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Response to Ambiga: Harapan make us feel bullied

In her Malaysia Day greeting, former Bersih 2.0 chairman Ambiga Sreenevasan (pix below) made an early pitch for GE15.

She wrote: “When we vote next, we must remember how these [political] leaders made us feel. We must choose leaders who never make us feel that way again.” Continue reading “Response to Ambiga: Harapan make us feel bullied”


Time to end the bullying by DAP

“The latest brouhaha over a book cover that apparently depicts a parody of the national emblem (jatanegara) is an example of this naked exercise of ethno-religious power,” political scientist Azmil Tayeb wrote yesterday in an Aliran editorial.

“It is doubtful that the authorities and the public would have unleashed similar opprobrium had the editor been a Malay person and the book written in the national language instead,” opined Azmil who is the co-editor of the newsletter produced by Aliran, a blatantly pro-Harapan NGO based in Penang. Continue reading “Time to end the bullying by DAP”

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Bukankah MCA pelindung masyarakat Cina, konon? (Updated: Video)

‘Ingat DAPster, ingat gangster’ (klik)

Terima kasih diucapkan kepada rakan-rakan blogger yang menyahut SOS saya kelmarin untuk menyebarkan berita.

Cikgu Simon masih lagi diganggu-gugat oleh samseng-samseng di tempat kediamannya dan juga di alam maya. Continue reading “Bukankah MCA pelindung masyarakat Cina, konon? (Updated: Video)”