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Civil war

The photo gallery below of my kitten the mighty hunter contains a sleight of paw. Can you see the little trick?

Slash and burn

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Mogok exco mampu lumpuhkan kerajaan Kedah

Menteri Besar memerlukan sekurang-kurangnya empat orang exco untuk membantu beliau mentadbir negeri.

Kita boleh tengok precedent (contoh terdahulu) dalam tindakan yang diambil MB Selangor Khalid Ibrahim sebelum ini, iaitu tatkala berlaku pemberontakan dan perebutan jawatan di kalangan kem-kem musuh Pakatan Rakyat.

Khalid telah memecat lima orang exconya pada Ogos 2014. Pemecatan mereka berkuatkuasa dengan serta merta. Continue reading “Mogok exco mampu lumpuhkan kerajaan Kedah”

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Time now for Najib to make Umno renegades toe the line

By Shamshul Anuar

DAP achieved great success in last election. It has Chinese votes behind it solidly.  And DAP tastes limited power in the form of Pulau Pinang.

Now it focus on Putrajaya. And to get Putrajaya, it has to dislodge the only party that is standing in its way: Umno. What better way to succeed than slandering. Continue reading “Time now for Najib to make Umno renegades toe the line”

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Perception that Tun no longer cares if his attacks bring down Umno

“The perception in Umno is that Dr Mahathir no longer cares whether his attacks on Najib will also bring down their party or Barisan,” wrote Joceline Tan in her column today.


Joceline observed,”The irony is that surviving Dr Mahathir has also strengthened Najib’s hand in Umno”. Continue reading “Perception that Tun no longer cares if his attacks bring down Umno”

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Actually it’s Tun who will not retreat nor surrender

The just concluded PAU is merely a temporary setback for Dr M. He will keep up the fight.

Projib should not rest on their laurels because Protun are not looking at a truce.

The following is an apt observation by blogger Eddy Daud. Pro-establishment Malays will have to pick their side in the Umno sectarian strife.

This tweet below by Eddy is LOL spot-on. Yup, the treacherous MCA are only reaping what they sowed. BN can’t afford backstabbers in time of war.

guns roses civil war

War on Terror

MCA’s minions (the EvangeliSTARs) have been aiding and abetting the Perception Cyber Terrorist.

I hope the Communication Minister, who has a seat in the proposed National Security Council, will take note of this clear and present danger. The Bintang Lima have been terrorizing the cyberside.


Ganyang MCA! Break the Gunting!

Btw, the picture of Nasrudin Hassan at-Tantawi’s Princess Leia styling below is authentic.

Princess Leia Real Twin


Photo source,

Other news outlets that carried similar shots of Ustaz Tantawi are The Malay Mail and TMI, among others.


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Star Wars: Princess Leia’s real twin

Kit Siang: DAP competing with Umno for Malay heart & mind

Lim Kit Siang said yesterday that as part of the DAP’s vision to reach out to everyone with their message of a Malaysian Dream, his party is “competing with Umno for the hearts and minds of Malays”.

Grandpapa Dapster noted that the DAP is busy shedding its Chinese image in order to “reach out to Malays”.

Continue reading “Star Wars: Princess Leia’s real twin”

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Did MPs from PAS abstain from voting on national security bill?

Continues fromDid MPs from MCA vote for national security bill?

This new National Security Council Act is a double-edged sword. If BN loses the next election, then Putrajaya will fall into DAP hands and the Kims will then use this law against Umno leaders instead.

We should also learn the Selangor lesson. See what happened after this rich and developed state fell into Pakatan hands. Continue reading “Did MPs from PAS abstain from voting on national security bill?”