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The Creepy Christian slandering Seademon

The evangelistas are everywhere carrying out their smear campaign.

Ever since the creepy Christian was banned from slagging and slandering me in the alpha blogs, he has moved on to dropping his stinking pile of shit in the Malaysiakini comments gutter.

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This is the kind of people they are

‘They’ have struck again, this time at Rocky’s.

A few days ago I had posted – “11 minutes was all it took for the evangelista stalking me 24/7 to leave his Wormtongue comment at Annie’s blog … . And his is the very first comment too.”

In the latest, the turnaround time was two hours (creepy comment logged in @ 11.06am) following Rocky’s Friday new article at 9.02am – which is still a pretty fast move by the evangelista stalker.

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