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The Nons do not, cannot or will not speak BM

Why didn’t the non-Malay reporter simply rephrase her supposedly “tough question” in BM when asked to do so by the PAS minister?

How is a request by the minister for Minderjeet Kaur to frame her question in BM (instead of using English) to be regarded as hindering the journalist from doing her job? My response to the headlines below. Continue reading “The Nons do not, cannot or will not speak BM”

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The rare politician with sincerity

Firstly my abstract of an article titled ‘Israel’s Prince of Paradoxes’ from The Atlantic monthly magazine, followed by my reply to reader Conrad.

The Atlantic article is by Michael Oren, Israel ambassador in Washington DC (2009-2013) and from 2015 onwards, a member of Knesset and deputy minister in the Prime Minister’s Office.

Continue reading “The rare politician with sincerity”

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Hadi Awang most honest politician in M’sia

At first glance, Hadi Awang’s “inilah hakikatnya” defence of Zakir Naik – insisting “hak persaudaraan Islam itu mengatasi warganegara dan merentasi sempadan negara dan bangsa” – appeared to be a sucker punch at non Malays.

But on second thought and after ruminating on the matter, I discern Hadi’s statement to be staggering in its sheer honesty. Continue reading “Hadi Awang most honest politician in M’sia”

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Tugas pertama bagi Menteri Pelajaran Maszlee Malik

Sepucuk surat kepada pengarang bertajuk ‘Bold move needed to forge Bangsa Malaysia’ diterbitkan hari ini dalam akhbar The J-Star. Ianya ditulis Lt Gen. Tan Sri Abdul Ghani Aziz (R) TUDM.

Dalam suratnya, beliau menyeru Perdana Menteri agar merombak sistem persekolahan kebangsaaan beserta melaksanakan kerangka “just one school for all Malaysians” – sebuah cadangan yang mengimbas kepada syor ‘Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua’ yang pernah dikemukakan seketika dulu. Continue reading “Tugas pertama bagi Menteri Pelajaran Maszlee Malik”

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Firsters picking a fight with Dr M

A lot of readers have responded to an article in The Malaysian Insider titled ‘Dr M: Non-Malays too have special rights‘ (14 March 2013). The comments by TMI readers reproduced (copypasted) below:

PandaiTapiBodoh: “For your info, the Chinese, Indians and other races long to have one identity i.e a truly Malaysian identity or Bangsa Malaysia without any discrmination but the people governing this country just do NOT wish to share the same dream. And that includes you.”

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Ong Kian Ming mendakwa pencerobohan rumahnya ‘bermotifkan politik’

Tweet Ong Kian Ming dijadikan tajuk utama di Malaysiakini petang ini – ‘Thugs attack political analyst’s house‘.

The Star pun amat cepat melaporkan berita ini melalui taliannya (online). Suratkhabar tersebut memetik Ong sebagai berkata, “Three men armed with metal rods broke through the front gate and tried to break down my front door” Continue reading “Ong Kian Ming mendakwa pencerobohan rumahnya ‘bermotifkan politik’”

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Haris the prophet of Bangsa M’sia speaks from the mountain

UPDATE: Hannah Yeoh wanted to abolish classification of Chinese and Indian races. Great, let’s just have TWO groups then, one group Bumiputera, one group non-Bumiputera. Thus racism is ended (the DAP solution) — no more Indian race, no more Chinese race, just bumiputeraism which is groupism, a separate thing altogether.

I shall take that to be the DAP’s position (no to Chinese, no to Indian, yes to non-Bumiputera label) unless they step forward to refute Haris. — 4.18pm


Haris Ibrahim, who created Anything But Umno Continue reading “Haris the prophet of Bangsa M’sia speaks from the mountain”