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Young Chinese who are new Christians shake their fists

Christianity is the biggest religion in Hong Kong.

Singing Hallelujah and chanting prayers, throwing bricks and bottles, Christians help drive the Hong Kong protests, according to news reports by the New York Times.  Continue reading “Young Chinese who are new Christians shake their fists”

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Half-pregnant Pakatan and her piquant paradoxes


The new non-Muslim wing is the latest showcase of the new PAS.

“It is the most significant political development for us this year [June 2010],” said Dr Rayney Ali, a delegate from Kuala Lumpur.

Still the question that begs to be asked is why would anyone want to join PAS as a token member, with a limited role and without any voting rights in the party?

The non-Muslim members are not full-fledged members and cannot even vote in the party elections.

Non-Malays often complain they are treated as second-class citizens in this country, yet they do not seem to mind joining a party where they are basically second-class members.

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