Dong Zong has seen the light but Dapsters not yet

Dong Zong expressed its gratitude to MCA on Thursday for securing an RM15 million allocation for Chinese independent schools.

The grateful statement, however, did not go down well with the DAP. Continue reading “Dong Zong has seen the light but Dapsters not yet”

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Where do Nons get their (mistaken) idea Harapan was most ’multiracial’ govt ever?

Rational people form their opinions based on facts. Irrational people hold misinformed opinions from swallowing too much propaganda.

The belief by many Harapan supporters that they successfully formed the most multiracial coalition which Malaysia has ever seen is just plain wrong. Continue reading “Where do Nons get their (mistaken) idea Harapan was most ’multiracial’ govt ever?”

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DAP’s Indian progress since GE13 — இல்லை

If you have to ask, there were no Malays elected into the DAP Johor CEC today. No Indians too. And zero Chinese. All 15 Malaysian Firsters.

BELOW:If you have to ask about any Indian progress in DAP since 2013 (the year GE13 was held)… 

Honest Injun. There were really “no Indians”.

Elek! Continue reading “DAP’s Indian progress since GE13 — இல்லை”

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Is DAP preparing to purge its “Chinese chauvinist” dissidents?

Hannah Yeoh is an evangelist. Her party is the multikulti Bangsa Malaysia Christian side of DAP.

Ronnie Liu’s side is labeled “toksik” dan “Cina cauvinis” by their internal party rivals.

“Saya bukan Cina” party sec-gen Guan Eng has just fired a salvo against the “chauvinists” in his party — see below. Continue reading “Is DAP preparing to purge its “Chinese chauvinist” dissidents?”

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Tun’s ten year itch, maybe

On 16 Feb 2011, Mahathir wrote:

“… apa yang keluar dari bibir Nik Aziz sebagai tujuan hidupnya ialah untuk memenangi pilihanraya dan menjadi pemerintah bersama DAP dan PKR. Untuk ini Nik Aziz secara terbuka sanggup mengkafirkan orang Islam Umno, bersedia untuk bekerjasama dengan syaitan untuk menjayakan perjuangannya, bekerjasama dengan orang yang menolak perjuangannya untuk mendirikan negara Islam ala PAS, mempertahankan pendapat tokoh bukan Islam supaya orang Islam longgarkan pegangan mereka kepada ajaran agama Islam”.

In the paragraph above – refer passage No.16 in Chedet post titled ‘Jawapan kepada Nik Aziz’ – Mahathir likened DAP to “syaitan”.
Continue reading “Tun’s ten year itch, maybe”

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Malays will never accept DAP

The Malay grassroots will always reject DAP. Their rejection is non negotiable and Umno leaders will not dare to go against the will of the Malay ground on this — see latest news reports tweeted below.

The Chinese polity, on the other hand, are lemmings prepared to dance to the DAP’s moronic Multi-Kulti (Multiculturalism and Diversity) tune … spinning round and round in pointless circles.

Continue reading “Malays will never accept DAP”

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Good news for PAS from London

Its current lockdown may result in 20,000 British pubs closing permanently as a consequence of the Covid restrictions. This 20k estimate on the ‘death toll’ was given a few days ago (Oct 15) by Patrick Dardis, the CEO of Young’s brewery that operates 300 pubs in the UK.

London began clamping down on pubs yesterday as the city went into Tier 2 Covid restrictions. Earlier on Wednesday (Oct 14), Prime Minister Boris Johnson had ordered pubs in Liverpool to close. Continue reading “Good news for PAS from London”

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Anwar got punk’d

From news reports the last 48 hours, our evolving political landscape appears to be along the scenario outlined below:

(1) Anwar is now under police scrutiny and will be kept busy fending off questioning by the authorities

(2) Umno politburo wants to renegotiate terms of party participation in the Perikatan government and Muhyiddin is listening

(3) Anwar’s Le Meridien Move provided the springboard for Umno to leverage Continue reading “Anwar got punk’d”

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Bukan masa untuk menghasut “dengan membangkang dari longkang” — Najib

Teguran mantan Perdana Menteri Najib Razak terhadap Ahli Parlimen DAP Batu Kawan yang seolah-olah menyanggah usaha kerajaan untuk mengawal sempadan negara, adalah tepat mengena.

