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Covid will make or break one of the two political tribes

“By advising the King to proclaim emergency but not obtaining it, what’s left of Muhyiddin’s democratic credentials has taken a big hit and his opponents would certainly take advantage of the popular discontent to try to push him over the edge,” Oh Ei Sun told Malay Mail in its top story this morning. Continue reading “Covid will make or break one of the two political tribes”

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Covid deaths vs road accident deaths

How about the DG of the Transport Ministry appearing on TV once in a blue moon to give us updates on grisly deaths from road accidents, and reminding drivers to fasten their seat belts. 

Malaysian data collection on individuals testing positive for the novel coronavirus began on March 9. 

Our first Covid death was on March 17. Continue reading “Covid deaths vs road accident deaths”

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Kit Siang channeling China’s Covid propaganda

With the DAP, politics is everything and everything is politics. Even coronavirus deaths are not beyond being opportunistically politicized. What a cheap way to try and score political points.

Latest is the wishful insistence by Kit Siang yesterday that Harapan could have handled the pandemic better — see Malay Mail report below. Continue reading “Kit Siang channeling China’s Covid propaganda”