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Council of Churches complain about extremism and bigotry

International news broadcaster CNN picked up on the story of the assault on two nuns in Seremban which happened on Wednesday.

CNN titled its report ‘Hate Crime on Christian Nun‘ (14 May 2104). Continue reading “Council of Churches complain about extremism and bigotry”

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Bishop’s letter: Christians beating around the bush

You want, you ask upfront, direct and straightforward lah.

Continues from yesterday’s posting, ‘Pesanan Persekutuan Kristian M’sia kepada gereja-gereja berhubung PRU’. Please revert for url link, pdf and screenshot of Bishop Ng Moon Hing’s letter to Malaysian churches and the country’s Christians.

The Bishop interprets the Bible’s message regarding the duty of a Christian. He asserts that “Christians have not only been granted rights of leadership but also the responsibility of stewardship (of the Earth)”.

And that’s why even though Chinese Christians are a minority and Buddhists are the Chinese majority in Malaysia, yet it is the Christians who lead the community. There! Mystery solved. Continue reading “Bishop’s letter: Christians beating around the bush”