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Is Najib’s Christian cabinet minister talking about allowing murtad?

A staunch Christian, Senator Paul Low is Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department who was appointed to the Cabinet upon the PM’s personal choice as he does not represent any political party.

On 5 May 2011, Paul Low attended the controversial function – pix below – at the Red Rock Hotel in Macalister Road, Penang where Sarawak pastors were the guests of DAP Member of Parliament Jeff Ooi. Continue reading “Is Najib’s Christian cabinet minister talking about allowing murtad?”

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“Muslims pretending to be Christians?”

Yesterday: Big Dog and Shamsul Yunos appeared in ‘I choose Malaysia‘ full-page ads in all the major newspapers.

Malaysiakini reminded everyone that the two bloggers had sparked the ‘Christian conspiracy’ row last year.

Continue reading ““Muslims pretending to be Christians?””