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Anwar got punk’d

From news reports the last 48 hours, our evolving political landscape appears to be along the scenario outlined below:

(1) Anwar is now under police scrutiny and will be kept busy fending off questioning by the authorities

(2) Umno politburo wants to renegotiate terms of party participation in the Perikatan government and Muhyiddin is listening

(3) Anwar’s Le Meridien Move provided the springboard for Umno to leverage Continue reading “Anwar got punk’d”

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Anwar cannot be the cure for our politics as he was its chiefest poison

1. Anwar Ibrahim did nothing to reform the system when he was an insider. And mind you, he was sitting at its apex and even acting as prime minister between May and July 1997.

He did nothing towards a repeal of the ISA, OSA, Emergency Ordinance or Sedition Act. Nor did he roll back the restrictions imposed by the Societies Act and the UUCA.

2. In the 16 years that Anwar was rising up the Umno ranks until he was a heartbeat away from the very pinnacle, he made no changes for the better from the inside. Continue reading “Anwar cannot be the cure for our politics as he was its chiefest poison”

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Anwar verdict splitting Malaysia in two

Irma, a reader of this blog, commented @ 2015/02/10 at 8:23 pm,

“If you read the trending tweets, about 80 per cent supporting Anwar and kutuk-ing govt seem to be non-Malays. Very seditious and racist comments, too. Also contempt of court. Let’s see if authorities act against them.”

This happens not only in Twitterverse but elsewhere too – in the social media (Facebook) and in blogosphere.

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Hannah Yeoh: “A mockery of our democratic institution”

Excerpts from article by Hannah Yeoh, originally published in Anwar Ibrahim’s blog.

“Anwar Ibrahim exhausted the constitutional means that were available to him,” wrote the YB Jerusubang. These words of Hannah Yeoh are unintendedly ironical.

Granted, they were written in a different con-text. However should we to apply them to the just concluded sodomy trial in the Federal Court, then Madame Speaker’s pronouncement is indeed apt – yesterday Anwar finally exhausted all the judicial means provided him by our constitution. Continue reading “Hannah Yeoh: “A mockery of our democratic institution””

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Anwar’s legacy: Empowering the evangelistas

If Anwar Ibrahim is sent to Kajang prison, will his wife finally begin to visit her Kajang constituency more often?

Wan Azizah has been Kajang Adun for 7 months, 5 days already. What has she done for the area? 

Are the Pakatan voters happy with having a representative who does not concentrate on serving the PKR ward but is instead distracted by her husband’s many problems? Continue reading “Anwar’s legacy: Empowering the evangelistas”

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Khalid Ibrahim’s ace up his sleeve

Article 55 (1) of the Selangor constitution appears to give the Menteri Besar – who heads the state exco – some room to maneuver as to whom he may appoint to provide counsel to the ruler.

It looks like Khalid even can set up a special advisory committee (“body of persons”) in the interim to act under his authority to presently advise the Sultan.

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Apa hasil lawatan gereja Anwar hari ini?

Pada bulan Februari 2008, Anwar Ibrahim telah mengadakan mesyuarat tertutup dengan Christian Federation of Malaysia di mana dia menyetujui orang Kristian dibenarkan untuk mengguna istilah ‘Allah’.

Sejurus kemudian dalam Mac 2008, gereja memfailkan permohonan semakan kehakiman ke atas larangan penggunaan ‘Allah’. Continue reading “Apa hasil lawatan gereja Anwar hari ini?”

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Percaturan Anwar di Kajang ada kaitan dengan isu Allah

Ini yang Zamkata semalam:

“Apapun nampaknya Anwar bergerak pantas menyelesaikan masalah krisis kerajaan negeri dan jika berjaya beliau akan keluar dengan imej yang lebih besar dan lebih terhormat berbanding dengan Najib yang bergerak seperti kura-kura dari satu krisis ke satu krisis dengan mengharapkan kekuatan dari satu kemaafan ke satu kemaafan, dari menangguhkan satu masalah ke satu masalah.” — bekas ketua pengarang Utusan Zainuddin Maidin Continue reading “Percaturan Anwar di Kajang ada kaitan dengan isu Allah”

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Umno bloggers have to do some urgent soul-searching

The Malaysian Insider in its editorial says that the offence taken at the #kangkung insult on Najib Razak in Machang Lubuk was faked and the TMI headline even goes so far as to call the Umno reaction a “misplaced anger” (screenshot bottom of page).

TMI says, “Everything about Umno these days is stage-managed and contrived. Even their anger.”

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Dr M: Don’t be “hoodwinked by the appearance of religious piety”

If there is an Arabic phrase equivalent to ‘balik kampung’, Anwar would have introduced it too — (… just Helen’s opinion, lah)

***   ***   ***

I’m reproducing below in full and verbatim Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s latest (Aug 22) blog posting titled ‘Change’. He allows interested parties, including the press, to republish his material with the condition that they are credited to CHEDET.CC. Continue reading “Dr M: Don’t be “hoodwinked by the appearance of religious piety””

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Anwar, Seksualiti Merdeka dan tukar jantina ditolak puak liberal?

Temuramah BBC dengan Anwar Ibrahim pada 12 Jan 2012

Minit 2.00

Wartawan: “… your case, that you’ve just been acquitted of, that generated a really, uh, a really newly-invigorated gay rights movement in your country. … Are you prepared to take that idea of anti discrimination as far as gay rights?”

Continue reading “Anwar, Seksualiti Merdeka dan tukar jantina ditolak puak liberal?”