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One simple question on Pemandu’s subsidy slashes

The Gomen’s ultimate aim is to get rid of all the subsidies – on fuel, cooking oil, sugar, flour, etc.

That’s the target. Cut, cut, cut until we reach zero subsidy. Continue reading “One simple question on Pemandu’s subsidy slashes”

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Everybody was Sogo shopping — another kangkungsque gaffe by Najib

The title of this post ‘Everybody was Sogo shopping’ is a take on the popular song Everybody was kung fu fighting.

Najib Razak has responded to Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s panning of the RM4.5 billion cash handout given by the government to 7 million recipients by saying, “It is better to decrease lump sum subsidy and turn to targeted subsidy. Through BR1M and BR1M 3.0, over 7 million households (received BR1M) totalling RM4.6 billion.”

Najib added: “The first day, many went to Sogo, many went to the weekly markets” Continue reading “Everybody was Sogo shopping — another kangkungsque gaffe by Najib”