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Bandingan Kristian-M’sian First dan Cina Indonesia

Seorang pembaca Calvin Sankaran semalam memberi komen di bawah:

“Helen, Help me out here, for I am confused.

“Pray enlighten me on how Hannah [Yeoh] reconciles her Christian fundamentalist/right wing views with her Malaysian First/Bangsa Malaysia belief? Isn’t being Malaysian First/Bangsa Malaysia means discarding of racial and religious identification in favour of an universal, Malaysian identity?” Continue reading “Bandingan Kristian-M’sian First dan Cina Indonesia”


Why Hindraf Indians won’t vote Pakatan next election

“Indian representatives in BN are political mandores, as Hindraf Makkal Sakthi and the HRP put it. If so, Indian representatives in Pakatan are ‘double mandores’. The difference is that the former can mention ‘Indian’ in public while the latter are barred from doing so.”

— Joe Fernandez in Free Malaysia Today (read here)

‘Indians will not vote Pakatan’ 

According to Joe’s analysis published today, “There’s no need for Umno, BN and MIC to persuade Indians not to vote Pakatan. Indians will not do so.”

Continue reading “Why Hindraf Indians won’t vote Pakatan next election”

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M’sian Insider report sparked Malaysiakini tiff with M’sia Chronicle

A Battle of the Online Media erupted recently with a flurry of speculation, allegations and hurried denials by their respective editors.

The still unfolding saga started with the two English online media – both which Umno senator Ezam Mohd Noor once threatened to ‘burn’ (read here) – with one, The Malaysian Insider, reporting that the other, Malaysiakini, was in talks to give its news to The Malay Mail in exchange for shares in the newspaper. Continue reading “M’sian Insider report sparked Malaysiakini tiff with M’sia Chronicle”