loved”

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Tun’s scorched earth: Wants ROS action against Umno?

Tun wrote the following today in Chedet:


“The Prime Minister says it [RM2.6 billion ‘donation’] is for Umno. According to the Societies Act, Umno must report all financial transactions. There is no evidence that it has done so. It is in breach of the Societies Act. Umno was declared illegal in my time. The reasons were hardly serious. Now Umno had not reported and not taken action to recover the money and report to the Registrar of Societies. What does the law say the Registrar should do?”


I don’t see how the Umno warlords can sit on the fence anymore. Continue reading “Tun’s scorched earth: Wants ROS action against Umno?”

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A right-wing Najib is better for BN’s chances in GE14

Najib’s date with destiny is as a war general.

The fiasco that is Saifuddin Abdullah should be a chastening lesson for Najib Razak that ‘moderation’ backfires.

Saifuddin, in an interview two days ago with Oriental Daily News, said Najib is no longer the moderate and progressive leader that he once knew the latter to be.

According to Si Pudin, his ex-boss changed after being hit by the Chinese tsunami in GE13 Continue reading “A right-wing Najib is better for BN’s chances in GE14”

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10 questions for Umno

Najib Razak, in his speech titled ‘Countering and preventing the spread of violent extremism’ at a UN leaders’ summit (prelude to the UN general assembly debate), spoke two days ago about Malaysia’s determination to counter Muslim terrorists on the international front.

I shall mirror the PM’s speech – full text reproduced at bottom of page – to ask whether Umno is committed to battling Christian militants on our domestic front. Continue reading “10 questions for Umno”

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Ku Seman: “Keadaan BN adalah sangat genting”

ku-seman-144x150“Kalau kita menganggap perhimpunan baju merah menyatukan Melayu, adakah kita hendak menafikan perhimpunan baju kuning tidak menyatukan Cina? Tambahan pula saya melihat orang Cina lebih komited menyertai Bersih berbanding ‘rombongan Cik Kiah’ dari seluruh pelosok ke Kuala Lumpur 16 September lalu.” – Ku Seman Ku Hussein Continue reading “Ku Seman: “Keadaan BN adalah sangat genting””

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Red vs Yellow: Bersih 4.0 did it first, after all

The Red Shirts are merely following the precedent set by Bersih. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Bersih: Illegal, ah? So what?

Police said the Bersih 4.0 rally was illegal. But Bersih went ahead anyway.

Police said the Himpunan Maruah Melayu planned for Sept 16 is illegal. But the Red Shirts say they will proceed anyway.

The Reds merely ask – if Bersih can be allowed to get away with it, then why can’t they? Continue reading “Red vs Yellow: Bersih 4.0 did it first, after all”

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Size does matter – a yardstick for Himpunan Maruah Melayu

For bragging rights – “my rally is bigger than your rally” – and to preserve the dignity of the Melayus, the Tanah Tumpahnya Darahku Sept 16 counter demo should at least have a minimum threshold of participants.

Kalau tidak, malu lah – see Zam’s tweet below.

I’ll do the math on how many Malays need to show up in red T-shirts to save Umno some face. Continue reading “Size does matter – a yardstick for Himpunan Maruah Melayu”

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Malays will flock to PAS because Umno is getting on our nerves

By Shamshul Anuar

As expected, Umno takes the easy way out. Its way of handling or preempting slandering is horrible.

It simply refuses to be firm. It “showers” love and affection on those who wish Umno gone. Take an example on slanders against Majlis Raja-Raja . Even the Highnesses had openly voiced out their displeasure.

What more does Umno need before responding? Continue reading “Malays will flock to PAS because Umno is getting on our nerves”

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Rancangan Malaysia ke-11: Konsultan didahulukan

Excerpt from Liew Chin Tong’s statement on the 11th Malaysia Plan:

(Liew is DAP strategist and MP for Kluang)

Pemandu given too much money

“Najib has Pemandu, Talent Corp, Teraju, UKAS (Public-Private Partnership Unit), and many other new agencies which compete for influence with EPU. In particular, Pemandu has an unjustifiably huge budget to implement the various alphabet soups like NKRAs, NKEAs.” – Liew Chin Tong

Continue reading “Rancangan Malaysia ke-11: Konsultan didahulukan”

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Koyak lah when cabinet ministers begin channeling Marina Mahathir

In the mind of the ordinary rakyat, what we call the “government” usually equals the prime minister and his cabinet.