Hanya dua orang PATI yang positif Covid sahaja sudah mampu menyebabkan ribuan orang dijangkit, kata Najib. Justeru itu, sekarang “bukan masa untuk Pakatan Harapan menghasut rakyat dengan membangkang dari longkang”, tambah beliau lagi. Continue reading “Bukan masa untuk menghasut “dengan membangkang dari longkang” — Najib”

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Besides their beloved DAP, what else do Chinese voters want?

Their consistent 95 percent vote share for DAP shows the Chinese electorate do not want any other party. 

Chinese Sabahans gave 94 percent of their vote to DAP and its Warisan allies, also causing the MCA Sabah chairman to lose his deposit in the recent state election.

The Chinese community want to have their cake and eat it too. Although they thoroughly rejected Perikatan, yet they still expected the new state government to appoint unelected Chinese as Sabah cabinet ministers. Continue reading “Besides their beloved DAP, what else do Chinese voters want?”

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Umno, Bersatu, DAP triangulation and strangulation

Bersatu’s 11 Aduns in Sabah are able to check and balance Umno’s 14 Aduns.

Cina DAP, on the other hand, are unstoppable within the Chinese community. Nine Chinese candidates from DAP and its partner parties won seats in the Sabah DUN compared to only one Chinese Adun aligned to Perikatan. The 95:5 electoral support ratio does not permit any check and balance. Continue reading “Umno, Bersatu, DAP triangulation and strangulation”


Chinese voters buy into DAP’s all-or-nothing gameplan

Sabah MCA chief Lu Yen Tung lost his deposit in the recent state election, as did his roundly defeated party colleague Chang Kee Ying.

Both the honorary life president of LDP as well as the LDP president, Chong Kah Kiat and Chin Su Phin respectively, forfeited their deposits too. LDP is an established party of some 30 years standing and formerly a part of the BN.

SAPP vice president Gee Tien Siong was yet another casualty to lose his deposit in the Sabah bellwether 2020 election. SAPP is aligned with Perikatan. Continue reading “Chinese voters buy into DAP’s all-or-nothing gameplan”

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Idea of one largest single party (DAP) calling the shots

Dapsters have been arguing that the DAP political side should rule Sabah because Shafie Apdal leads the state’s biggest single party.

In the Sabah 2020 election, Shafie’s party Warisan won 23 seats. With its partners’ – DAP (6), PKR (2), Upko (1) – contribution of nine seats, Warisan-Plus has a total of 32 seats. Continue reading “Idea of one largest single party (DAP) calling the shots”


You will regret going nuclear, Harapan

I have my own skeptical take on this latest development of Harapan trying to reverse engineer the Sheraton Move with its Le Meridien Move but I’m not going to voice my innermost suspicions just yet. (The forever PM-in-waiting held his conference at noon in the Le Meridien Hotel.)

For the moment, I just want to remind the hopeful Cina DAP not to forget how many twists and turns the Sheraton shuffle took. Anwar‘s announcement today – ‘without evidence’ – of his purported new Harapan parliamentary majority holds unexpected twists and turns to come too, and I daresay a nasty shock for Cina DAP at its conclusion. Continue reading “You will regret going nuclear, Harapan”


Bullying and breaking point

Sabah will be holding its state election in a week’s time. Let us wait and see.

In the rest of the country, Harapan heads the government in three states — Negeri Sembilan, Selangor and Penang.

The three tables below from Wikipedia show the opposition Aduns in these states. All the YBs are Malay with a sole exception of MIC’s Manickam Letchuman in Negeri. Continue reading “Bullying and breaking point”