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Even Kit Siang-Guan Eng withdrawal will not be able to reset DAP

Some in DAP now want to hold hands with Umno to regain federal power the coming election.

They think that without the Lims centre stage, their party can become acceptable to the Malays.

Not so.

‘The nature of the beast’ cannot simply be changed just like that. Continue reading “Even Kit Siang-Guan Eng withdrawal will not be able to reset DAP”

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111 lulz

Dapsters have just found themselves a new Malay idol. Take note of this Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah moment.

Mahathir’s protege Syed Saddiq (below) used to think Guan Eng was “the embodiment of evil”. His mentor had once even likened DAP to “syaitan“. Continue reading “111 lulz”

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Malaysia’s “plan to viciously beat Rohingya refugees” — Amnesty International

NOTE: Amnesty International’s allegation is even more serious than Al Jazeera’s. Our Home Ministry should not let this pass.

“The plan to viciously beat Rohingya refugees is not only cruel and inhuman – it’s unlawful under international standards. To inflict such a violent punishment as judicial caning amounts to torture,” said Rachel Chhoa-Howard, Malaysia Researcher at Amnesty International.

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What Harapan supporters think about their fellow Malaysians

Dousing a kitten with gasoline,
and deliberately setting it on fire,
while gleefully recording on mobile its death throes,
as it runs around madly with tiny body ablaze
is #AnimalCruelty.

Slashing at hungry scavenging dogs with a parang is a most inhumane act.

Cruelty and inhumanity. Local pro-refugee activists also think Malaysians are cruel and inhumane. Continue reading “What Harapan supporters think about their fellow Malaysians”

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M’sia tops global survey on keeping refugees out

Malaysians voiced the most negative opinions on immigrants in a recent international survey conducted in conjunction with World Refugee Day 2020 — see bar charts below.

82 percent Malaysians agreed “We must close our borders to refugees entirely – we can’t accept any at this time”.

75 percent Malaysians agreed “Most foreigners who want to get into my country as a refugee really aren’t refugees. They just want to come here for economic reasons, or to take advantage of our welfare services“.

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Evangelistas tell the world that Isma inciting hate towards Christians

American Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is a staunch evangelical Christian. Pompeo has said in interviews he always keeps a Bible open on his office desk and that the Holy Book “informs everything I do”.

The US Department of State headed by Pompeo submits an annual report to the American Congress on the status of religious freedom around the world. Every year, the department obtains its information from religious groups, NGOs, human rights monitors, academics, media contacts and others.

Their country report on Malaysia was released a fortnight ago (June 10) and Continue reading “Evangelistas tell the world that Isma inciting hate towards Christians”