The government however further comprises “the entire federal public service from the highest to the lowest, including of course the police force and the armed forces”, according to Tun Mohamed Suffian Hashim, the late Lord President.

Tun Suffian also stressed that the government, although powerful, must nonetheless conform to the law. Continue reading “Koyak lah when cabinet ministers begin channeling Marina Mahathir”

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Najib gomen caves in to pressure

“The Home Ministry (Deputy Home Minister Wan Junaidi Jaafar) has said that Malaysia will push back the Rohingya that have arrived in the trawlers. We are waiting to see if Najib has the gumption to stand by his government’s decision,” I posted yesterday.

Only last week (May 14), Wan Junaidi was quoted by Reuters as saying, “I don’t see why we are under pressure. We are doing what we think we should do. We have to consider what our people want to see us doing. They don’t want to see immigrants come into our country”. Continue reading “Najib gomen caves in to pressure”

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Menang jadi arang, kalah jadi abu

Pada tahun 1873, perang saudara berlaku sekali lagi di negeri Perak.

Ketika itu, Ngah Ibrahim memerintah daerah Larut bermula dari Sungai Krian di utara sehingga Sungai Beruas di selatan.

Raja Larut Ngah Ibrahim dikenali pegawai British Frank Swettenham sebagai seorang keturunan campuran India, pintar dan pandai berniaga. Continue reading “Menang jadi arang, kalah jadi abu”

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Umno white areas have become shades of gray

Time to stop living in denial!

What the results show

(a) One out of every five Rompin voter who supported BN in May 2013 no longer does so in May 2015. BN lost 20 percent in total votes.

(b) Permatang Pauh voters still have not abandoned the Pakatan objective – ABU ABU ABU – despite the obvious disarray in the opposition bloc.

Pakatan people only want blood, Continue reading “Umno white areas have become shades of gray”

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Alamat keputusan Rompin: PRU14 nanti orang pro-kerajaan akan pilih untuk duduk di rumah juga

The most important detail of the Rompin by-election result is that the total votes for PAS remained constant – almost no reduction.


  • Hasan Arifin (Umno) got  23,796 votes
  • Nazri Ahmad (PAS) got  14,901 votes


  • Jamaluddin Jarjis (Umno) got  30,040 votes
  • Nuridah Mohd Salleh (PAS) got  14,926 votes

In the interval of exactly two years between 5 May 2013 (13th general election) and 5 May 2015 (yesterday), Umno lost 6,244 votes. PAS only lost 25 votes. Continue reading “Alamat keputusan Rompin: PRU14 nanti orang pro-kerajaan akan pilih untuk duduk di rumah juga”

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Ismail Sabri more popular than Najib

Umno has 191 divisions nationwide. More than 161 divisions were against the idea by Najib Razak to abolish the Sedition Act whereas 92 divisions supported the plan by Ismail Sabri Yaakob to boycott the Chinese … traders.

According to public opinion polls, Najib’s popularity is sinking by the day.

In the last quarter of 2014, his approval rating had dropped to 48 percent compared to 63 percent in the last quarter of 2012. Continue reading “Ismail Sabri more popular than Najib”

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Umno Cheras warlord detonates sticky bomb, Chinese go ballistic

Umno Cheras division chief Syed Ali Alhabshee’s reputation precedes him. He is one colourful character known for being an outspoken maverick.

Yesterday he hit the Malaysiakini headlines – see below – where the portal’s news report has thus far elicited 163 reader comments (as at time of writing). Continue reading “Umno Cheras warlord detonates sticky bomb, Chinese go ballistic”