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BN gomen, Pakatan gomen, no difference to the Indians

Reproduced below are three reader comments responding to the news of Waytha Moorthy’s resignation.

By temenggong

Comment originally @ 2014/02/11 at 11:20 am

No one in mind. Indians do not need a charismatic leader, just a reversal of the marginalisation policies in place. Continue reading “BN gomen, Pakatan gomen, no difference to the Indians”

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Time BN sets up counter cyber terrorism unit

By Calvin Sankaran

Helen, finally the Star woke up and front-paged the threat of DAP cyber army that is a day after the NST’s report — ‘Beware of DAP’s cyber troopers‘.

In meantime my letter on Pakatan’s politics of hate remain unpublished by them. Continue reading “Time BN sets up counter cyber terrorism unit”

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Wong Chun Wai, I buy you a mirror neh

In his column today ‘Political chameleons‘ about the changing colour of the anti-Lynas DAP Bentong candidate, head honcho of the Star Media Group Wong Chun Wai wrote:

“That’s precisely the trouble with NGO leaders, especially some activists in Penang, who decide to take a partisan political stand. They begin to make compromises and, worse, they begin to lose their neutrality as they openly side with Pakatan. Continue reading “Wong Chun Wai, I buy you a mirror neh”

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BN based on racial formula, Pakatan based on racial formula

Reply to Calvinsankaran # 21

By Conrad

2013/03/07 at 5:32 pm

I think the problem is not pressure groups demanding their rights. PERKASA, HINDRAF, SUQUI are different entities but all are demanding their “rights” as guaranteed by the Constitution or their interpretation of it.

You still have not addressed the contradiction of having a “Malaysian view” and your fidelity to a specific racial group. In addition, it is difficult to see where you are coming from when you claim that minorities are demanding “unfair” and “unjust” concessions. Unfair and unjust in what context? [See below]

PERKASA is not strong because UMNO is weak. PERKASA is strong because UMNO allows it to be a pressure group and not UMNO youth. Continue reading “BN based on racial formula, Pakatan based on racial formula”

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‘Guan Eng went to jail for a Malay girl’ — oh puhleez lah

Lim Guan Eng was sent to jail because the court found him guilty of promoting hatred. In a High Court decision delivered on 28 April 1997, Guan Eng was found guilty under Section 4(1) (b) of the Sedition Act.

He was also found guilty under Section 8A of the Printing Presses and Publications Act for maliciously publishing false news.

Continue reading “‘Guan Eng went to jail for a Malay girl’ — oh puhleez lah”

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putar.BELIT putar.BELIT putar.BELIT

Sudah terkantoi, Lim Guan Eng sekarang mendakwa bahawa ‘S’pore speech a private conversation‘. (Malaysiakini)

Pemberita TV3 pula hari ini tidak dibenarkannya membuat liputan dan diminta keluar dari sidang akhbar. Inikah ‘ketelusan’ dan kebebasan media yang dijanjikan oleh pentadbiran Pakatan di Pulau Pinang? Continue reading “putar.BELIT putar.BELIT putar.BELIT”