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Consequences of Chinese and their anti-establishment attitude

The way to think about it is to keep in mind Newton’s Law of Motion — ‘For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction’.

Chinese in Malaysia are behaving as if oblivious of any potential reaction to their strong political actions. Continue reading “Consequences of Chinese and their anti-establishment attitude”

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Indian vigilantes charged with killing black looters (S. Africa)

Three Indians face murder charges for the Phoenix killings during the South Africa riots last month (9 – 17 July).

Phoenix is a mainly Indian town 25km northwest of Durban city in KwaZulu-Natal province.

Black looters had targeted Indian-owned businesses during the riots. Continue reading “Indian vigilantes charged with killing black looters (S. Africa)”

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Harapan MPs, display your number card on Monday

Harapan MPs are adamant on turning up at the Dewan Rakyat on Monday even though the sitting is postponed.

Monday morning, they should all line up in the parliament grounds each holding up a number placard like the Sabah Aduns – pix below – publicly displaying their support for Musa Aman.

Let the public see Anwar’s “strong, convincing, formidable majority” of MPs … standing one metre apart to observe distancing protocol.

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Heidy Quah asking for more money after NGOs already raised half million ringgit

Reblogged below my post from exactly one year ago (27 July 2020). Scroll down and click on ‘View original’ link to read. 

Heidy Quah is in court today for her tango with the Immigration Department.

What the DAP’s born again Christian and Syed Saddiq have in common — crowdfunding.

Helen Ang

Queen of Whinge Heidy Quah is in the news both domestically and internationally.

She was featured in a British newspaper The Telegraph yesterday complaining about “a new wave of hate comments and xenophobia towards the refugee community”.

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Ismail Sabri’s DPM role could end up like Ramasamy’s DCM role

While it is true that Ismail Sabri Yaakob is now the No.2 in cabinet, nonetheless, he could be left marking time like Penang’s forever Deputy Chief Minister II.

Umno must not expect that their party would be allowed to move up naturally and fill the No.1 slot should anything happen to the prime minister. Continue reading “Ismail Sabri’s DPM role could end up like Ramasamy’s DCM role”

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DAP’s ‘failed state’ rhetoric is scorched earth destructive

For aeons Lim Kit Siang has slapped the label ‘failed state’ on our country, insisting that we’re on the verge of becoming one.

Now his son Lim Guan Eng has explicitly joined the bandwagon, and similarly declared that “Malaysia [is] spiralling down to a failed state”. Continue reading “DAP’s ‘failed state’ rhetoric is scorched earth destructive”

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Princess Diana SJW statue with its Diversity brood

Princess Diana was a stunning clothes horse. The new statue in Kensington Palace does not do her any justice.

It was unveiled on July 1 by Princes William and Harry — the latter, surprisingly, even balder from accelerated male pattern hair loss (blame Meghan!) than his older brother.

BELOW: Balding brothers William on the left, Harry on the right Continue reading “Princess Diana SJW statue with its Diversity brood”

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M’sians already raising white flag or suiciding but still accused of “hate, xenophobia and racism”

Home Minister Hamzah Zainudin said: “In ten years, there will be millions of them [Rohingya] here, is that fair?”

Speaking to Channel News Asia (CNA), Hamzah added: “I don’t think it’s fair to our own country”. Continue reading “M’sians already raising white flag or suiciding but still accused of “hate, xenophobia and racism””

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Even Mahiaddin defers to NRD but Hannah Yeoh wanted her way

Although he is PM of the country, nonetheless Muhyiddin respects the everyday bureaucratic procedures at the National Registration Department regarding how his name was spelled at birth — Mahiaddin Md Yasin.

But Hannah Yeoh, then a Selangor Adun, had tried to bulldoze the NRD in 2011 with regard to how her daughter’s keturunan was to be recorded on the newborn’s birth cert.

The department borang permitted two options — either ikut bapa, keturunan ‘India’ or ikut emak, keturunan ‘Cina’ (see how Hannah filled the form, below).   Continue reading “Even Mahiaddin defers to NRD but Hannah Yeoh wanted her way”

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They want Rohingya to be absorbed and allowed work here

The Agora Society wants Malaysia to be appreciated as “a land of diversity” and therefore to integrate Rohingya into our local communities.

Agora Society is “a loose network of (mostly CHINESE) individuals who (claim they) believe in the principles of democracy and good governance”. Continue reading “They want Rohingya to be absorbed and allowed work here”

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Oh dear, what’s Hamzah Zainudin gonna do?

You know what they say about being caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.

On the left of the Home Minister is the DAP preaching “kindness” to the Rohingya.

On his right is the legacy media convinced that it’s impossible for Rohingya to be repatriated.

BELOW: Locals are incessantly accused (by opposition politicians) of xenophobia against Rohingya Continue reading “Oh dear, what’s Hamzah Zainudin gonna do?”